Nov 01

“Hot damn hoe, here we go again.” – MC Lyte When Jay-Z learned that Cristal Wine didn’t have black people in their best interests, he quickly dropped them and let it be known publically that he no longer supported them. Now that Barneys New York is under investigation, his silence suddenly makes him labeled as the biggest coon in the world to Black America.  Why do people think that because Jay-Z is black and ridiculously rich, that he will turn into Jesse Jackson overnight? Go ahead and mull that over while I sit here shaking my head. For years upon years Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter has given us the raw facts about who he is. We all know who Jay-Z is; he is a hustler, survivor, and one of the luckiest men on earth with a great portfolio, successful wife and a beautiful baby daughter. Jay-Z has never… [Read more]

Oct 30

I once had a friend of mine (white person) ask me if it would bother me if they showed up to a party in some brown paint to complete their ensemble for a black character they loved and wanted to be for Halloween. I asked them why couldn’t they just be the character without the offensive, extra detail. That was the end of the conversation. I think now of how I would portray a character like Tony Stark the Iron Man, one of the main Marvel Super Heroes that I loved and adored as a kid. I would get my mustache right, grow a junior ‘fro and then carry around a glass of liquor while wearing a glowing arc-reactor under my shirt. No time during my imagination of myself as Stark do I picture myself in the mirror with some makeup, going white to complete… [Read more]

Jul 16

It’s Time to Change the Conversation It seems like every time I turn on the television, radio, or even open up my home page on the internet, it’s all about Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman these days. Even more specifically, I’m finding that a lot of people are taking this tragedy and turning it into a conversation about race relations in America. What would have happened if Trayvon Martin was the one with the gun and Zimmerman was killed while unarmed? Would the verdict have been different? While all of this is great to debate, we keep getting away from the real issue at hand. This case was not about race. This case was about profiling. George Zimmerman profiled a boy dressed like what he thought was a “thug” and took the issue into his own hands. …the media conveniently made up a new race… [Read more]

Jun 10
Black Male Mentorship

Although efforts to ameliorate the lives of young Black males have been primarily led by adults, it’s time tap into the power of having young Black males to mentor other young Black males. In my experience working with and mentoring young Black middle to college males from across the nation, I have found that giving Black males around the same age the opportunity to support one another delivers impressive results. While many adults may not be ready to begin to think about partnering with the youth to improve mentoring efforts, they will find that numerous young people will be willing to listen to other young people much more than they will be willing to listen to adults. In no way am I suggesting that Black adults should turn the important task of mentoring Black male youths completely over to young Black males; however, I posit… [Read more]

Jun 04

Can you imagine a company that has no respect or want for your craft and you only learn about this after you’ve earned them millions of dollars through promotion? I can’t imagine it but Hip-Hop music has been burned so many times by this narrative that  you would have to wonder at the intelligence of the artists who do it. The latest fallout before Hip-Hop’s reeducation was probably the Cristal wine boycott issued by Jay-Z after years of it being the unofficial, over-priced wine of the Hip-Hop crowd. after the managing director of  Louis Roederer answered a question in The Escapist magazine about rappers drinking Cristal, Jay-Z responded and put a stop to anymore rappers referring to the wine in their lyrics and buying it up in any clubs: “It has come to my attention that the managing director of Cristal, Frederic Rouzaud views the… [Read more]

May 28

Recently friend of the site and fellow “Man of Honor” Darryl Frierson of penned an article on the losers (my word) who had something to say about the charitable contributions of Andre “Dr. Dre” Young and Kevin Durant. People were upset at Dr. Dre for donating 35 Million dollars to the University of Southern California (USC) instead of (insert random HBCU here) and mad at Kevin Durant for “not giving enough” to Oklahoma City for the tornado disaster. In my school (and obviously the same school that Darryl was raised in) you stay out of another man’s pockets unless you yourself are doing something. Too often in our Twitter age do we take on this guise that Celebrities are non-people who must bend to the demands of the hive. It becomes frustrating for everyone involved and it becomes especially disgusting when it’s a charity that… [Read more]

May 01

When a man thinks that you’re beautiful and asks you to smile, he probably does not intend it to be a full frontal assault on everything feminist and right in the world. You would think that this was a non-issue but recently there has been a backlash against men asking women to smile… I assume the word patriarchy fits in the logic somewhere but it eludes me.  Ladies of the Hall… Does it bother you when men ask you to smile? Well apparently for a large section of female bloggerdom it actually does. So what does this mean for the men who ask of smiles to compliment or break the ice with pretty ladies? Probably nothing, but I’m a sucker for punishment so let’s look into the deeper problem with this question. “women want us to answer for the sins of our brothers” What bothers… [Read more]

Apr 03

Our generation of men has possibly become the torch bearers for the bachelor way of life. Our emotions regarding relationships are not excessively unfavorable or even optimistic since we view marriage as one of a couple living options in the future. For many years in this country, women were treated like 2nd class citizens; they weren’t allowed to leave their parent’s houses until they were married and to get married they had to be courted. Women had to rely on a husband to take care of the finances while she took care of the children and home. Well now times have changed and many women are making just as much or more than men. Women no longer need a man to survive People can take care of themselves now and don’t need to partner up with someone to get through the tough times. This has led to… [Read more]