May 07
Daenerys Targaryen

Game of Thrones is one of the hottest series on HBO right now for many reasons not limited to the intrigue, drama, acting and cinematography. One topic of discussion that always follows an episode is the motivations and actions of the beautiful, scheming women in the land. Well as you know beneath the makeup and awesome wardrobe are some extremely lovely actresses who you may or may not recognize for this very reason. Today we are highlighting the lovely women behind the queens, the Khaleesis and the maidens of Game of Thrones. As a fan of the show I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed, from the lovely Emilia Clarke (she can raise my dragon any day) to the dynamic bad-girl Lena Headey. So which one of these beauties is your favorite lads? Mine? I’m a lip man, so the curvy, pouty, bow… [Read more]

Mar 28
Slave girl Mira slicing through an enemy in Spartacus Vengeance

Don’t let the notion of a “slave girl” fool you, in Spartacus: Vengeance 2012 it is the slave girls who run the show. The three women in our gallery today are she-wolves, they fight like men, love like napalm and are as bloodthirsty as the Roman Arena. So do not think this some soft, girly skin show my boys – these gals bring the pain. In Spartacus: Vengeance, the gladiators have escaped into the hills away from Roman rule where they conduct guerrilla warfare on the legionnaires in order to free even more slaves to swell their ranks. Due to being outnumbered by their Roman masters, the men are forced to train the women to fight like they do and of all the former slave girls 3 shine like the crown of Apollo. These 3 women are: Naevia, the beloved of the mighty Gaul Crixus – played… [Read more]

Mar 09

There is no denying that one of the most beautiful and talented women ever to star in motion pictures is the immortal Sophia Loren. A Neapolitan hawte who has won more awards and knighting than anyone else I know, Sophia’s filmography is so long that your finger would start hurting from scrolling down through her various works. People look to Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor as default bombshells but forget that across the sea and still very much alive and beautiful is the queen of them all (at least to me) Sophia Loren.  The Hall of The Black Dragon wanted to remind you of this beautiful leading lady just in case you forgot. One of our favorite ladies and a timeless beauty that has done it all – gentlemen I present  to you the glorious Sophia Loren!

Oct 12

It’s amazing how monolithic women assume men’s tastes to be, so to prove a point I conducted a rather random survey of men from different walks of life to glean which celeb if any could be crowned as the prototype for any man’s lust. Would it surprise you if I said that no names were repeated by over 25 different men? In other words, I didn’t get an overwhelming vote for Natalie Portman or Halle Berry… though strangely enough more than a few men admitted that if the poll were based on “celebs we would instantly marry” Portman would be automatic. Padme has us boys in a daze I see. But this was about sexual attraction, not Natalie Portman’s intelligent, yet strangely sexy visage walking with us to the altar. So who did 7 men choose as their “sexual crush”? I think that the results… [Read more]

Sep 16

Misty Copeland is beauty and grace combined into one awesome package of ballerina. She is one of the first African American female soloists for the American Ballet Theatre and is currently touring with Prince “The Artist” in concert. If you don’t know about Misty, you have to consider the amount of drive and perseverance it takes to be a “raisin in a bowl of milk” in any venture. A world famous black NASCAR driver would not be “average”, nor would a standout black hockey player (if you’re going to invade, you have to be a spectacular invader). So to say that she was a gifted ballet prodigy that started dancing late should not shock you at all. she is very serious about her craft. Misty has won numerous awards and has a flourishing career that most of us could only wish we had. and for… [Read more]

Sep 05

I first saw Zoe on Pirates of The Caribbean as the original owner of the Black Pearl and between her and Naomie Harris I was having milk chocolate overload. Well if Zoe Saldana doesn’t already have a little tattoo saying “Carpe Diem” by now she should get one because since Pirates she has kicked down Hollywood’s door and demanded that the action audience take notice. Well we have, and while her first headliner Colombiana wasn’t the greatest story ever told in an action film, this slender lady cracking necks and blazing deadly fire was all the audience needed; girl power was in effect and Zoe was steering the ship. A Quick Look at Her Filmography Before Colombiana it was she along with a few other memorable faces that steered James Cameron’s Avatar, and having Sigourney Weaver onboard was beyond epic. She took over as Uhura… [Read more]

Aug 24

This isn’t about her booty, this is about that long face, the nothing going on upstairs glare and endless hair that is on every website (now this one too) and every magazine. For all the hate that Kim Kardashian gets, one thing that she has done to male attraction below the surface is to normalize the look of long-face pretty girls everywhere. Since the over-saturation of the Kardashian family, men have slowed down on putting the “exotic” long-faced women over as superior beauties. Case in point, the actress Janina Gavankar who plays Luna Garza in HBO’s True Blood should easily be the eye-catching hawte of the show but when I asked a fellow fan of the show what he thought of her, he echoed the same thinking that I had… “I don’t know man, she was hot for a bit but I’m over her –… [Read more]

Aug 18

Beautiful celebrities come a dime a dozen but rarely do you ever see a seasoned actress or songstress that looks just as good if not better than she did as a young woman. The following list is a tribute to the beauties that transcend age and time to remain physical idols to fans and lovers alike. We may not have gotten everybody and the list is subjective (Hall staff selections) but I am sure that there will be a few eye-openers for you as you peruse the following gallery. 20 Beautiful Celebs over 45 that are hotter than we remember… Full List of The Beauties: Halle Berry Cindy Crawford Janeane Garofalo Marisa Tomei Jami Gertz Teri Hatcher Jennifer Beals Courteney Cox Vanessa L. Williams Marcia Cross Julia Louis-Dreyfus Sade Adu Angela Bassett Holly Hunter Sharon Stone Michelle Pfeiffer Katey Sagal Ellen Barkin Jane Seymour Helen… [Read more]