Jul 27

Damn Amy what the hell!? There are a variety of albums and videos I love to play whilst working on the old pc. These aren’t limited to the Jazz and Rap genres that you dragonites may expect, I have a love for the Indy movement and at times some original R&B. One album that I have worn out to absolutely nothing is Frank by Amy Winehouse. After listening to it today (about my 200th time), I did a quick Google image search on the lady and oh my god I would do better to search for zombie anal sex. The pictures are brutal and being a web master I tend to keep safe search in the off position so I got a full frontal from all of it. The worst being the shots of her legs, teeth and cocaine filled nostrils. I can’t think of… [Read more]

Jun 16

As a member of the “I don’t think she’s that hot” club I am one of the first people to shake my head in bewilderment at the lusting over Megan Fox. But at the same time taste is taste, if she is a dime to you then more power to you… and her. What annoys me however is the stupid media’s obsession with fabricating celebrity beefs in order to get a hot story. With the anouncement of a Tomb Raider prequel, with Angie not in the plans (I am leaning on the script sucking balls), these jackasses have been calling Megan the new Angelina Jolie… as if the former has somehow become irrelevant. It amazes me how they have repeatedly tried to destroy Jolie with the rumors, jealous hate blogs and overexposure to the public. The overexposure has done much damage to her awesome career,… [Read more]

Jun 04

Actor David Carradine was found dead today hanging naked in his closet at a Bangkok hotel room. Officer Teerapop Luanseng (the investigating officer) said Carradine was staying at the luxury Swissotel Nai Lert Park Hotel. The cause of death is currently under investigation being that the actor was currently fiming a new movie called Stretch. Carradine was anounced absent when he missed a dinner with the film crew on wednesday, June 3rd. His body was discovered by a hotel maid and the police was alerted. Read more on this at CNN.com. Probably known best for his role as “Kwai Chang Caine” in the Kung Fu series and “Bill” in Quentin Tarrantino’s Kill Bill. Carradine was born in Hollywood California to Ardanelle Abigail and actor John Carradine. His works as an actor were also supplemented by production work in his training videos for Tai Chi and… [Read more]

Jan 22

Dear Hollywood, please step away from our video games and anime. It is quite obvious that you cannot transition animated stories into live action properly, regardless of the success that was The Dark Knight and Iron Man. What seems to have been an exploitation of the nerdy sub-culture has gone a bit too far now and I would like for you to back off. I was more than happy back when your depictions of us nerds were glasses wearing, bad postured, asexual losers rather than take our sub-culture seriously and try to resell things we love in a cheap live-action package. With movies on the horizon like Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li (when did she become legendary?), Dragon Ball: Evolution (google this abortion and count the cries of disappointment), an M.Knight version of Avatar The Last Air Bender and a whole host of other… [Read more]