Sep 27

A true hustler is born not made, sometimes the hustle is within but it lays dormant, asleep and unseen. It may take a life-changing experience, meeting the right mentor or even education to wake up the hustle, but once it’s awake other hustlers will recognize it. To this reasoning I do not take people seriously that are “pretend hustlers” or “big game talkers”. These guys are everywhere and make up a majority of people you meet at mixers, business meetings and (clears throat) “grown folks night”. Recently it came to my attention that a certain sect of successful women are recruiting these guys for their husbands and then trying to make hustlers out of them. These women have the game backwards, you support the hustle, you don’t invent it! A hustler on the come-up for some real cash flow is normally a busy, focused guy…. [Read more]

Sep 02

Before I begin, let’s review the definition of two terms I have been toying with, just to be sure I am choosing the most appropriate one to capture the analysis of some “explanations” I have had to respond to over time. So keep in mind the following definitions, and just to let you know, I have decided to go with “Creative Thinking” as the reason grown-ups say the darnedest things! Critical Thinking: The mental process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information to reach an answer or conclusion. Creative Thinking: The ability to create. Now, I was intrigued that 20 words were used to define “critical thinking”, not once repeating the word “critical”. Yet creative thinking called for economy of words (4 to be exact), and included the verb of the word in question “creative”. The interesting thing is that one… [Read more]

Aug 12

Ambition: The desire and motivation to succeed. It’s a beautiful word. Everyone considers themselves to be ambitious but very few actually are. It’s a word used at school to get into College, then into a University and after “Higher Education” – to land oneself a (preferably) graduate job. Okay, so a person goes through that and after graduating with a fabulous degree ends up in a menial job. The relevance of the degree is lost or wasn’t worth doing in the first place. Imaginations run wild most times yet I’ve noticed one thing among many people. A lack of ambition. Ambition encompasses drive, determination, willpower and motivation. A bit like a 4 in 1 Shampoo (I’m hoping for this note’s sake-it exists!). It is what will carry a person to reach a goal that has been set and visualized by the mind’s eye. People often… [Read more]

Aug 04

“There is always an option, quitting being one of them” Jobs expect you to live check to check, they don’t expect you to be doing well with money. If you are doing well with money they know that if your work situation gets too hot, you have an easy way out. You aren’t lock into the job like everyone else and they cannot read you or keep you locked down and a menial salary. Actually when you are financially set with ambiguous income streams, your boss who knows this will be more likely to play ball when it comes to raises and promotions. A dangerous employee is an employee with options. This is the case if your boss is the standard guy that is using you as a “necessary evil”. Most people play into his hands because they live check to check. They whine but… [Read more]

Jul 28

“You are FIRED!” The only permanent fixture in any company structure is the man who runs the business ie: the big cheese. If you are a lowly employee, no matter your position, you are expendable. If there is anything you take away from this article, take this one with you – YOU ARE EXPENDABLE. I know this crushes your inner feelings of “safety” and “security” but the moment you forget this fact, you will find yourself assed out if they decide to let you go. People fool themselves into thinking that their worth is beyond what it really is. Sure your boss can’t do his accounting, he doesn’t know any of the clients and you are the go-to person for all of the major accounts. Sure you’ve created the workflow and built the business into what it is now, but here’s the thing – if… [Read more]

Jul 21

“You are a necessary evil” There is nothing more pathetic than a non-enterprising workaholic. Business owners love these individuals and everybody thinks they’re crazy… except them. Many times people grind out the unpaid hours and negate their personal life in order to file those last forms and run themselves into the ground, breaking only when the boss tells them to do so. While people who do this will benefit if their company has shown evidence of rewarding the hard-working. The fact of the matter is most companies will burn them out and toss them away as soon as realize that they can pay two newbies half what you’re making and still profit. Show Me The Money If you are clueless to the procedure of Employer/Employee relationships, the basic structure is this: Create the illusion of ascension for the worker bee Pay worker bee just enough… [Read more]

Jun 28

Men, step up and claim your women. Is it me or do we have a sort of retreat by men as a whole when it comes to the more alpha type women? If we see the assets blooming, the bank account full and her attitude solid, we slink away assuming she’s a bitch with an agenda. I need to know when was it that our balls started shrinking and moving north up into our stomachs. When did it become an unwanted challenge to slay a Dragon, cut down other knights and climb a tower in order to claim a buxom babe as ours. Why are we afraid of a career woman with a little bit of attitude? Doesn’t the reward far outweigh the hassle once the shields have dropped, the thighs have parted and you share in the pleasures of partnership and romance? I know… [Read more]

Jun 10

13 Principles for having fun without the tricks! For this article I would like to thank the rest of the “Vegas Losers” for their invaluable input in writing this guide. Combined myself and the boys have over 40 years of Strip Club experience so do not fear we give advice from reality not theory. This guide is meant to be for the newcomers to the Strip Club experience, following our lead will allow you to have fun without being tricked out your check. Remember, it’s only dirty if you let your girlfriend talk you into believing it is, but like everything else you must abide by the code. Don’t bring your debit card inside. Never go to a Strip Club drunk without supervision Get over yourself, strippers don’t find you sexy. It’s their job to flirt and make you feel good enough to buy a… [Read more]