Mar 27

Recently I saw a Pepsi commercial with the lovely Sofia Vergara and it managed to turn me off of a woman who is naturally irresistible. How, you may ask? Well it wasn’t her obsession with wanting a can of soda so bad, but the fool of a man who put himself out there and thought her needy mannerisms were intended for him. I’m sure the women watching found it funny and the men were too busy watching Sofia’s lips… but it was a reminder of what every man fears when going for beautiful women. It was the intent of the commercial after-all  no doubt written by a man who knows how much it sucks but I am going to use it as a teaching moment for everyone. If you haven’t seen the ad, here it is: Mistake #1 – Turning Around After The Diss I think a man… [Read more]

Feb 22

If you’re like me and you’ve seen this DirecTV ad with the “Genie”, you would wonder who the exotic looking beauty was, snapping her fingers and batting her eyes. Well it turns out that this Genie is none other than Hannah Davis – a fashion model for Ralph Lauren. Hannah is oddly famous on the internet for being the latest in Derek Jeter’s long line of stunning girlfriends and has a smoldering hot Sports Illustrated photo shoot that we give you a sample of following this article. You don’t see a Hannah Davis level of dime piece every day and the fact that she grew up in Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands adds just a sprinkle more spice in her already flavorful ingredients. Can we get an Emeril Lagasse BAM! For how bad this woman is? So here’s the lovely Genie, we of course know… [Read more]

Jun 22

What could be more funny than a medieval blacksmith taking a mom away on a fantasy of a hot kiln and a skillet full of Velveeta’s Cheesy Skillets? If you haven’t seen these ads then I am proud to present 2 of my favorites to you… Did you see the 3rd pair of hands? Muhahahaha… The smith doesn’t discriminate apparently, ANY mom can be taught how to make a delicious cheesy dish! To me this was the funniest due to the actress who looked genuinely shocked the entire time. I want to nominate The Blacksmith as Man of The Year!

Apr 25

I’m sure everyone of you saw that disgustingly cute Volkswagen commercial where a Chibi Darth Vader is running all over his house in costume trying his damndest to use Force on objects… (hell we’re all guilty of doing it) only to fail continuously. If you haven’t then click the link I provided as it will give you some background on the Marvel spoof that you’re about to watch here. Chibi Vader meet your rival Chibi Thor and his ice cold stare, his long golden locks, over-sized helmet and his massive Mjolner hammer. Chibi Thor runs around the house trying his best to call down thunder and lightning into the Mjolner to incinerate things… well he fails and his mom even hands him a sandwich when he tries to show her his power – what a disrespectful wench. Well needless to say the ending is hilarious… [Read more]

Feb 06

I am about tired of these commercials, not because of the underlying clueless racism in them, but the fact that they are tired and very late to the party. Last year (2010) it was open season on black women as blogs and the media took to task the “solving” of the black woman’s single problem. Every single day on “black blogs” there was post after post bemoaning the plight of these women in their single-hood, while an underlying and sometimes well hidden insult was  being ushered against the black male. This was black people attacking black people about a problem that isn’t exclusively black – but let them tell it. From the war that ensued between the successful  but single women and the “relationship experts” who chose to capitalize on it their rose the image of the bitter black bitch. Who is The Bitter Black… [Read more]

Nov 20

I’m no parent so I won’t pass judgment on their PC Policing Ads left and right on blog commentaries and with letters to the companies. Recently Beyonce Knowles (resident hawte, wife to Jay-Z and top 100 lady) added the title “too hot for tv” to her resume as parents got her ad banned from UK television before 7:00 pm. You’re probably like huh!? So just check the video out after the jump and if you aren’t packing penitentiary steel in your pants after the 1:00 mark then you are not a man! (Just kidding). I love the commercial, well then again I love sexy women so it was obviously made for me… which… brings… to… question… erm Bey, who are you marketing the lava water to? Is it meant for guys like me to buy for our girlfriends? Because if we are the market consider… [Read more]

Nov 01
Press people interviewing AXE

For those of you who showed much concern for your children and others who may have seen the AXE Ball Scrubber Commercial, AXE has taken note of your feedback and issued an Official Press Conference to address your questions. While I may have not found anything wrong with the ad, I do realize that my immature sense of humor may have blinded me from the wicked implications that an ad like it could bring to innocent eyes. But this was short-lived, as comments like the following from Gunluvr showed me that some people out there were truly offended by the idea of clean balls: “It is a disgusting and offensive commercial. Garbage like that should be shown on HBO or some other venue of scum to the moral and sexual deviants that it appeals to. One good thing about living in a Muslim country is… [Read more]

Jan 29
Lady Dragon Jamie Pressly cleans her balls with axe

So Axe has always been great at playing up to the inner perv in us all with their commercials involving chicks ripping off clothes, giving it up in libraries and licking chocolate men on trains (I can sooooo get down with this) – but this time around, I think they have outdone themselves. Presenting the Axe Ball Cleaner with actress Jaime Pressly (a certified lady Dragon) as tennis champ Monica Blake – cleaning balls and demonstrating the product quite effectively. The funniest part of the ad has to be when hostess Denese Saintclaire begins playing with a pair of golfballs… you just have to see it. Good job Axe, I even remember the product you are really selling AFTER seeing the ad, so it works! Hell I’ll probably pick it up next time I’m out shopping., just in case it comes with a Jaime Pressly… [Read more]