Aug 08

Yes broke men can find love just as fast as men with money can. The problem with this question however is that it is asking something that is different from the asker’s true intent. The full question is “can a broke man find love with any woman that he deems attractive and irresistible?” Which of course is a big fat NO, not even a good looking rich guy has that privilege.

The fact of the matter is that most guys who do find love are broke. The rich ones may find “love” from more attractive worldly babes but the trust may be sacrificed for the money. A broke man knows that all he has is his wit and charm to work with, while a newly rich man will lean on his money. Wit and charm locks women in like super glue while money gets old once she has gotten past her “queen for a day” high. If a broke man gets suddenly rich then his woman is a committed partner for life, if a rich man gets suddenly broke then his partner’s a beautiful memory.

If you’re blaming your single status on your financial state then you have the game all wrong.

The brokest men I know get the most ass… from similarly broke chicks. It’s all about staying in your lane. Don’t go dating wine sipping Sue the bourgee if you’re broke Mike from shipping. Wannabe sophisticated women will dig your gold if you put on the facade of being an earner just for some booty. Look, you expect to sleep with her by week 3 right? Can you really afford 6 – 9 meals amounting to over $600 by that time? No sex is worth your hard earned paycheck, stick to the chicks that are happy for some cheap sushi and you will be okay.

You can’t expect Minka Kelly if you aren’t Derek Jeter rich but you can find an affordable, more supportive Minka clone in the local Target. It’s all about using what you have and staying in your lane to find love as a broke man and you’ll be surprised how easy it is once you abide by the rules.

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  • Yup! Too many desperate women out here. He’d just have to put a little more effort into the other stuff…
    I’m not sure if I’d agree with what you said about the broke dude staying in his lane. If he meets the right dime at the right time, it could happen…if he can compensate elsewhere. I know you’re not a Housewives fan, but I’m seeing too many of the “Phaedra and whatshisface” stories going on. He’s eye candy who is willing to let her Not sure, but something like it

    • That’s Hollywood and in real life it’s disastrous. a broke man + rich career woman arguing is the ugliest argument ever – she emasculates him and he (who already feels subpar due to his position) will be even nastier. Women have been trying this nonsense lately where it’s like “rent a blue-collar and convert him” and a lot of guys are dumping them fast after they realize what’s going on.

      Nah unless she’s an angel who will never throw money in his face during the hard times, a man is better off staying in his tax bracket for love.

      • Sadly, many [black]women have bought into that crap about there not being enough black men to go around, so they settle. I only used celebrity (or whatever) names because using my homegirls names would be wrong on so many levels. But I know more than a few who have bought into that crap and are with guys who are not in the same income bracket…educational level…or even mentality about life. They leave him home during intimate events where someone may have to talk to him…he’s only good for pictures. #guiltyinmy20’s LOL. But I agree that only ends in disaster. Most women seek security above all else, and today, that security is generally being a good [financial] provider…and that means doing at least the same if not more than I can do for myself.

  • I just came from a blog where this humanities PhD was talking about an argument she had with her masters degree boyfriend because he dissed her doctorate. I can only imagine what she would have posted if he was a roofer. Women don’t realize that a lot of this attention is due to their own sisters posting and bringing up the same “woe is me” nonsense on the internet. I hate when people blame their position or degrees when its obviously more than that… they don’t talk about how they suck in bed, are too tired to carry a good conversation and how elitist they sound when they judge other women – all things which wear men out. At least when you date in your own class level it takes the “it must be my degree” portion out of the argument when you split. Your friend is in for a rude awakening.