Jul 11

If you’re a man that loves women and you have a pulse, you need to go ahead and set your calendar for September 22nd. Why? Well it’s when all sorts of hawte will be on ABC shooting up the screen and fogging up your glasses. No this isn’t a bait and switch but being that it’s ABC we had better show up en masse to make sure that this show stays on the air or it won’t see 5 episodes, trust me! What show? Charlie’s Angels, thats what show – this time a little less 70’s era Lily white with the inclusion of the beautiful Annie Ilonzeh as Kate. That’s if you like sweet milk chocolate, for the boys craving some bright-haired Aussie sunshine you can check out Rachael Taylor as Abby Sampson (she played the hot blonde nerd on Transformers 2), and for the… [Read more]

May 08

After seeing the “don’t hurt me bro” performance of the legendary “Sugar” Shane Mosley last night after a few taps from Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquio, fans of boxing began to get distracted by other things other than the horrible fight last night. One of the main distractions was Showtime’s cross-hairs locking in and centering on Shane Mosley’s girlfriend: the beautiful Bella Gonzalez. While it was subtle at first being that the camera scanned her stoic face as she watched her man getting owned round after round, one particular episode showed her “fire” as she gets up to yell at the ring. Her getting up showed us her (clears throat) perfection and the internet exploded with a resounding echo of “GOTDAMN! Did you see that!?” Well I would love to say that I’m above objectifying a beautiful bird, but I am not, so I went out and… [Read more]

Apr 15

Keri Hilson has posed nude for Allure magazine and her haters are going crazy on the internet about it. As you can see the shoot was very airbrushed oops I mean tasteful so it’s not as if she opened the pearly gates™ for Playboy or worse. So why all the hate? Let’s break it down to it’s bare structure and you will see that Keri can piss gold to save the economy and people will still hate her. At the core of the hate, there is the stigma of the pretty girl, that I have explained several times over on this site. Keri Hilson isn’t built like the stereotypical black woman, her singing is not as strong as the best in her genre and her songs (at least the ones I hear) aren’t exactly classics. She rides the central wave of sex-appeal and radio music… [Read more]

Mar 28

Unapproachable is a different way of saying intimidating or scary. When someone seems perfect or devoid of flaws, it makes them seem unapproachable to others who may be interested. It is also the reason why you see dorks with some of the best looking chicks and guys that probably would make great couples with these women by them themselves feeling salty and being haters. It is if the best thing a hawte can do is smile like an idiot and make dumb remarks in order for a guy to feel comfortable just to step to her. A super cultured, well dressed, well mannered, well spoken and well adjusted chick will scare guys away left and right unless he has money, power, or something else that bolsters his confidence. Usually the guys that win women like this are the ones that can step pass the initial… [Read more]

Feb 14

Today the Hall puts up Angelina Jolie as one of our favorite celebrities. It is a long time coming and something that should have been done since that category’s inception. Doing this will no doubt bring out a lot of heat for us since the “Jolie hate” seems to get bigger and bigger each year that she works on projects, acts her ass off and stays (for the most part) out of the cross-hairs of paparazzi ex-cons looking to get a payday. Many celebrities are scorned, envied and attacked by Jane Average for more reasons than one, but Jolie’s seem to be a hate bred from her over exposed connection with Hall favorite Brad Pitt and her shocking and non-vanilla past. One of the dumbest things that people lament on Angelina Jolie is the media fueled charge that she “stole” Brad Pitt. Let’s define theft… [Read more]

Jan 11

I still am willing to put money on the fact that Kelly Rowland has some of the sexiest pair of lips in Hollywood next to the other two celebrity gals that I sweat so hard (Angelina Jolie and Meagan Good). Recently Kelly took a trip out to Atlanta to shoot with Robert Ector and the result is visual eye-candy that you can snack on below (the last 4 images are a flashback to what Kelly used to look like, for you people running comparison checks. If you think Kelly’s beautiful then why not give her a thumbs up on The Top 100 and urge her rank towards the top. God knows more Kelly cannot be a bad thing!

Jan 06

She has perfect skin, no flaws… wait, maybe a mole in the right place surrounded by blurred tones, continuous color and her jaw is flawless like a Barbie doll’s. The eyes are like exotic glass (even when they are brown), you can see deep detail in each orb and then the lips “la boca!”, they appear soft, succulent and healthy. Her body has no marks, no flaws, it’s as if she was born into adulthood and skipped the playground tumbles and accidental bumps that us normal humans encounter… Who is this creature of unearthly perfection, you may ask? This ladies and gentlemen, is your magazine, website and television (pre-HD) beauty, it’s all a big freaking lie and we still love it. As an artist the above description fits in well with the way I used to draw my fantasy women, I would draw with an… [Read more]

Sep 20

Women hate the 10 point scale that men apply to their looks, they absolutely do. But here’s the thing ladies, it isn’t going anywhere because we guys are simple and it places a simple answer to a complex question. A question that is often asked whenever someone describes a woman that they want to convey as attractive ie: “man this girl is BAD, hot as hell, a straight up 9, I’ll go as far as giving her a 10 because she’s nice too”. This in man language translates to “I am temporarily stunned by this woman’s beauty and I want you to be as stunned as I am so that you are impressed that I have a chance with her.” Normally when we see the chick she’s like a 7, or an 8, cute as a button but not exactly our flavor (most men have… [Read more]