Jun 11


Many women have asked if sex can be enough to keep a man around. Not just quantity of sessions for the guy with a ravenous appetite mind you but mind-blowing, curl your toes and knock your socks off sex. Is it enough to keep a man from flying off course in a relationship? Is it enough for a woman to be readily available for her guy (whenever she can), or is it still not the answer to the question of infidelity?

I can only speak for myself and the men that I have known but with most guys who “creep”, the reasoning isn’t always for lack of sexy time with the misses. Many guys, especially young guys have their eyes, noses, and minds open to sexy, built women – the more the merrier. So the quantity in question then becomes one of “people” not so much sexual encounters.

If a horny man can hop unto any woman who bats an eye and shows some leg he would. This is why many men have argued against the aspect of monogamy, our nature makes us want to consume women, multiples of women, but the trade-off is that most of us just aren’t jerky enough to try. Not saying ALL men, so don’t take this as me inking my signature to the anti-male doctrine of “all men are dogs”. What I am saying to you is that sex CAN keep a man around, but it depends entirely on the man.

Tapping Him Out…

Have you ever heard of a woman being dumped for wanting to have sex too much? I have… see many of us have limits and we aren’t the hard-wired machines of lore that will have sex all day if a woman was willing. Find a man who does it several times a week and he’s a champion, but many guys are one and done for the week and an opining woman who wants it daily can make us constantly question our manhood.

Still, in the situation where a woman is in a sexually-charged relationship and she is with her guy on a regular basis, the desire for him to step out will greatly diminish because of the very reasons I outlined above. The only guys to break this rule are either obsessive sexual parasites, or guys who literally have to have a different woman in the mix. There is no easy answer!

So if you want to cowgirl bop your man’s brains out – then sally up and go for yours lady, but do not fool yourself into thinking that it will be enough to keep your man loyal. A man who is loyal to a woman is a man whose code, love, and entire being is committed to her. This means that it is not up to you, your sexual skills, or the notion that we are all sex-starved.

Do you want to know what keeps a man around? Here it is: Affection, understanding, and the feeling deep down in our hearts that you have our backs. That’s what keeps us around, and if you are all of that and your guy steps out on you – just remember that some of us fall off, fate can be cruel, and chances are like the lovely Halle Berry said god may have just given you a “bad picker”.

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