May 20

Sources have confirmed that Wrestling legend Randy “Macho Man” Savage has died from a car accident after suffering a heart attack behind the wheel. No doubt your timelines, Facebooks and Twitters will be flooded with jokes about the business, cocaine and Miss Elizabeth but the Hall remembers the iconic superstar who could cut a promo like nobody else and ignite the ring with that flying elbow that seemed to touch the stars. People die and our heroes are not immortal, but Savage will be eternally remembered as one of the men that made Wrestling such a big deal for all of us kids. It was Savage that inspired us to wear fancy shades, flex with confidence and drop the elbow on our playmates. The last time I thought about Savage was after seeing him in the commercial for the new WWE Superstars game. I know… [Read more]

May 18

So I’m checking out this abortion of a reality show called “Mob Wives” when the baby rat of Sammy Gravano announces that she’s on the show to promote her new book about “the life”. Just a while ago I get word that Lamar Odom’s ex is writing a tell-all book about he and his current wife cheating on her… what the hell is going on here? Who is it that reads all of these books being written by ex housewives, ex jump-offs, and ex transvestite hookers? Talk about hive-mind, if it’s one positive thing that can be said about Karrine “Superhead” Steffans, it’s that she wrote her tell-all memoirs back when it wasn’t the “cool thing” to do. Now every time I turn around some broke rapper, video vixen, friend or sex slave is become an overnight author. As a book reader who finds it… [Read more]

May 13

Why am I having to write this? Well I am hoping that anyone who passes these Halls, sees this on Google or through your magnificent tweets, likes and re-posts will realize that they are being played by my man 50 Cent. Look, I can identify with Curtis because he has the same sick sense of humor that I do… we say stuff for reaction, we look from an outside realm into the world and toy with people when we feel bored enough. If you are the type to laugh at yourself you will completely get it, but if you are part of the other 80% who takes things at face value you will be mad at us. I get it, and I want you to get it too. Over the last year or so the mega-successful, rich, 50 Cent has toyed with the public on… [Read more]

Apr 15

Keri Hilson has posed nude for Allure magazine and her haters are going crazy on the internet about it. As you can see the shoot was very airbrushed oops I mean tasteful so it’s not as if she opened the pearly gates™ for Playboy or worse. So why all the hate? Let’s break it down to it’s bare structure and you will see that Keri can piss gold to save the economy and people will still hate her. At the core of the hate, there is the stigma of the pretty girl, that I have explained several times over on this site. Keri Hilson isn’t built like the stereotypical black woman, her singing is not as strong as the best in her genre and her songs (at least the ones I hear) aren’t exactly classics. She rides the central wave of sex-appeal and radio music… [Read more]

Feb 14

Today the Hall puts up Angelina Jolie as one of our favorite celebrities. It is a long time coming and something that should have been done since that category’s inception. Doing this will no doubt bring out a lot of heat for us since the “Jolie hate” seems to get bigger and bigger each year that she works on projects, acts her ass off and stays (for the most part) out of the cross-hairs of paparazzi ex-cons looking to get a payday. Many celebrities are scorned, envied and attacked by Jane Average for more reasons than one, but Jolie’s seem to be a hate bred from her over exposed connection with Hall favorite Brad Pitt and her shocking and non-vanilla past. One of the dumbest things that people lament on Angelina Jolie is the media fueled charge that she “stole” Brad Pitt. Let’s define theft… [Read more]

Nov 11

As if his initial book “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” was not bad enough, Steve Harvey is writing yet another book on relationships.  The worst part about this is when you go to the book has a four star rating, people are actually hood winked into thinking his advice is something new.  The man is basically peddling common sense information (that should be followed by either gender) as if he’s hitting on some unknown deep topic.  All of the information Harvey is spewing is freely available on the internet at any of a dozen websites, and there are countless web forums where experts will answer your relationship questions for free. The quotes from Harvey about his new book are hilarious: “I go so deep into the mindset of men, and how we operate and function, and I give women real things… [Read more]

Sep 16

I wish people would fact-check their stories before crucifying others on the internet – Greg Dragon The New York Jets (who looked embarrassingly bad on the field in their season opener) has a new show on HBO and a need to get you – the fans to watch said reality TV show. That is all I am going to say about that, configure your own conspiracy theory. Recently the buzz out of the Jets locker room has been about nuclear hot TV Azteca reporter Ines Sainz (a woman that makes wearing ass-cupping jeans a science) was sexually harassed verbally by players on the team – inside The Jets locker room. In real world terms this reads as: hot reporter enters locker room with a bunch of hard legs and dudes tried to holler at her or one up each other on cat calls. Ladies raise… [Read more]

Sep 03

Rapper Clifford “T.I.” Harris was arrested Wednesday along with his wife Timika “Tiny” Cottle on suspicion of possessing methamphetamines. The couple was driving down the streets of Hollywood California when the police pulled them over after the smell of marijuana came from their rental.  I have to say that this does not look good coming on the heels of the multiplatinum star being on three year probation after being released from a seven month jail stint for illegal firearms possession by a convicted felon. In his short come back since leaving the halfway house in March, T.I. managed to marry his longtime girlfriend, complete King Uncaged (the latest addition to his discography), and star in and executive produce the box office smash, Takers.  Now he is possibly facing a multiple year jail sentence if convicted. One has to wonder if T.I. learned from his mistakes… [Read more]