Sep 26

I would like to express my discontent with the men in the gym who troll for women to talk to and possibly get a number. Over the last couple of years, I have been that unfortunate chick without an Ipod or any other means of blocking out the “hey shawty” while I’m doing my thing on the treadmill. Recently I finally obtained means of personal music thinking that it would do the trick. I mean, if I am unavailable to hear your pick up line, then I shouldn’t have to worry about coming up with some sort of nice let down, right? Wrong. I am definitely an advocate for the “go to the gym to workout” club as I don’t believe the gym is either the time or place for getting numbers.  However, since there are men who know not of this rule and insist… [Read more]

Sep 18

When I was coming up in the world and rolling with men from all walks of life, there was only a certain type that hit on women in the streets. These guys: Learned it from their uncles or older siblings. Did it to impress us other males. Swore by the all-or-nothing rule (talk to every woman and bang the ones who respond) Were trolls who did it just to see women squirm away. The guys who did the public cat-calling were hilarious. The naïve few of us watching these showmen “holler at broads” saw them as “pimps” and “players”, the girls who hated it and acted out were called names and dissed, while the smart girls laughed it off and artfully got themselves out of the situation. Rather than join in with this activity to show how much of a “player” I was, I started… [Read more]

Aug 14

Recently the New York Daily News published a survey that stated that men would prefer if their dates chipped in for the bill. The number of men surveyed yielded 64% saying that they paid but would rather the woman had offered up a part of it, but they felt ashamed to bring it up. These men are suckers. Here’s a pro-tip for the men in that 64 percentile – classy women ALWAYS offer to pay the bill, leave a tip or at least her half of it. I am talking about the first date here. If she doesn’t offer and she isn’t a “traditionalist woman” (see below) then it is decision time. There are 3 types of women out there dating: 1. Traditionalist Women – These women do not care for anything that feminists have done to men in the modern age, hell they oppose… [Read more]

Jun 13

In a couple of days your Facebook timelines, Twitter feeds and G+ homes will be littered with all sorts of appreciation grams for the fathers of your friends, family and associates. It will be a day of people expressing appreciation to dad on social media (who probably won’t be able to read it) so that everyone subscribed will see that he/she writing is an appreciative child. – if you sense a slightly annoyed tone in my writing… it is intended – Unfortunately this day that should be a celebration of fatherhood (read: MALE fatherhood) will be a time for opportunistic, bitter bastards (like myself #teamnodad) to post snarky-grams disguised as appreciation for our single mothers who “played both roles”. There will be people that were hurt as children taking the opportunity to garner pity from the masses or even worse lob bombs at those who… [Read more]

May 30

Many people seem to get upset at the success of their friends and family on Social Media spaces. It isn’t jealousy as much as it is something that makes them take it personally when people post happy updates. I assume this is because the person getting upset lives a relatively routine life. If you find that this is you, I ask that you consider this one truth – much of what people post are the highlights of their lives… it isn’t their “life” so much as it is a dynamic film reel of their respective experiences. People rarely if ever announce the embarrassing, down times in life because to the Social Media world they want to show a good face. Social Media could easily be a celebration of all of our raises, marriages, children walking, and cats doing back-flips but to many it is a scale with which to… [Read more]

May 27

It isn’t spoken about enough but like many other pink elephants in the room, the lack of true reward for the military soldier in a country that has so much is one that nobody wishes to talk about. Yet daily we see our parents, siblings, sons, and daughters put on the uniform and sign away years of their life in order to meet the needs of the state. These needs are not something that is either new, or something that will ever change as far as I can see. War is hell, but war is a part of the human experience. Unfortunately, as we all very well know, war desires warriors. As civilians we have the weight of support and gratitude for our Spartans who are lucky enough to come home with their shields as opposed to on them, but speak to many veterans and… [Read more]

Mar 12

I follow a number of attractive women on Social Media and there has always been this trend of creeper, loser-types who post comments that they assume is flattering to women. Most of the time it is internet bravery that comes out as creeper text because the guys posting are anonymous, horny, and could care less what anyone thinks. Yesterday, I ran into the same situation on Google+ with one of the women in my circles where she snatched her photograph down because of the zerg of sophomoric commentary about her looks. The White Knights came out en masse to dab the tears from her internet eyes, not knowing that like the former commentators, they were as much a part of the problem as the offenders. Why do I say this? Well the problem with White Knighting is that it normally comes with the game of… [Read more]

Jan 10
athletes with basketball

Around the area where I live (Florida) the dress code has always been one of relaxation. This sounds good to an out-of-towner because the sunny South is associated with vacation, retirement and peace. Work around a “vacation spot” for a few years and you realize that it is anything but that—unless you are Mitt Romney rich—because like anywhere else people struggle to get by. In the South boys sag their pants, wear wife-beaters as tank tops and long shorts that seem to favor boxers. These same kids will wear flip-flops to complete the “I just got out of bed” ensemble but will wear long socks with it. It would be fine if the fashion was the end of this movement but the people who dress this way seem to take on the attitude of sleepiness. At the movie theater I listened in on an assembly… [Read more]