Jun 09

Once in a while a fluff television show will become popular and if it resembles anything real it will also lead to a lot of misinformed people believing it to be actuality. Almost daily my friends talk about the match-ups on Spike Tv’s Deadliest Warrior, which is a hit show where three nerds gather around a room full of cool devices and argue over who would beat who. This would be fine if they didn’t go to the extents that they do to prove/disprove inaccurately who would win in a given match-up. For entertainment the show is brilliant, bringing together old nerdy arguments such as Ninja versus Pirate (this hasn’t really happened yet) or Apaches versus Gladiators. The danger in the show is the fluff antics that make the arguments seem legit. To the casual viewer, a Ninja fighting a Spartan and losing makes perfect… [Read more]

Jun 02

There’s been quite a bit of speculation surrounding the circumstances of the Swizz Beatz/Alicia Keys union.  Rumor has it that Alicia is a home wrecker who started off as the other woman in the marriage of Swizz and R&B singer Mashonda.  Since 2008 the couple has been seen together but has always brushed off the speculation as “working” on Alicia’s album.  It was not until earlier this month that the affair was confirmed with a 10K character tweet from Mashonda in response to what she called inconsideration on Alicia’s part. “If you are reading this Alicia, let me start by saying, you know what you did”. The public feud between the two started with Alicia’s tweet of “In love, is it better to go with the choice that is smart or the choice that has spark?”  This prompted the lengthy tweet from Mashonda giving Alicia… [Read more]

May 31

I like to think that I know a good actor when I see one, and ever since I saw that tear run from the corner of his eye to the wired shut jaw in “Get Rich or Die Trying”, I knew Curtis Jackson (rapper 50 Cent) was one of the big dogs. This has become extremely clear after seeing the dramatic pictures of his physical changes in order to play an oscar-worthy role of in the upcoming movie “Things Fall Apart”. Jackson co-wrote, produces, and stars in the film about a football player who is diagnosed with cancer during his senior year.  Jackson will be acting alongside Ray Liotta and Mario Van Peebles (who also directs the film). How did he do it? A nine week liquid diet and work outs twice a day. Jackson dropped more than 50 pounds just in time for the… [Read more]

May 10
Is Kim Kardashian marriage material?

There has been a whole bunch of nosy speculation into the dumping of big booty Kim Kardashian since the info was leaked a few weeks ago. Some people say that it’s because Kim’s schedule is very busy (this makes me laugh my ass off), others speculate that she had become too pushy for marriage, but the biggest rumor floating around is that her sex tape with that parasite Ray J is the nail that sealed shut the coffin on their relationship.  Since we aren’t too big on Celebrity gossip here, I wanted to take this opportunity to ask you fellas your opinion. Could you marry a fine Armenian hawte like Kim if she had a tape floating around with her sucking off Brandy’s parasite brother? Let’s see what four of us men have to say about Kim Kardashian… Greg Dragon: My take on it –… [Read more]

Feb 26

“It was like napalm, sexual napalm” – John Mayer about sex with Jessica I am sure you have heard about, or read the allegedly racist comments John Mayer made in his interview with Playboy. While I do agree that the man has zero brains when it comes to foresight for backlash when you make dumb jokes to the press – calling him a racist is not going to be exact science, and it will be based on who you are talking to. I could care less what John Mayer thinks about black women or who he chooses to run up in when the groupies come flooding backstage for him. I’m not sure when being a sexualized object became a standard to aspire for (speaking to the women who are now pissed at him for dissing them) but the man apparently has a flavor – in… [Read more]

Jan 29
Lady Dragon Jamie Pressly cleans her balls with axe

So Axe has always been great at playing up to the inner perv in us all with their commercials involving chicks ripping off clothes, giving it up in libraries and licking chocolate men on trains (I can sooooo get down with this) – but this time around, I think they have outdone themselves. Presenting the Axe Ball Cleaner with actress Jaime Pressly (a certified lady Dragon) as tennis champ Monica Blake – cleaning balls and demonstrating the product quite effectively. The funniest part of the ad has to be when hostess Denese Saintclaire begins playing with a pair of golfballs… you just have to see it. Good job Axe, I even remember the product you are really selling AFTER seeing the ad, so it works! Hell I’ll probably pick it up next time I’m out shopping., just in case it comes with a Jaime Pressly… [Read more]

Jan 05

As I get older and arguably wiser, I begin to notice certain things about the English language and the misunderstanding of simple concepts by its users. Being an admirer of the female body and being around fellow admirers who talk, I sometimes notice that a lot of guys don’t get it when the word “sexy” is used. We all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but so is the aspect of sexy, the term is purely subjective. What is sexy for me should have a lot of supporters but I shouldn’t be surprised when someone disagrees – this is the reasoning behind fetishes, tastes etc. While some men will look for a banging body (some like a big ass, some like a big bosom, others need both) others just require a beautiful face or killer legs. The thing that brings these… [Read more]

Sep 23

Recently I was involved in an email discussion with some good friends in regards to two new albums being released: The Blueprint 3 by Jay-Z and Only Built 4 Cuban Links 2 by Raekwon Da Chef and Ghostface Killa. What started out as a funny moment of reminiscing (being that we all at one time had been engrossed fully into the Hip Hop culture) degenerated into a bout of ageism and elitism. Some of them had apparently outgrown Hip Hop, here is a quote from one of my more successful, respected and intellectual friends: “I’d only share that the majority of hip hop music (both now and in the “golden age” too) rang empty to me once I personally matured to an extent.  The musical celebration of themes like misogyny, substance abuse, drug trafficking, gunplay, misogyny, homophobia, pride in incarceration, satisfaction with poverty, misdirected territorialism… [Read more]