Sep 04
generation kill

Ever wondered which movies and shows portray the profession of the individuals the best? Well a poll was taken up recently by me and a few other Cinephiles and the results were very surprising. Being a fan of shows such as The Wire, SouthLAnd, E.R., and Law and Order, it becomes very easy to allow the great directing and acting to blur the lines between reality and fantasy. The following list are the movies and shows that the people who actually are in the profession portrayed will tell you is true to the source or at least. Office Jobs Office Space – It’s almost scary how accurate this movie is. The IT Crowd – Apparently this British sitcom is a mirror of our lives in the computer field. Teaching The Wire: Season 4 – Accurate portrayal of teaching in a rough inner city school. Medical… [Read more]

Aug 15
destroyed arena

Is drama a necessary component for sports nowadays or should the aspect of winning and losing be enough? I think of this past Olympics and how viewers were force-fed a meal of Phelps vs Lochte, Douglas vs Wieber, and many other imagined rivalries and wondered if it was really necessary for us to enjoy the games. The 2012 Olympics was a grand spectacle of wonderment but there was so much petty, unnecessary drama! In the days before the Internet and instant news, sports fans would huddle around the television to watch the big game and outside of what happens right there in front of them there wasn’t anything else that mattered. Nowadays we have athletes that are judged more for their off field antics than their actual accomplishments on the field. We know who just got divorced, who’s dating a super model, who partied the… [Read more]

Aug 05
gabby douglas father

“I’m like, ‘Who’s calling my name?’ And then I look up. It was my dad and his friend, and I haven’t seen him in a while,” Gabby said. “They were holding up the flag. And I almost felt like bawling. I was like, ‘Oh, my gosh, Dad!’” When we watched tiny Gabby Douglas take gold in the all-around competition of gymnastics in London 2012, we were routinely reminded that her journey there was a rough one. The focus has rightfully been on her strong, single mother who was willing to take a chance in letting her child live with another family in order to realize her gymnastic potential and a heart as strong as a bull that allowed her to focus and keep it together. But nowhere in the narrative was her father mentioned and it led to many people assuming that it was the… [Read more]

Jul 18
peter parker and gwen stacy

If you are a socially awkward guy that has issues talking to women, you should check out The Amazing Spiderman. No worries on the movie sucking as it is actually top notch, so hesitation is unnecessary – I just want you to see Peter Parker’s swagger. In the original Spiderman starring Tobey Maguire, the character of Peter Parker was an overly nice smart kid whose childhood love interest was a red-haired girl-next-door (Mary Jane Watson) played by Kristen Dunst. Peter allowed his much cooler, richer, better looking best friend to take this average looking girl away from him, while he just waited for her to choose. Many guys do the same thing in life then end up upset when the woman chooses the better package deal. The new Peter Parker is socially awkward, but unlike the former he is dark in a way that works… [Read more]

Jun 15

Smiles are amazing aren’t they? They can warm you up to someone, invite you in, hide malicious intent, you name it. A smile is what let’s you know that someone is happy, pleased or warm enough to engage. Most people love a good genuine smile; am I right? Today The Hall of The Black Dragon would like to showcase 20 celebs with the best smiles, 10 for the ladies and 10 for the gentlemen. Our 10 Favorite Female Celebrity Smiles… Our 10 Favorite Male Celebrity Smiles… So did we get everybody that crossed your mind? Let us know who we may have missed in the commentary. Smiles are all that and for some of these people it has made their career.

Jun 06
lolo jones olympian

Lady Dragon Lolo Jones volunteered information about her virginity on a recent HBO show and the news went immediately viral. Suddenly every blogger and journalist alive had a solution to the poor virgin’s plight and was offering up articles as to who she should sleep with, what she should do to cure her virgin disease and all sorts of other nonsense. Frankly it was disgusting and a bit of a shock to me seeing that many of these articles came from magazines that prided themselves as being “for women”. Look, it isn’t so much that it is none of our business if an older woman (Lolo is 29 yrs. old) hasn’t been deflowered; it is the fact that we now assume that she wants our advice on getting laid. Why is virginity such a bad thing? Is a good looking virgin such a bad thing?… [Read more]

Jun 05
beyonce knowles performing

Here’s the thing my fellow Joe and Jane Ham-and-Eggers, the world a celebrity lives in and the one that you and I live in are staged in different realms. In Celebrity World you have the luxury of time, long – money, people for hire and did I mention money? With the best supplements, a trainer to wake your lazy butt up in the morning and a plan, you can become Chris Evans a lot faster than you can now as a civilian. Many times we watch movies and we exclaim in astonishment at the marvelous physique of one of the actors, but come Monday when we see our co-worker with a great physique, we chalk it up to him just being a freak obsessed with his looks. Am I right? Beyonce Knowles, Alicia Keys and Mariah Carey are not you; Jennifer Hudson is not you,… [Read more]

May 16
serena williams

Hate is an International habit but I swear that we of the internet have it mastered over everyone else. Whenever a celebrity crosses over into a different realm of entertainment (yes this includes sports), the first thing people look forward to is their failing – hard. It’s this attitude of “how dare they try and be good at more than one thing” which confuses me. The news of Serena Williams making a rap song hit Facebook and Twitter like a storm and blogs everywhere quickly jumped on it to offer up a critique “it’s aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight” seemed to be the consensus, corny, cliché but not necessarily terrible. Why did Serena do this? Well if you follow the tennis legend you would realize that her being young, single and richer than hell allows her to do what she likes off-season, including dabbling in fashion, modeling, making naughty… [Read more]