Mar 30

One of the biggest problems that I had in the work force was that of dealing with people who made the office their life. These people would make work a living hell when they involved themselves in all sorts of drama that may or may not involve you but either way you’d have to hear it. These people had forgotten why they went out to seek a job in the first place. In order to keep your sanity you want to separate yourself from people like this in terms of their mentality and their outlook on the job. Recently, when I went back into the workforce, I found myself getting worked up over annoying issues like having to repeat my work several times over due to decisions being made after a project had started rather than before. The types of things that are normally sorted… [Read more]

Mar 17

For every plan, for every idea, and for every invention, there is a hater in the shadows telling you that you shouldn’t do it because it’s been done a million times before. I’ve heard this same feedback about sites that I’ve created, about ideas that I have come up with and about articles that I’ve written. These people aren’t adding anything towards the discourse, they aren’t helping you out, they are are not even trying to motivate you with formulating a replacement idea if need be. They just want to tell you not to try. It is very important that you tune these people out or just get them out of your life, period. When someone gives you that kind of feedback then you probably don’t need to go back to them for advice about anything. These people drain your creative juices, they are parasites… [Read more]

Mar 07

Recently I joined a bunch of friends in starting an intramural flag football team. We’ve been playing for some weeks now and I’ve started to notice a strange parallel between an intramural team and starting a small business with partners. The parallel is so solid that it’s almost scary, because like an intramural team everyone goes into a business with big thoughts, big plans and they see the end goal moreso than they see the reality of what it will take to get that end goal. When you join an intramural team you start to reminisce on being 18 or 21 years old and in the best shape of your life: rebounding hard, jumping to catch passes, falling and tumbling without regard to your body, knowing that injuries will heal no matter what. Yet when you go out there as an older man and you… [Read more]

Feb 11

Judging people based on their job title is a pretty worthless bit of discrimination. I have grown to really despise the act of doing so to where sometimes I begin judging the person negatively who questioned the janitor’s intelligence just because he’s a janitor. I became annoyed with this line of thinking after knowing the “Janitors” who are financially set, have stock options and manage their money properly across from the big bad Director of the company who is living check to check and on an AMSCOT rotation monthly. A job is a job. You can slap a fancy word like “career” on there and assume that your weekly Happy Hour visits with Gayle from Marketing makes you “successful” but at the end of the day you and the Admin that you were poking fun of is dancing for a boss in order to afford… [Read more]

Feb 09

From the day that we step foot into our sophomore, junior and senior year of high school, most of the adults around us start telling us how important it is to get into college so that we can get that job with “good” benefits. It’s almost as if the benefits are the goal, not just the good job. However, more often than not, when the goal is reached, a lot of people make the mistake where they do not take the time to figure out what their benefits packages have to offer until they need them.  Because I happen to work in the benefits industry, I see first hand the impact that not knowing your benefits can have on your pockets. The following are certain questions that need to be asked and information that should be gathered prior to the day that you need them… [Read more]

Feb 08

“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” – Abraham Lincoln Why is it that we applaud the efforts of musicians who “woodshed” for hours to master their instrument or athletes who wake up to ingest supplements, work out and drive their bodies to the brink of failure, yet dismiss the businessmen who stay after hours to help out a customer or sacrifice a vacation in order to put the company back in the black?  Now don’t get me wrong, I mean the guys who are “minding their own business” not the loyal employee who breaks his back for little to no reward… there are enough overworked, broke and unappreciated corporate slaves out there to warrant 100 articles. Why is the entrepreneur such an unheralded icon in our society today? Do you realize that our ancestors all… [Read more]

Feb 02

One of the things that separates a professional looking website/blog from an an amateur experiment (as it were) is the aspect of squashed images. Well designed and coded blogs or websites do not squish their images – observe this image below for what I’m talking about! Images done like this is either a result of poorly designed PHP pages or a failed attempt at getting an image that is beyond the boundaries of a specific size within that size. Images should not just be re-sized, they should be cropped in order to fit in specific spaces. This takes out the need to squish them either horizontally or vertically and makes for a nice professional look no matter your site design. Although I know this isn’t something that most people notice or have a problem with, the fact of the matter is it still comes off… [Read more]

Dec 29

Discussion is worthless if there is no awareness raised, no solutions offered and no steps taken afterwards. It’s for this reason why I dislike many corporate meetings and phone conferences. Oft-time someone is given a soapbox, a microphone and us (their audience) to defecate information orally that we’ve already heard before, know all too well, or have spoken about it a week before. This is the way I feel about blog articles that I come across daily, many aren’t asking questions, they aren’t offering solutions, they aren’t saying anything new… they are just… talking. This year was a good example of this in the blogosphere as people all ran the same topics week to week without any offerings. One especially tired one was of the single black woman and her quest for marriage. Some writers (myself included), offered up solutions to winning guys like myself… [Read more]