Sep 03

Rapper Clifford “T.I.” Harris was arrested Wednesday along with his wife Timika “Tiny” Cottle on suspicion of possessing methamphetamines. The couple was driving down the streets of Hollywood California when the police pulled them over after the smell of marijuana came from their rental.  I have to say that this does not look good coming on the heels of the multiplatinum star being on three year probation after being released from a seven month jail stint for illegal firearms possession by a convicted felon. In his short come back since leaving the halfway house in March, T.I. managed to marry his longtime girlfriend, complete King Uncaged (the latest addition to his discography), and star in and executive produce the box office smash, Takers.  Now he is possibly facing a multiple year jail sentence if convicted. One has to wonder if T.I. learned from his mistakes… [Read more]

Aug 26

Okay look, Die Another Day left much to be desired in a Bond movie. I mean it had the debonair Piers Brosnan as 007, token black (kiss my ass colorists) Bond girl hawte Halle Berry and one epically cheesy Ice Palace that turned the first decent half into a laughable kickback to the Roger Moore smear on the series. It left fans with a bad taste in their mouth for James Bond but I remember the buzz about Halle who kicked ass as the sexy Jinx. The beauty went on to star in a movie called Cat Woman which featured a badly animated version of the villainess doing Capoeira in a designer cat suit. This abortion for lack of a better word made Batman nerds very angry. And let’s not forget that she was miscast as the African bombshell Storm in the X-Men trilogy which… [Read more]

Aug 25

Nine years ago (August 25, 2001) the world of Hip Hop / Rhythm and Blues was shaken by the news of Aaliyah Dana Haughton’s plane crashing. The thoughts were on the freakishness of such an event in a modern time since artists dying in plane crashes were associated with the 50’s and 60’s (think Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and The Big Bopper). The news was horrible and sobering as I had just witnessed her performance as Akasha Queen of The Damned and commented how extremely beautiful she was. Like most children of talent wish and dream of becoming lucky and having the world see their light illuminate the sky, Aaliyah was given that honor and slam dunked it with much emphasis. Her rhythmically coordinated dances are legendary and no dancer can do their thing these days without comparison checks being made (right Ciara?) Her voice… [Read more]

Aug 23

Say what you will about Wyclef Jean, his actions in calming the citizens of Port-au-Prince after being denied his candidacy for president of Haiti is worthy of accolades. Many of us were impressed by Wyclef’s bid for the position after knowing his lengthy dedication to being an ambassador for Haiti and spending his own money, time and resources for the betterment of it’s people. If this is new to you readers then I would urge you to do some research into his dedication outside of his career as a multi-talented musician, rapper and founder of The Fugees. Long story short, if there was someone to be a likely candidate as president of Haiti, it would be Wyclef. What exactly happened? After receiving multiple death threats from Haitians opposed to his running for President, Wyclef Jean hid out silently in Port-au-Prince. In support of their beloved… [Read more]

Aug 05

Ciara could easily have her own section on this site for being so excruciatingly hot. This is her video with Ludacris for the song “Ride” and if you can manage 4 minutes and 39 seconds of fire on your screen then go ahead and hit play and watch the princess dance. Now there are some of you who are probably going to see this and say “I don’t see the big deal”, well unless you can submit a video of yourself popping those gym-toned hips to a beat through several unique dance steps then I suggest you sit your hatin’ ass down and find something else to do. For those of you that can appreciate poetry in motion, witness Ride or as I like to call it “sex music”.

Jul 16
Street Fighter The Legend of Chun-Li

Editor’s Note: So rumor-mill has revealed that Kim Kardashian may be the next Lady Lara Croft on the big screen and that led me to think of this old article I wrote for (our sister site). Without ripping Kim for her acting (for which I haven’t seen), I can anticipate garbage just off the premise that video game movies are bad and to place a new “actress” in the role of a very familiar heroine just sounds like a recipe for disaster. It is a common reaction by Gamers and movie-goers alike to groan and sigh when the announcement of a video game movie is made. How can you expect otherwise when we have experienced the failures of Street Fighter, Double Dragon and Doom? There aren’t many movies that have been acceptable to Gamers outside of the rendered CGI ones like Final Fantasy: Advent… [Read more]

Jun 15
Lisa Raye McCoy in her Tiara

There’s something about a Gold Digger, as negative as the term and act of Gold Digging is, there never seems to be a shortage of tricks to pander to the women who own that label. Kanye West made a popular song about them and men are always worried that they may fall victim to them (even when they are broke as hell) yet the girls manage to keep getting paid. With the taboo and exoticism behind the Gold Digger label, we at the Hall felt that a gallery of the beauties who proudly wear the label will help bring your mentals back down to earth, it will show that the Gold Digger is normally a beautiful woman with whom you would wife really quickly just based off looks alone. To start this section off, who would be more suitable than the self-proclaimed “Platinum Digger” herself… [Read more]

Jun 12

In case you missed it, Shakira (possibly the hottest performer ever) set South Africa on fire with her performance at the opening Ceremony of FIFA World Cup 2010. Sporting a bushy dress and throwing her hips to her popular song “Hips Don’t Lie”, I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen for the full 7 minutes of awesomeness. While all the performances were amazing, Shakira’s easily stood out as the most memorable. This performance was the inaugural FIFA World Cup™ Kick-off Celebration Concert. Needless to say it was absolute fire, the colors, the hips and of course the music. If only NFL Halftime Shows could be this epic… Check out this video and images of the legendary hawte Shakira. Shakira’s Sexy Gallery Hips Don’t Lie – FIFA World Cup™ 2010 – Opening Ceremony