Mar 27

Recently I saw a Pepsi commercial with the lovely Sofia Vergara and it managed to turn me off of a woman who is naturally irresistible. How, you may ask? Well it wasn’t her obsession with wanting a can of soda so bad, but the fool of a man who put himself out there and thought her needy mannerisms were intended for him. I’m sure the women watching found it funny and the men were too busy watching Sofia’s lips… but it was a reminder of what every man fears when going for beautiful women. It was the intent of the commercial after-all  no doubt written by a man who knows how much it sucks but I am going to use it as a teaching moment for everyone. If you haven’t seen the ad, here it is: Mistake #1 – Turning Around After The Diss I think a man… [Read more]

Feb 22

If you’re like me and you’ve seen this DirecTV ad with the “Genie”, you would wonder who the exotic looking beauty was, snapping her fingers and batting her eyes. Well it turns out that this Genie is none other than Hannah Davis – a fashion model for Ralph Lauren. Hannah is oddly famous on the internet for being the latest in Derek Jeter’s long line of stunning girlfriends and has a smoldering hot Sports Illustrated photo shoot that we give you a sample of following this article. You don’t see a Hannah Davis level of dime piece every day and the fact that she grew up in Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands adds just a sprinkle more spice in her already flavorful ingredients. Can we get an Emeril Lagasse BAM! For how bad this woman is? So here’s the lovely Genie, we of course know… [Read more]

Jan 22

The video above will be met with some controversy because on one hand it denounces the fake “cool” nerds of today who are obviously using the term as the newest trend; while on the other hand it paints nerds into with a narrow brush as a monolith. I felt the need to post it here however is because it almost feels necessary to remind people daily that “nerd and proud” is bull crap. If you grew up in the time when I grew up (or earlier) you can remember that nerds were not proud, nerds were in fact outcasts; not the theme of the day that popular culture has turned it into. Nerd has actually become somewhat of a modern day “n-word“, except that well – everybody can use it without being punched in the mouth. I want to send this video to the celebrities… [Read more]

Dec 11

When I first saw this commercial it brought a big smile to my face as I envied business dad a little bit. One thing I dig about it is that there is a bit of a mystery going on when you over-analyze it. Actually it becomes better and better the more you watch it; first of all you have business dad who looks like he could be Aaron Rodgers‘ big brother or kin to that dude in Braveheart who was the Lord of York… and then there’s his cute kids who make him a video to watch on his trip then the hot wife that comes over and hands him her own video. On the surface it makes you smile because you’re like “hot wife is a little freaky… lucky bastard” but his face reads a bit differently to me. Something tells me that Susan at the… [Read more]

Jun 22

What could be more funny than a medieval blacksmith taking a mom away on a fantasy of a hot kiln and a skillet full of Velveeta’s Cheesy Skillets? If you haven’t seen these ads then I am proud to present 2 of my favorites to you… Did you see the 3rd pair of hands? Muhahahaha… The smith doesn’t discriminate apparently, ANY mom can be taught how to make a delicious cheesy dish! To me this was the funniest due to the actress who looked genuinely shocked the entire time. I want to nominate The Blacksmith as Man of The Year!

Mar 23

Wait a second, did The Most Interesting Man in The World just take medals for both 2nd AND 1st place before kissing token hot blonde? I want this man’s life! It’s like… what happened there? Did the 2nd place winner get killed? Did he bow out… did he die after crossing? TOO MANY QUESTIONS! Not to mention that my man is dual wielding swords and his opponents can’t hang, WHAT A BOSS! This just never seems to get old does it? Spectacular filming, an awesome actor as the hero and that guitar in the background… that damn, sweet guitar… then there’s the hawtes hanging on his every word… I need a beer! While I don’t go out of my way to order a Dos Equis when I’m out drinking, I do have to give insane amounts of love to this ad campaign. I damn near want a movie about TMIMITW,… [Read more]

Oct 05

I don’t get how men can have premature perspiration… I mean, with enough practice in the room by yourself, you should at least figure out how to hold it in for a few minutes. I mean look, I have done a lot of hard work in my time with some very hot partners and I normally perspire all over myself by the time I’m finished. What I haven’t done however… is perspire prematurely before I even start the work. How fair would that be? What’s up with some of you guys? Okay look, I apologize, I know sometimes perspiration can be clinical and unavoidable so I don’t mean to sound calloused. But for the people without an explanation for themselves you can rest assured that AXE Deodorant has developed an answer to your problem. Now this was absolutely hilarious, and while there weren’t any balls… [Read more]

Apr 25

I’m sure everyone of you saw that disgustingly cute Volkswagen commercial where a Chibi Darth Vader is running all over his house in costume trying his damndest to use Force on objects… (hell we’re all guilty of doing it) only to fail continuously. If you haven’t then click the link I provided as it will give you some background on the Marvel spoof that you’re about to watch here. Chibi Vader meet your rival Chibi Thor and his ice cold stare, his long golden locks, over-sized helmet and his massive Mjolner hammer. Chibi Thor runs around the house trying his best to call down thunder and lightning into the Mjolner to incinerate things… well he fails and his mom even hands him a sandwich when he tries to show her his power – what a disrespectful wench. Well needless to say the ending is hilarious… [Read more]