Sep 06

1. Culture Intelligent women are pretty awesome but a woman that is worldly and knows a lot of little useless facts can make for a great conversationalist. I went out on a date once with standard cool girl and outside of what we were eating I could not vibe with her on any topics. Music – she was only hip to what was on the radio, books – she didn’t do them, travelling? Making trips to and fro from work was about it and anything that was foreign or different, forget about it. Some people don’t know anything outside of their current city, what was taught to them in High School and what they see on television. If you are a man that travels, reads and actually studies, you may not do well with hooking up with a woman like this. If a woman has closed… [Read more]

Apr 19

Seriously Black people, we’re all over Moscato now? I don’t want you to call the Drop Squad on me but I need to ask, is wine new to us? I mean, it’s really bad when I see black bloggers touting the dessert wine Moscato as if it’s some top shelf miracle drink that goes well with any meal. One would think that with the wonderful search that Google and Yahoo provides one could simply look up a drink before touting it but day after day after day since that soft rapper Drake mentioned it more black folks are embracing this wine. Look I know that it’s nothing new, we have gone down this road a million times before and just like before it smacks of ignorance and the willingness to take a rapper’s word on anything. I respect Jay-Z but I have never been inclined… [Read more]

Mar 31

Everyone has heard people use the term “keeping up with the Joneses”.  Many people make the mistake of buying into that as some sort of complete truth.  How you carry yourself is often just as important as what you’re wearing, and only one of those things can be flat-out bought with cash.  Status does matter in this world depending on the situation, but people often apply their status pursuits in the wrong way.  Buying material goods won’t get you the status that you are looking for, and people think the more they buy, the more their status meter is going to rise.  They could not be any farther from the truth. 1) Status should be about Self Confidence, not Material Worth Status is not simple, but it has more to do with confidence than wealth. This isn’t to say that it’s completely independent of wealth,… [Read more]

Feb 23

I remember the day my man Lawrence broke up with his girl he volunteered me some photographs of her topless bodice. While I feigned interest because that’s my man and I know he did it to satisfy his wont to humiliate her, what he had done was to burn her breasts into my brain so that I can never be in a state of wonder when I see her again. This humiliation is also performed by women that want to humiliate their ex, but it is done in the form of describing your anatomy if you should be born with less than a hammer in your pants. See fellas, this is the main reason I tell you that when you do get some panties you had better lay it down hard like your family’s life depended on it. You need to go full throttle Brian… [Read more]

Dec 21

“Desperation is like a cheap version of a fine scent. Everyone except you can smell it.” Well that’s what I usually say when I see a desperate girl. Desperate girls come in assorted shapes and sizes, a bit like a box of Roses or Quality Street! You never know what kind of crack case you’re gonna be dealing with unless you unwrap her. (No boys, I DID NOT say undress her). Women are like a Box of Chocolates Some chocolate wrappers LOOK amazing and make you want to devour them, some of them look average and taste amazing, there are those that no one wants that get passed around and finally you have the rare chocolate whose wrapper is nice and shiny AND it’s delicious! I’ve described the categories of women that a man will come across in his lifetime. Some girls are truly stunning,… [Read more]

Nov 04

I’ve been guilty of this several times over until recently when I made a promise to refrain from doing so in the future. The reason I came to this decision is because the act of talking bad on one’s ex is akin to whining and a gentleman does not whine, he deals and overcomes. For what it’s worth my exes haven’t been THAT bad, not enough to warrant discussion beyond how we met and why we split. To be honest we all owe our exes a degree of gratitude (unless they were cancerous to your soul). Our exes helped us grow into who we are today, like it or not this is a fact. Talking about your ex could also clue your current in on the fact that you aren’t fully over her. To discuss someone is to have them on one’s mind and it… [Read more]

Sep 28

Recently I was enjoying some good old school reggae, when I heard Maxi Priest burst onto the air waves with the rhythmic “Hey Fatty, Fatty”.  I was always under the assumption that unlike the U.S., many African and Caribbean nations held fat women as desirable icons of beauty.  I paused to really listen to the words, only to realize Maxi Priest was actually berating her for being fat. He belts out– “Hey Fatty Fatty, why are you behaving like that (go long so)? When you come to the party/club (dance) you do your own thing! You move your hips like they are on a hinge. You do the “round-the-world”, you do the “electric move”, you do the “water-pumping”, and you say you want to “bubble” with me. You walk down the road as if you are slim, because you don’t know that in town you… [Read more]

Sep 21

There are times when a man will find himself in a situation where he must choose between appearance and comfort. The standard of our time is to choose the latter especially if there is no need to impress a female (the man is either married or in a lengthy relationship). While this standard may seem ideal and “comfortable”, it goes away from the warrior standard. The ancient Samurai known to be the most impressive of warriors stressed appearance as well as skill on the battlefield. An unseemly appearance before and after being cut down in battle was shameful. For this an ideal Samurai would have his armor clean, and beautiful, his nails clipped and together, his hair tight and his appearance solid prior to joining the ranks to do war. Men of today use the logic of “I am going to die anyway so who… [Read more]