May 10

I wish that we would all reveal our cards at the table when we go out on dates. Either that or wear shirts with our issues stamped on them so as to warn our potential future mates that they are in for a bumpy ride. Imagine getting this info upfront via a t-shirt design when going out on a date:

  • Emotionally Unavailable
  • WARNING! Daddy Issues but great sex
  • Lacks friends, will cling hard
  • Psycho Girlfriend in Training
  • Has Multiple Children… With Different Dads/Moms
  • Momma’s Boy
  • Sucks at Sex and Refuses to Learn
  • Nazi Neat Freak / Disgusting Slob
  • Closet Racist / Sexist / Homophobe (pick your poison)
  • Potential to Stalk

It’s funny how we fill out online surveys and questionnaires in order to find our “perfect match” through online dating but still leave out the main reason our last lover dumped us and moved on. Why can’t we be honest with ourselves? Isn’t that the first step towards a healthy, compatible relationship? Busy girl and clingy guy will rarely like one another just like home body girl and adventure boy would never make it.

Which Shirt Would You Wear?

I think the first shirt is appropriate for me and I would run like hell from the 2nd and 3rd ones. Don’t you agree that having this info up front would save everyone a whole lot of time and embarrassment? Which shirt would you wear?

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  • I think if we could wear these shirts, it would help allude to future issues to come. But then dating wouldn’t be fun. I think I’d wear the shirt- WARNING: DOES NOT SHOW EMOTIONS I REPEAT DOES NOT SHOW EMOTIONS! I REPEAT DOES NOT SHOW EMOTIONS!!

    • Ya, I suffer from the same lack of emotion disease and I never hear the end of it. You’re right dating would be less fun being that you could at that point just grab your match and call it a day but you gotta admit it gets old once you’ve dated a few crazies.

  • Scarlett o hara

    My shirt is instantly the one in the pic ^^^^^^^ but should say “deep dark daddy issues” instead.