Feb 28


So the Academy Awards Ship set sail, went by and was talked about for all of 10 minutes by myself and my fellows. One thing that stuck out to me in conversation with one of my buds was that sexy had an age limit with certain men. Observe this conversation:

Greg: Cameron Diaz is so damn goofy at times but did you check out J-Lo’s cleavage dress?
Friend: (hisses his teeth) Ya I saw her… what is she like 40 now?
Greg: Around that age, but she’s still got it going on…
Friend: Sure, but you know… it’s like, we’ve seen it a million times.
Greg: Who her?
Friend: Ya, I was looking at(insert young actress), now she was cute to me (trails off into describing other actress).

That conversation is par for the course for guys; chances are you yourself have had them. It makes me feel odd when I call out good looking 30+ celebrities and the people in my company start hitting me with terms like “MILF Hunter”, “Cougar Chaser” and all sorts of rubbish even though I am no spring chicken myself.

So I have to ask this question – is there an age limit on sexy and if so what age is it?

According to you men who are only about young women, what age is the cut-off? Being that I can’t identify much with your line of thinking, it is a curiosity that is actually genuine… is it 30?

It makes me understand 100% the reason why so many women pursue drastic ways of maintaining a faux youthful look despite the age they hold within years. I have talked about my old boss in other articles who would cry on her birthdays and get pissed at us whenever we would mention her age… there are many women out there like this.

We see the Vivica Fox’s, Lil Kim’s and Dolly Parton’s of the celebrity world foregoing the natural aging process in order to join the race of cat faces that decorate the pages in the book of bad plastic surgery.

Women lie about their ages more than men lie about our penis sizes, yet unlike the latter, society happily accepts it as the norm and nobody talks about how jacked up it is. Why is it odd to love on a grown woman as opposed to her nubile daughter? Why is it not so much a preference (which it really is) as opposed to a societal norm? Is it the media boogeyman that drives this stigma towards older women?


Of course I know that youth in women can be attributed to “prime age for child-bearing”, “smooth, tight skin”, “naivete” and other  reasons which would make an animal choose another animal to procreate with, but as human beings… it becomes about lust versus pregnancy doesn’t it? A man watching the Oscars wants to bed J-Lo not give her more children, so what does her age has to do with it if she still looks finer than ever?

Talk to me men of the Hall, what makes you pass up the Jennifer Lopez make and model for the Emma Watson ones? I’m talking about pure looks and sexiness, not attitude and rumors associated with each. I am sure that many of you would pass up J-Lo but not me, no sir, so I really want to know what the age cap is for sexy – in your eyes. Scream at me.

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  • Lonnie F

    I really respect women who embrace their age. There are some fine older women out there looking damn good at almost 50. I pay this media nonsense no mind. The best way for me to evaluate is to completely remove them from whatever context I’m used to seeing them in. I’m one of those dudes when I see a fine woman I wonder if her mom is just as fine or if not finer.

    One thing that bothers me is when younger women have certain natural features that older women fake. It just makes the younger woman look fake too. About this specific post though… game over on Emma Watson’s haircut. And hell yeah JLO is still bad. I switch topics when mofos start blaspheming like that. A friend of mine doesn’t acknowledge beauty in women. With him it’s just butt or no butt. Straight simpleton. No matter how old a woman is if she still got something goin on she’s still got somethin goin on and I can appreciate that. Like when women get the “mom haircut” It’s sabotage. Why go from lookin like Felicia to lookin like Phyllis?

    And that Lil Kim image freaked me out. I ad blocked it.

    Props to you Greg, I’ve been reading this blog for a couple years even though I rarely comment.

    • Thank you Lonnie, I appreciate you reading and weighing in. Man Lil’ Kim broke my heart and I’m still not over it. She was cute and risque at one point but now she just looks like a tragedy.

  • Hawk

    I generally don’t ask a woman (or anyone) how old she is. I usually just assume based on her personality, and if I’m correct, bragging rights on me. if I’m wrong, I can tell them how old they are based on the shape of their body, unless it’s over the internet, in which case they are either a foreigner or they are smarter (or dumber) than most people I have met.

  • Neil

    *in a low, calm response* NO! Lolol
    Thanks Greg, for the post…….I never thought I’d say this……J-Lo is just screaming for attention. I always thought J-Lo couldn’t hold a candle to Sheila E (still can’t), onstage or off. But that’s just me.

    ROTFL @ Lonnie’s comment about Lil’ Kim. She was truly “An Around The Way Girl”…..before all the tucks and injections…..