Aug 07

When I sat down recently to interview New York-based starlet Cameron Hill, it was difficult to reconcile this outspoken young woman with the playful former elementary school classmate I had once known. Gone were the ribbons and pigtails, and in their place was an obvious confidence and unforced sex appeal, which is ironic, since she pointedly denied seeing herself as sexy. FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVEN’T HEARD OF MS. HILL…. ….You must be living under a rock. Just ask any New Yorker about the “Pum Pum Song” and they’ll tell you all about Cameron Hill. With a lyrically raunchy first offering on her EP and the Reverbnation Songwriting Competition win under her belt, Cameron Hill is set to follow in the footsteps of other successful Caribbean artistes such as Rihanna and Nicki Minaj. A MUSICAL AWAKENING With a background in gymnastics, swimming, and water… [Read more]

Jan 27
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The most popular article on this site has been The Curse of Being A Beautiful Woman due to the amount of commentary and discussion that it has gained. I wrote the article not to pander to beauties but because I wanted to share my unpopular belief that pretty women are ostracized and shunned due to a number of reasons. The comments that spawned from my opinion has been a combination of outsiders (non-beauties and men) denying that beautiful women have a problem and pretty women willing to share their experiences. It has taught me that my observances were correct and that people online as much as in life have a very serious issue with looks. Upon reading the commentary on the beauty article there was one other trend that surfaced which I dislike more than anything else: People who self-identify as “pretty”, “cute”, “cool”, or… [Read more]

Nov 14

Angelina Jolie, that beautiful actress that women love to hate has a new movie coming out where she plays Maleficent the dark but beautiful witch from the story Snow White. You know Mal was one of the original haters. She looked banging, but she wanted to make sure that nobody else came close. Say it with me: “mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” Maleficent’s story is one of the most popular stories as she, the quintessential “black witch” was the opposite of the fair Snow White. One thing that I’ve noticed beyond Maleficent is that witches are normally played by drop-dead gorgeous women. Prove me wrong.., They are either old, wrinkled and terrible, or breathtakingly gorgeous… no middle ground. Think of any witch in our modern cinema that was truly an ugly crone. You will be hard-pressed to find… [Read more]

Nov 07

HBO’s Boardwalk Empire is a show that is loved by both history buffs and lovers of television drama alike. It outlines something of an alternate universe which offers up historical names and figures in a convenient tale of gangsters versus the feds. The setting (those roaring 20’s) is a time when whites and blacks lived separately in their own worlds, and each displayed a level of ingenuity in entrepreneurship that allowed a comfortable life for those who put their brains at work. Liquor was illegal and prohibition ushered in big business for bootleggers and business-owners savvy enough to sell it. The whites held Atlantic City at the ownership level and the blacks kept it running via cooking, cleaning and of course entertaining. “You ain’t no Ma Rainey” – Chalky White One of the major characters in Boardwalk Empire is a hood turned boss by the name of… [Read more]

Jul 15

As men we love to pretend that we love natural beauties, but what we really love is a natural look. You’ve all heard it before – the girl next door – the beauty who doesn’t know that she’s a hottie but is confident enough to say “thank you” when you compliment her for it. The natural look for men does not translate to a woman rolling out of bed looking perfect–as many would have you believe–but it involves a woman wearing natural, earthy colors in makeup and having very little contrast outside of eyeliner. We get a lot of confused looks from women when we look at a model that appears to be wearing very little makeup and remark on how much of a natural beauty she is. Many of us men are absolutely clueless about the process a woman goes through to make herself… [Read more]

May 07

Have you been tuning in to History channel’s new hit drama Vikings? Well if you haven’t, you should probably head on over there to take a look at an episode or 2 and get yourself hooked on some Nordic hotties (of both sexes apparently judging from the woman’s love of Ragnar). The show details the life and times of legendary Viking Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) and his ambitions during the times of raiding, warring, and pillaging… basically Viking stuff – very macho. If you like pretty girls who can hold their own in a fight as well as their men, you may have taken notice of the lady Vikings aka Shield Maidens who impress us with their ability to hold down a family while dancing the war dance when needed. The following gallery focuses on 3 of the main ladies of the 1st Season of… [Read more]

Feb 22

If you’re like me and you’ve seen this DirecTV ad with the “Genie”, you would wonder who the exotic looking beauty was, snapping her fingers and batting her eyes. Well it turns out that this Genie is none other than Hannah Davis – a fashion model for Ralph Lauren. Hannah is oddly famous on the internet for being the latest in Derek Jeter’s long line of stunning girlfriends and has a smoldering hot Sports Illustrated photo shoot that we give you a sample of following this article. You don’t see a Hannah Davis level of dime piece every day and the fact that she grew up in Saint Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands adds just a sprinkle more spice in her already flavorful ingredients. Can we get an Emeril Lagasse BAM! For how bad this woman is? So here’s the lovely Genie, we of course know… [Read more]

Feb 05

Ask ANY man and he will tell you the same thing. Whether he can handle it or not, he wants the prettiest lady in the land. Why? Two reasons: a) Beauties are natural Viagra – Who doesn’t want to have sex with someone who looks that delicious?! b) Self-esteem sky rockets – You are revered by brethren for being super lucky or super special. Beautiful women have the ways and means to make the most average bloke look like an absolute god. Beautiful women have and carry extreme power, and they absolutely relish that power. I speak on behalf of my male friends (shout outs to y’all reading this), I can see it in their eyes when they walk next to me. Suddenly, people treat them more importantly, like they are worth something more. Looks count and slap anyone who tells you otherwise. Men are… [Read more]