Jan 18

Love her music or hate it (I know i’m not a fan) you cannot take anything away from Beyonce’s hustle and while her music empowers women to bribing men to put a ring on it, her beauty and body lets us take it on the chin with a smile. Who’s going to argue with the queen of supreme hustler Sean “Jay-Z” Carter? I’ll tell you who – the faux feminists of the internet who want to tar and feather her for not being just like them… You gotta love it. But enough talk right, let’s take a look at the sexy that got away – Mrs Beyonce Knowles-Carter as she appeared in GQ Magazine. Long live the Bey!

Dec 24

Welcome to the best top (insert number) list of hot women for 2012 on the internet. Our list rocks because, well, we like a lot of women from all different ranges of race, profession, height, you name it. So don’t think this is your standard rundown of Victoria Secrets Models and women who appear on Vanity Fair. No, this list came from THE BOYS, a collective of men who truly represent men and not some writer with a blonde fetish doling out his celeb crushes. The criteria we based our choices on was popularity, buzz, and the attitude men have towards these women’s looks, interviews, and/or movies and shows that they starred in. This top 15 isn’t here to force a certain hawte down your throat so if your favorite lady didn’t make it don’t take offense. This is the Hall of The Black Dragon’s list of… [Read more]

Oct 22
halle berry

Lady Dragon Halle Berry is a very likable, pretty, and pragmatic woman when interviewed. In magazine spreads and in front of the rolling cameras she is goddess-level bad! But recently when I see her name on places all over the internet it is likely to be accompanied by the word crazy. Halle’s life has been an open book to the world for a long time. She has somehow become the face of the beautiful but crazy stereotype due to her failed relationships and that one incident where she hit someone with her car and kept driving (tsk-tsk-tsk). Halle is a realistic woman when asked about all of this in interviews and she knows very well how she’s perceived and sees her man issues as a lack of good judgment on her part when it comes to mates. Halle on her bad choices in men: “My… [Read more]

Sep 14
mila kunis

According to the Mila Kunis rule or the “Mila Kunis Exception” – no man should write off a beautiful woman for missing one element in the 6 Point Axis of physical beauty (face, legs, breasts, ass, voice, and overall sexiness). Background: Mila Kunis is beautiful, hell she is one of our most talented and hottest actresses today (plus she has proven nerd cred). Most guys, by a very large margin will agree that she’s a dime and if not at least a few points off am I right? Her big beautiful eyes (best eyes in Hollywood actually), overall sexiness, and the way she talks is enough to get you on board – but look at her too hard and you’ll notice that she has no backyard. Ass men have decided that it is nowhere near a deal-breaker to not consider Mila Kunis as “fine” so… [Read more]

Aug 30
tika sumpter

When asked about being called “Chocolate” and whether it was offensive to her, actress Tika Sumpter answered: “I think it’s a term of endearment. I don’t think it’s anything negative. Chocolate’s my favorite thing to eat. So I can’t live without it. And I know when Mike Epps says it, he’s just like ‘emph! Look, if Tyler Perry wants to pay me the money to call me ‘chocolate’ and be an ass, I’m cool with it.” I feel the same way, having been called chocolate quite a few times myself… except I would offer my name callers the chance to take a bite out this big ‘ol DIP! But  oddly enough I had no takers :/ but this isn’t about me, complexion, or people calling fine, dark-skinned women chocolate. No sir this is about Tika… delicious, cocoa brown Tika (does a Hail Mary). Just see… [Read more]

Aug 25

Everyone’s favorite blonde – Kate “I can do the Dougie” Upton (dat hawte) is on the cover of GQ Italia and it is such a blazing hot photoshoot that we just had to share with you red-blooded denizens out there. Make sure you boys wear your extra dark shades because Miss Upton has her brights 100% on! Please find below 4 of the 17 images courtesy of GQ.com (with an extra bonus…) to whet your taste buds; but if you want the full Monte then you will have to visit: (Kate Upton’s GQ Cover Shoot)   Are You Not Entertained!? Still can’t get enough of Kate? Check out her own personal Lady Dragon page right here on the Hall! Just be sure to leave everything where you left it… I can just see the haters navigating the place and whispering “everything looks neat except for that damn… [Read more]

Aug 13
womens 100m winners

Good morning gentlemen of The Hall. If you were like me and glued to your television, PC and radio throughout the Olympics of London 2012, you will have found yourself drooling over the lovely ladies who are not only at the top of their sport in the greatest competition in the world, but manage to keep themselves looking lovely while doing it. We’ve covered enough of the drama dealing with sad women that tear down 16 year olds, and well marketed athletes who get tarred and feathered by their American fans. So let us end the “Games” with a bang shall we? A hot bang that we can admire in all of their Gold, Silver, and Bronze glory.  If I miss anyone feel free to add your opinion. This was a very exciting year for US Lady Olympians as you can see… Strength, Beauty and… [Read more]

Jun 15

Smiles are amazing aren’t they? They can warm you up to someone, invite you in, hide malicious intent, you name it. A smile is what let’s you know that someone is happy, pleased or warm enough to engage. Most people love a good genuine smile; am I right? Today The Hall of The Black Dragon would like to showcase 20 celebs with the best smiles, 10 for the ladies and 10 for the gentlemen. Our 10 Favorite Female Celebrity Smiles… Our 10 Favorite Male Celebrity Smiles… So did we get everybody that crossed your mind? Let us know who we may have missed in the commentary. Smiles are all that and for some of these people it has made their career.