Aug 19

Over the past decade or so, tattoos have become mainstream to say the least. Our culture has finally advanced to a point where anyone can get ink, not just inmates and sailors. Your mother will still hate it, but overall you probably aren’t going to be browbeat for your body art by society. Hell it’s so acceptable now TV is flooded with tattoo reality shows: Miami Ink, Inked, Tattoo Wars, LA Ink… Pretty much anyone and everyone is getting some kind of tattoo of all sorts of things. PLEASE consider a few things before you get a tattoo of your own. First thing’s first: making the choice. I don’t mean making the choice to get one or not – either you get one or you don’t. The critical choice is subject matter. Tattoos are a very personal matter, and I would be wrong to try… [Read more]

Aug 09

We are now in the Information Age, it is inevitable to hear things about people with whom you will never ever meet in your limited time on this earth. Back in the day an artist could be the vilest most pungent individual and it would not affect his sales being that news about the scores of young women he ran through and the illegitimate children he left behind was kept quiet. A celebrity could still live in relative privacy from his/her adoring fans’ probing concerns into their daily lives The Information Age ushered in all sorts of change to media; the professionals who went to school and learnt investigative reporting has been replaced by nerds with a computer, a cheap camera and minimal writing skills. We know way too much about our celebrities and even worse, we care too much about our celebrities. People like… [Read more]

Jul 20

They go by buzzwords such as “grown folks night”, “an intelligent affair”, “bachelors degree or above” and other semi-elitist yet clever names. The flyers show Stock Photography of business people mixing it up at a bar, the women in dresses, the men business casual. What am I going on about? Well it’s the soirees made to bring College educated black professionals together for mixing, mingling, dating and I’m guessing “networking”. I am not sure why I have such distaste for these things, being that I am of their target audience, but when I see statements like “grown and sexy” I immediately lose interest. It’s the tone, and having owned a business and dealt with some of these so-called “hustlers” and “go-getters” who turned out to be broke, College educated, scam artists, I just don’t hold the degree element to any kind of standard outside of:… [Read more]

Jun 03

I’ve been over some aspects of presentation so far, like straightening your tie and tucking your shirt in. Now it’s time to get into a few things that people might not normally think about. Let’s start with colors. When you’re going to grab that shirt/tie/pant combo you gotta stop and make sure it goes together. There are always good standards to keep in your closet. Some fashion staples are gonna be those black pants and a long sleeve white dress shirt. This is the building block. After this you can start adding colors. Take that white shirt, grab some brown pants, brown tie and you’re lookin like a cast member of Mad Men. Basically if you can match up your tie with your pants you’re gonna be in solid shape. Now they don’t necessarily have to be the same color. Grab a light blue shirt,… [Read more]

May 25

On my last article about the 8 Tips to Keep A Clean & Orderly Home, Dragonette Zimkhia asked me to lend some advice for people, who disliked housework.  First and foremost with cleaning up and organization, the number one thing that you will earn is time. For every minute that you waste looking for the light bill, keys, or your baby’s pacifier, you could be doing something interesting and fun. What a thing it would be to get that time back huh, to barely ever have a situation where you are needed but get delayed due to misplacing an item? Organization and order prevents this, so let me see if I can offer you some advice on organization. While it’s been done before, my aim is to help those of you who hate cleaning, hate organizing and the thought of it makes you tired. Tip… [Read more]

Apr 27

I’m going to start this one off with a simple reminder. The Getting Sharp series is about refining the edges to look like a fresh, sharp dude. It’s personal advice that I’ve compiled for the past few years. What makes me an authority on it? Nothing really. I’m not a fashion designer. I’m just a simple, self-conscious guy who has tried to improve my own style by looking at what other people are doing right and wrong. So let’s talk about shoes. What you wear for rims is kinda a broad range of options. I’m not gonna sit back and try to say which brands are best, or what shade of neon you should pick for your modern 80’s Velcro hightops. As with the previous lessons, I’m targeting what you should pay attention to when you’re wearing a button down shirt, in a medium formal-formal… [Read more]

Apr 13

While some people are going to just pass this lesson over, it’s important. Not everyone has a job that requires wearing a tie on a daily basis, but I’m willing to bet that you will wear a tie at some point. Whether it’s a wedding or some random special event, that tie is gonna find itself around your neck and you better be ready. Whether you consider it a noose or a flag of power, it’s the primary statement you can make about yourself. Not only should you choose carefully, but you gotta make sure you wear it right. Now there’s going to be a couple attitudes guys take towards wearing a tie. Some are going to see it as an opportunity to shine. They’re going to take full advantage of it and coordinate their gear to match up with that tie. They’re going to… [Read more]

Apr 06

Welcome to lesson 1 of getting sharp. Simply put, I’m going to cover different fashion issues that guys seem to ignore. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not all about eyeballing dudes and critiquing their outfits. These lessons come from personal experience, changing myself and noticing major fashion issues that guys break all the time. If you want to conquer the game, it’s time to sit up and take some notes. First lesson is the most obvious: the shirt. It’s basically the grill of your car, or homepage of a website. People love to avoid eye contact so the first thing they will look at is your shirt, and it can either be immediate negative or positive points. Most guys seem to have this under control, but I still see infractions. Keep your shirt appropriate to the situation: moderately formal situations call for some buttons,… [Read more]