Jan 03

There is nothing like a man that is well put together and smells good. Appearances are not everything but they are all you have before you actually get to know someone. Personally, I would entertain a guy that is not my type if he is well groomed. And I don’t mean those divo types that are high maintenance males. Give me a man’s man that pays attention to the details. Things like a clean cut face, neatly maintained hair (shaved, dreads, whatever, key word NEAT), clean nails (yes, that matters), and smelling good will get you points with me. Especially the smelling good part. If nothing else it will hold my attention long enough to hear you out. Certain scents I will forever love on most men. I call them my panty droppers. Not every scent works for everybody, something about body chemistry changes the… [Read more]

Sep 24
arguing couple

If you’ve ever tried having a civil discussion with a “strong” woman of today you will know all too well what happens when you suggest that women of a former age were a lot more feminine, lovable and supportive. We as men lose the chance to speak when we utter certain words – namely: feminine, submission, and gold digger. Any of these words will turn the conversation into an argument and you will have gone from a “man” into a “misogynist” in her mind. As a Modern Gentleman it is no longer our prerogative to tell a woman what to do and what to say. Using the word submit, obey, or “cater” will bring forth the wrath of every self-proclaimed feminist to tar and feather you into the netherworld of shame. Today’s woman will not be treated like a Betty Draper or a Margaret Schroeder…. [Read more]

May 22
lady gaga felt up

Last Saturday I went to dinner with a friend, and saw a reality show celebrity in the company of her husband, son, and another male at dinner. My dinner company was the first to recognize the son, and when I turned around I saw the familiar short, blond hair cut of the woman. I was amazed at how quickly my girl recognized them, and I had to admit this moment would have easily passed me had I been alone. Am I that unaware? Most importantly, I had no desire to “meet” her, and even as I walked past her table I had absolutely no urge to “holler” at her in the typical ways fans do. This led to a conversation with my friend who shared that another individual who is big in the game was highly insulted when Jasmine Guy did not acknowledge him as… [Read more]

Apr 09
couple on first date

Okay about this pay on the first date thing; men and women are going to have to accept that there are different schools of thought on this and that there is no right or wrong way to do it. For the traditionalist who wants to mirror his parents in the way things are divvied up between man and woman, he will always want to pay after the first date but the new age Omega Man will either look to his date to pick it up or split the bill evenly. Nobody will abide by one rule, it is a new age people of the dating world – either you adapt or you will get outrun. What’s a Girl to Do? In my opinion a woman should always reach for her purse to pay for her half of the meal. It’s a respect thing because even… [Read more]

Mar 05

Chivalry today is a personal choice that a man should not seek kudos or suffer objections on from outsiders. It is simply your personal choice of behavior and it has nothing to do with “what men are suppose to do” or any such nonsense. Let us think of it like offering out free samples of your world’s famous pork ribs to a Mall filled with women. Your goal in offering these samples is that a woman will eat it, appreciate the offer and think strongly about buying an actual dish. While you walk about with your tray full of samples you will encounter 4 types of people: 1. The opportunist – This person will eat your sample, stay in your face and ask for more and more. They don’t plan to buy your food, or even tell their friends how succulent the pig is –… [Read more]

Jan 30

Editor’s Note: While family members and self-conscious losers will throw out the word bougie in order to make themselves feel better about putting us down, many people ARE bougie, and more than earn the label due to their elitist behavior. What Does It All Mean? I was reading an article recently where the author was lamenting the fact that she had been called bougie (black slang for bourgeois, which essentially means an elitist faker). From reading the commentary and people sharing their stories of receiving this label from family members and the like, I realized that I had the same things going as those who had been called bougie in the past. You know… education, a love for food and wine, reading, going places where people don’t normally go… etc. etc. The difference however is that I have never been given the label; sure I’ve… [Read more]

Jan 18

There are a lot of men out there who will sleep with anything.  Everyone has their own preferences, but there are many cases where a guy just wants to get some.  A lot of times they don’t care from whom, and this is where the problem lies. By lowering your standards people will talk, and word will get around that you will jump on anything that moves.  There are several reasons that you don’t want to be the person people are talking about. Building and maintaining a good reputation is one of the prime concerns for a man of worth, and anything that can have a detrimental effect on this can easily hinder his future actions and plans. If you start slipping and begin to entertain a certain “type” that isn’t up to your standards, word will get around. Lowering your requirements for the sake of a… [Read more]

Dec 08

Are you the broke friend? It’s a simple question but it may not mean what you think it means. The broke friend oft times will annoy his other friends due to his belief that life sucks for him and him alone. The broke friend will listen to your advice but will rarely take it – despite how easy it is to get out of his financial hole. What we’re saying is that the broke friend title is earned through attitude more than it’s earn from your financial position. A cheap person that has money can be just as much the “broke friend” as can the guy that can barely pay his bills. It’s not an elitist title, it’s a “stop using money as your excuse to being a loser” title. Here’s the anatomy of the broke friend: Wants in on everything but can never afford… [Read more]