Jul 15

As a writer, one of the most annoying things to deal with is when a favorite topic gets abused by everyone (other writers) to the point where it is no longer worth writing about anymore. This is because readers get really sick and tired of hearing it. One of these topics which I love to write and talk about is obesity, being that I am big into fitness and living a fitness lifestyle. A topic that really gets my blood flowing is a good success story of weight loss or of someone who has overcome the odds to save their life. Hell, who can’t appreciate a story like that? But what I find is that there are a lot of people like myself who are in good standing with their health, that write articles telling those that are overweight what to do in order to get to where we are at. I’m sorry but I cannot honestly do this anymore… NOBODY’S LISTENING!

On deep thought I have never been truly obese or big enough to know the struggle and what it takes to change one’s lifestyle and eating habits so drastically. I cannot sit here and give advice on something so foreign to me. The people I CAN give advice to are other writers and fitness lovers. I can advise them that it isn’t fair to always make it a lazy/motivation issue when there are a lot of other factors at play. We have heard of many folks whose weight gain came from a tragedy that made them resort to food for comfort. Some people eat badly to cope with depression; others maintain bad habits that were taught from childhood.

So before we give advice to someone to lose weight, we need to recognize who they are and make it subjective! If it’s someone who has always been that way it isn’t as easy as telling them to start running, get in the weight-room and those type of things. Someone that has had a traumatic experience will ultimately have to make up his/her mind whether he/she wants to take it back the other way, there’s really nothing we can write that will change that. What we can do is be a source of support for those who are honestly trying and that’s about it. No article, insulting rant or anything will make someone change who doesn’t really want to, or lacks the strength to self-motivate. People will make excuses, get angry and start pointing fingers because it is a personal thing and most times our advice Is taken as an attack.

Deep down people are not in a place to hear any of our rhetoric, so what I have resorted to do is to reserve all of this “advice” for those who truly seek it. I will only go so far because like anything else it’s an individual choice when you are ready to change your entire lifestyle. I am good with this role, I will be a source of information from now on and that’s all I can honestly do. Another tired article about “get up and let’s get it!” will net me no reads, and it won’t for you either no matter how wonderful the article is.

So let’s stop beating that dead horse which has been rotting now for 3+ years. Most of what we write has been heard before, over and over and over by others who were better at putting it into words. Remember, it’s not so much our writing that can help someone adopt a healthier lifestyle; it’s that person’s support system and their own decision to make that first step.

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  • MzDiana

    This article is so on point. I can identify with all of the issues that you point out in the article as to why someone is obese. I have been obese since Elementary school. I have had surgeries that have left me with limited use of my left leg..I can go on, but I am responding to say this..I have been on a road to try to get healthy for most of my life, but not a good road. I eventually had gastric bypass surgery as well only to gain weight again. NOW, at the age of 40, I have finally aligned all at one time..diet, exercise, supplements and mentality. I am also separated from my husband..he did not help (he is thin) but he “loved” my cooking and encouraged me to keep cooking those high fat, high caloric foods that I tried so hard to not eat. It is hard to make two meals and not eat some of the things you love from your past. So, there are many reasons for a person to become and remain obese. I now walk at least two miles a day ..no excuses whereas before I had a ton of excuses. Thanks for this article and for understanding.