Jul 05

I lived in Orlando during the frenzy of media looking for little Caylee Anthony in July 2008.  I cussed at my TV when they would break into the Young and the Restless for updates on the fact that they did not find her. I watched Nancy Grace for the first time in my life since it appeared that she was the only person who dug deeper into why Casey Anthony would wait 31 days to let someone know her daughter was missing. As the months went on, I became very familiar with the case and its intricacies surrounding the whole dysfunction that was the Anthony family. The lying, the stealing, the incest, the abuse, a missing baby daddy, and the little innocent cutie pie placed in the middle of it.  When it came time for the trial to start at the beginning of June 2011, I made it a point to watch the live coverage daily. Until today…

I will admit that I was pro the prosecution until the day the opening statements were presented.  Jose Baez completely turned my thought around from guilty to “hmm, well maybe she didn’t do it”. It made sense to me, how someone can completely shut down and really just revert back to their childhood “safeplace”. I’ve seen pathological liars in my life and it’s like a gift they have to be able to lie and manipulate but remain extremely likable to their peers.  Casey fit the bill to a tee. Meaningless lies that are only owned up to when caught. She even gave herself a timeframe in her Myspace password. Timer 55. She gave herself 55 days from June 16 until Caylee’s birthday to be able to live out the lie of Caylee being with the nanny. Although she was caught in the lie within that timeframe, she continued to build upon it. But nothing in that 31 days proved anything except that Casey is a wonderfully brilliant liar. Period. This was a key part of the closing arguments. Jose Baez knew he had no real case, but more importantly, he knew the State had no real evidence.  You cannot convict a person of murder for being a liar. The jury took that and ran with it. 10 hours. 7 hours more than OJ’s first trial. Not guilty for all three counts. As much of a look of surprise was on all faces, nobody was more surprised than Casey.

“Meaningless lies that are only owned up to when caught.”

With that verdict read, more than likely she will be out by Christmas with time served for the conviction of the 4 counts of lying to police officers. But who she will spend it with? Who knows. Her family is still in turmoil due to her lies and I suspect they will be for years to come. I feel for her parents the most. To be faced with hating the person your child has become is such a heart breaking position to be in. That is your baby. You love them unconditionally. But they may have killed your grand baby, whom you love unconditionally. My heart breaks for them myself, as a mother. I cannot fathom my daughter being on trial for murder of anyone, much less my grandchild.  Either way, they have some serious therapy and relationship repairing to go through going forward.

What now? Will Cindy Anthony be convicted of perjury for throwing herself on the sword for the chloroform searches? Will George be able to look Cindy in the eye after the compelling testimony from his alleged mistress?  Will we see Casey posing for Playboy and running through the media circuit just to say “no comment”? Will Lee be able to live his life without the stigma of being an incestuous brother? Will the media be able to find something so compelling to interrupt our favorite shows with their blow by blow plays on the subject?  Casey has no doubt torn this family apart but one thing is for sure.. the parents are broke and Jose Baez needs to get paid.  This is definitely not the end of this story… remember, there’s still a murder mystery that was not solved today.

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  • haitiangurL

    My instincts says she’s guilty BUT we are fortunate to live in a country where there is the rule of law and a justice system. Today both prevailed whether we like the verdict or not. I can only hope that the case remains open for new evidence to prosecute and convict the person responsible for this heinous crime. This darling little girl deserves justice. As for Casey Anthony, all I can say is may God have mercy on your soul. I hope she’ll show some decorum and forgo the usual celebrity that comes with such high profile cases. Don’t turn this into an even greater circus than it already is…

    • Nia Syrah

      I totally agree. My instincts say guilty as well, however, that reasonable doubt was planted by Jose Baez on day 1. Ever since then, I was open to the fact that she may not have done it. It’s an unfortunate situation because, like I said, there’s still a little girl dead and family ties broken. But surprised?? I am not..