Apr 19

Seriously Black people, we’re all over Moscato now? I don’t want you to call the Drop Squad on me but I need to ask, is wine new to us? I mean, it’s really bad when I see black bloggers touting the dessert wine Moscato as if it’s some top shelf miracle drink that goes well with any meal. One would think that with the wonderful search that Google and Yahoo provides one could simply look up a drink before touting it but day after day after day since that soft rapper Drake mentioned it more black folks are embracing this wine. Look I know that it’s nothing new, we have gone down this road a million times before and just like before it smacks of ignorance and the willingness to take a rapper’s word on anything. I respect Jay-Z but I have never been inclined… [Read more]

Feb 06

I am about tired of these commercials, not because of the underlying clueless racism in them, but the fact that they are tired and very late to the party. Last year (2010) it was open season on black women as blogs and the media took to task the “solving” of the black woman’s single problem. Every single day on “black blogs” there was post after post bemoaning the plight of these women in their single-hood, while an underlying and sometimes well hidden insult was  being ushered against the black male. This was black people attacking black people about a problem that isn’t exclusively black – but let them tell it. From the war that ensued between the successful  but single women and the “relationship experts” who chose to capitalize on it their rose the image of the bitter black bitch. Who is The Bitter Black… [Read more]

Nov 11

As if his initial book “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” was not bad enough, Steve Harvey is writing yet another book on relationships.  The worst part about this is when you go to Amazon.com the book has a four star rating, people are actually hood winked into thinking his advice is something new.  The man is basically peddling common sense information (that should be followed by either gender) as if he’s hitting on some unknown deep topic.  All of the information Harvey is spewing is freely available on the internet at any of a dozen websites, and there are countless web forums where experts will answer your relationship questions for free. The quotes from Harvey about his new book are hilarious: “I go so deep into the mindset of men, and how we operate and function, and I give women real things… [Read more]

Jun 08

There is a social dilemma in the black community, brought to light by blogs, news stories and opportunistic authors looking for sales. The dilemma is an ongoing meme that there are no black men for black women and that the women themselves are practically unlovable with the bad attitudes and high expectations of the professional thug/ ball player who stands over 6ft tall and can blow her back out with his super penis while keeping her draped in diamonds with his super bank account. This stereotype is there for a reason (bare with me), it is constructed from many experiences with the wrong kind of black woman and has made itself the avatar of what a black woman in the dating world is. Who are these women, and why are they so bad? Most of us men go for ass over class, looks over books… [Read more]