Jun 06

There seems to be a disturbing pattern developing online where child celebrities are being treated with as much ire as their adult counterparts. People voice their negative opinions on public spaces but that negative opinion is normally in the form of personal attacks. Online bullying has been revealed as a real thing over the years and many kids have suffered from it in one form or another. Children get YouTube videos posted about them and the disgusting commentators anonymously tear them apart with glee. In the last few years there have been more than a few suicides to come from this. Are we to believe that child celebrities are somehow different and the attacks against them aren’t read, heard and taken the same way? Or is it the same as with many things concerning the haves and the have-nots where we assume that money makes… [Read more]

Mar 13

Recently Chris Brown in his continued villain act due to being the feminist version of The Joker (and eternal reminder to the world that young men beat women) decided to hop on stage at the Emerson Theater in Hollywood and remind us men that we need to claim our women. Observe… “Every guy in this building has said one thing to their female … If you’re not an insecure nigga, and you let her have fun with her friends, I applaud you. But you gotta say that one thing to her, and I made this shit up. [sings] Don’t make me have to tell you again, that that’s my pussy baby! It is mine, baby, babe, mine. Don’t make me have to tell you again, that that’s my pussy baby. It’s mine girl, it’s mine girl, it’s mine… So you better not give it away…. [Read more]

Jan 24

Recently a leaked email was circulating on the internet by former crapper Lil Bow Wow (Shad Moss) where he’s practically pouring his heart out to a video girl to be his lady. Of course the court of public opinion spared no opportunity on clipping his balls and calling him every sort of bitch and punk in the urban dictionary but it made me think – who are we fooling? Here’s a pro-tip for those of you paying attention; the smoothest, coolest, most ass-getting bastards you know in your life have probably pushed all-in for a girl at one time or another. For some guys this is their trade secret. You may ask them advice and they will respond like a hard-rock but on the text messages they are all “baby, baby, baby, i’m here for you when you need me baby” in order to score… [Read more]

Jan 15

If you have a Netflix account you should check out the documentary After Porn Ends by Bryce Wagoner. I checked it out a few nights ago because it had two of my favorite Vivid girls in the credits; see like most men I support the porn industry… with my eyes, so I was genuinely curious to learn if my girls were using the industry or if the industry had used them. The ladies were Raylene and Asia Carrera… and I was proud of them both for their candid stories. What I liked about this film is that it showed some of the legendary guys in the business like John Leslie and Randy West. It seemed like the men who they interviewed all look back at  porn with fond memories while the women were roughly 50/50. Many of the women treated porn like forced prostitution or… [Read more]

Dec 27

2013 is quickly approaching and the new year is a time for new beginnings. Its the time of year where most are creating their list of resolutions they know they won’t keep like dreams of weigh loss, more money, or the losing of some bad habit they can’t seem to shake. And somewhere in all of that we need to squeeze in the top 12 things to leave in 2012. Starting with number… 12. Donald Trump If there was one person who I wanted to tie up and gag it was The Donald!! This man loves to rant on and on and on. News flash Donald: Obama will be written in history as the 44th president of the United States. Get over it already!!! Somebody get the rope just in case please. 11. JayZ and the Illuminati This has been going on for way too long;… [Read more]

Dec 24

Welcome to the best top (insert number) list of hot women for 2012 on the internet. Our list rocks because, well, we like a lot of women from all different ranges of race, profession, height, you name it. So don’t think this is your standard rundown of Victoria Secrets Models and women who appear on Vanity Fair. No, this list came from THE BOYS, a collective of men who truly represent men and not some writer with a blonde fetish doling out his celeb crushes. The criteria we based our choices on was popularity, buzz, and the attitude men have towards these women’s looks, interviews, and/or movies and shows that they starred in. This top 15 isn’t here to force a certain hawte down your throat so if your favorite lady didn’t make it don’t take offense. This is the Hall of The Black Dragon’s list of… [Read more]

Nov 20
lindsay lohan

Can somebody please explain to me why America is so obsessed with Lindsay Lohan? I could understand if she was a gifted, super-talented necessity to cinema that happened to fall by the wayside but from where I’m standing she’s just another child star who turned out rotten. A very cliché result of Hollywood parenting Why does this woman get 24/7 media coverage from gossip sites like TMZ? If Lindsay misses her probation we hear about it, if she’s found drunk we hear about it, if Lindsay has another garbage project—there have been quite a few—people act as if it’s her return to glory. What in the world is going on? Look I know the media has it’s favorite targets to saturate the world with — like Kim Kardashian, but with Lohan there seems to be this odd adoption of her by the consumers that confuses… [Read more]

Nov 07
sara jay

In the video below the illustrious Sara Jay—of your XXX dreams—combines humor and experience to explain to us what exactly we should and should not do when meeting she or any other porn star out in public. The list is pretty damn funny and seems spot on since I’ve seen fools react in many of these ways with not only porn stars but with celebrities as well. Some of you are probably wondering “well damn, where you seeing porn stars at?” well if you live in California or Florida chances are you passed one by in the grocery store… you just have to be paying attention. The last time I encountered a starlet was in a Subway while on break from work. I recognized the tattoos and checked myself so that I wasn’t staring… let her eat her lunch and moved on with my life…. [Read more]