May 27

If you want to get better with your financial situation it is futile to ask a peer for advice if you aren’t prepared to break your history of bad learning and bad habits. Many times my high consumption friends will ask my advice on monetary things and I hesitate to help due to the fact that I know they aren’t prepared to accept what I tell them. It’s very simple really, but it requires the one thing that people of my generation hate doing – reading and paying attention. The secret to financial freedom lies within many a book but it stays elusive due to the fact that people would rather watch something versus reading it. Here’s the thing about watching – the same authors who offer invaluable advice for little to nothing in their books are going to gouge you for being lazy. What… [Read more]

May 06

I think the most frustrating thing about being an enterprising individual or entrepreneur is the loneliness. While you may have the support of friends and loved ones, nobody understands anything unless they are doing things like you are or have done things in the past. They don’t understand what it is you do or how you make money for it, they don’t understand your obsession with the ROI (Return on Investment) and they either think you have more money than god, or that your grind shows that you have too much time on your hands. Either way, the pats on the back are there and the bragging that “you are doing something”, but at the end of the day it falls hollow because they simply cannot fathom what it is you are going through. For this it is a lonely world for any of us… [Read more]

Apr 19

Ever so often a phrase or cliché is brought into circulation that people love to chirp as if they live by it as their raison d’etre. The phrases either originate from a public speaker, a guru of some sort or a song (Jay-Z is good for creating nice one-liners). Phrases such as “30 is the new 20”, or “Work smart not hard” number the many that pop up to result in me rolling my eyes, but none bugs the hell out of me more than “fake it till you make it”. This phrase, while true of hardcore, ambitious people who act and dress the part of the wealthy, is not a reality for most who utter it. People like this live large the days after payday, they stay up on the latest and greatest and they scoff at those who don’t keep pace with their… [Read more]

Apr 05

Shoes show that you understand the concept of completeness. Any clown can buy an expensive suit and a silk tie. But a man’s ability to pick the right shoes to match his suit shows he isn’t a peasant, and knows what he’s doing. – Momo Women will look at your shoes automatically because they are wired that way – we look at the rack, they look at our shoes, it’s just a fact. Having grown used to hearing the words “oooh her shoes are cute!” from the woman, I realize that women keep their eyes south when checking out our gear. It comes from the attention they pay to their own shoes, having tons of them, always looking for them and seeing who is wearing them. It’s like being a logo designer, you do it so much that you can’t eat, drink or drive by… [Read more]

Sep 23

Recently I was involved in an email discussion with some good friends in regards to two new albums being released: The Blueprint 3 by Jay-Z and Only Built 4 Cuban Links 2 by Raekwon Da Chef and Ghostface Killa. What started out as a funny moment of reminiscing (being that we all at one time had been engrossed fully into the Hip Hop culture) degenerated into a bout of ageism and elitism. Some of them had apparently outgrown Hip Hop, here is a quote from one of my more successful, respected and intellectual friends: “I’d only share that the majority of hip hop music (both now and in the “golden age” too) rang empty to me once I personally matured to an extent.  The musical celebration of themes like misogyny, substance abuse, drug trafficking, gunplay, misogyny, homophobia, pride in incarceration, satisfaction with poverty, misdirected territorialism… [Read more]

Sep 22

There are many vices that people use to make the lull of their everyday lifestyle have a sort of purpose. Some people choose religion and make sure that at the root of their efforts they do what is best for their chosen church. Others lean on family, that is their drive, and it is what makes the lull all the more liveable. But as a whole, I think the biggest vice to living the lives we do, is the cliché. People ue clichés unconsciously as if it is an ironclad law for life and the way we live it. Parents say “eat your food, there are starving kids in Africa”, as if to guilt a child into not wasting food – which wrongly asserts that the consumption of it all would do the starving kids one better than if it was left uneaten. Then as… [Read more]

Sep 13

“Thinking about boycotting the NFL until they stop allowing thugs to play in it. I mean if you are an attorney and you commit a crime you go to jail + get dis-barred, why are murders and dog killers allowed to make 6 mil a year? Aren’t there like at least 5 current players in the NFL who have like literally killed people?” This sentiment seems to exist in much of the public, and I believe people have this sentiment because they make the common mistake of comparing sports to an everyday job.  To use a cliche, this is like comparing apples to oranges, you can’t compare sports to being an accountant, the environments are so far apart there is no way you can make that comparison.  Let me start by saying that I don’t believe killing someone is right, or fighting dogs and other… [Read more]

Jun 29

In the Gym today I ran into my good friend Brian and exchanged the usually pleasantries that we normally did “how are you, how is your family” etc. etc. and I was shocked when he answered negatively to the family portion by saying that he no longer talks to half of them. This was quite disheartening since I know his family… but before he could tell me the reason I knew what it was already. Brian is an entrepreneur who always did odd jobs whilst balancing his business in order to keep the money flowing north. He was suffering from an ailment that many people go through but keep quiet about. Talk to any guy with money and he has a story about a friend, loved one or family member who has started dissing him over money. When we are raised with the monicker “money… [Read more]