Jan 30

Editor’s Note: While family members and self-conscious losers will throw out the word bougie in order to make themselves feel better about putting us down, many people ARE bougie, and more than earn the label due to their elitist behavior. What Does It All Mean? I was reading an article recently where the author was lamenting the fact that she had been called bougie (black slang for bourgeois, which essentially means an elitist faker). From reading the commentary and people sharing their stories of receiving this label from family members and the like, I realized that I had the same things going as those who had been called bougie in the past. You know… education, a love for food and wine, reading, going places where people don’t normally go… etc. etc. The difference however is that I have never been given the label; sure I’ve… [Read more]

Jan 18

There are a lot of men out there who will sleep with anything.  Everyone has their own preferences, but there are many cases where a guy just wants to get some.  A lot of times they don’t care from whom, and this is where the problem lies. By lowering your standards people will talk, and word will get around that you will jump on anything that moves.  There are several reasons that you don’t want to be the person people are talking about. Building and maintaining a good reputation is one of the prime concerns for a man of worth, and anything that can have a detrimental effect on this can easily hinder his future actions and plans. If you start slipping and begin to entertain a certain “type” that isn’t up to your standards, word will get around. Lowering your requirements for the sake of a… [Read more]

Dec 08

Are you the broke friend? It’s a simple question but it may not mean what you think it means. The broke friend oft times will annoy his other friends due to his belief that life sucks for him and him alone. The broke friend will listen to your advice but will rarely take it – despite how easy it is to get out of his financial hole. What we’re saying is that the broke friend title is earned through attitude more than it’s earn from your financial position. A cheap person that has money can be just as much the “broke friend” as can the guy that can barely pay his bills. It’s not an elitist title, it’s a “stop using money as your excuse to being a loser” title. Here’s the anatomy of the broke friend: Wants in on everything but can never afford… [Read more]

Sep 27

Two of our most popular articles are: “A List of Disrespectful Sh-t Women Do to Men” and “Dating a Married Man? You Are Carrying Watering a Basket”.  People are searching for these topics all over the world because men cheat and women do passive aggressive things to find out and ultimately get back at us. The other day a lady friend of mine got off of the phone upset because some dumb bird called her to inquire “why is my man calling you!?” The man in question was a teacher and he had called to let her know of a fight that occurred in his classroom which involved her son. Yup, this was a teacher’s wife calling a parent to bitch her out over her cheating husband; Gotta love it. Imagine how embarrassed that woman was when she went into bitch mode only to realize that her… [Read more]

Sep 06

1. Culture Intelligent women are pretty awesome but a woman that is worldly and knows a lot of little useless facts can make for a great conversationalist. I went out on a date once with standard cool girl and outside of what we were eating I could not vibe with her on any topics. Music – she was only hip to what was on the radio, books – she didn’t do them, travelling? Making trips to and fro from work was about it and anything that was foreign or different, forget about it. Some people don’t know anything outside of their current city, what was taught to them in High School and what they see on television. If you are a man that travels, reads and actually studies, you may not do well with hooking up with a woman like this. If a woman has closed… [Read more]

Jul 21

If you are a cultured individual, one of the best things that you can do for your not-so-privileged friends is to show them the beauty that is the art of eating. Many people grow up eating just to satiate their hunger and attain a small pleasure but never get the chance to really eat. I believe that social eating is one of the most intimate and special luxuries that we have as human beings. It is the reason why families in the old days made it a mandatory thing to eat breakfast and dinner together, but being forced to the table is a world of difference from being invited to the table. I have become a huge fan of the 3-course meal even though I pass on dessert. I start with the house soup, some finger foods and an adult beverage followed by the delicious… [Read more]

Apr 19

Seriously Black people, we’re all over Moscato now? I don’t want you to call the Drop Squad on me but I need to ask, is wine new to us? I mean, it’s really bad when I see black bloggers touting the dessert wine Moscato as if it’s some top shelf miracle drink that goes well with any meal. One would think that with the wonderful search that Google and Yahoo provides one could simply look up a drink before touting it but day after day after day since that soft rapper Drake mentioned it more black folks are embracing this wine. Look I know that it’s nothing new, we have gone down this road a million times before and just like before it smacks of ignorance and the willingness to take a rapper’s word on anything. I respect Jay-Z but I have never been inclined… [Read more]

Mar 31

Everyone has heard people use the term “keeping up with the Joneses”.  Many people make the mistake of buying into that as some sort of complete truth.  How you carry yourself is often just as important as what you’re wearing, and only one of those things can be flat-out bought with cash.  Status does matter in this world depending on the situation, but people often apply their status pursuits in the wrong way.  Buying material goods won’t get you the status that you are looking for, and people think the more they buy, the more their status meter is going to rise.  They could not be any farther from the truth. 1) Status should be about Self Confidence, not Material Worth Status is not simple, but it has more to do with confidence than wealth. This isn’t to say that it’s completely independent of wealth,… [Read more]