Apr 05

Shoes show that you understand the concept of completeness. Any clown can buy an expensive suit and a silk tie. But a man’s ability to pick the right shoes to match his suit shows he isn’t a peasant, and knows what he’s doing. – Momo Women will look at your shoes automatically because they are wired that way – we look at the rack, they look at our shoes, it’s just a fact. Having grown used to hearing the words “oooh her shoes are cute!” from the woman, I realize that women keep their eyes south when checking out our gear. It comes from the attention they pay to their own shoes, having tons of them, always looking for them and seeing who is wearing them. It’s like being a logo designer, you do it so much that you can’t eat, drink or drive by… [Read more]

Mar 24

This video is very old, but the point still needs to be driven home so that those of you who absolutely don’t get it will. Rap music is entertainment, it’s entertainment that has grown out of the urban outcast streets to the popular mainstream media. With the growth and changes in Hip Hop from black conscious lyrics to money bragging, there has always been an argument of whether someone was real or not. While the mature people who love the art-form can easily separate the abstract from the reality, many impressionable people believe or want to believe that whatever is said is fact by these guys. We can accept that Sylvester Stallone is an actor who really hasn’t shot up hundreds of enemies but when we hear that Rick Ross isn’t the drug lord of Miami we cry foul. In the second video below, Malice… [Read more]

Mar 18

Once in awhile I’ll get an invite to a social mix-and-mingle type event. The goal of course is to provide a nice, friendly atmosphere to talk business with yuppies over drinks. Going into these things I automatically know that I’ll be wasting my time. A fine example of the time waste is the iPhone craze that occurred during the latter half of the 2000’s. During this iPhone craze, I had many people coming up to me saying “Hey, Greg, let’s make an iPhone app.” I knew that I was meant to be the one doing the coding since these people coming up to me weren’t coders,  and would not want to do it even if they could. So you probably think, if I’m the creator, then they’ll provide the ideas, right? So I ask “What’s your idea?” “Oh, I don’t know. Do you have any?”… [Read more]

Feb 02
Business Network Meetings are Worthless

Now, if it’s one thing that you learn early on in business, it’s that there are people that walk the walk and those that talk the talk. The talkers are many and the walkers are few and far between. Mostly, what you get is a ton of wannabes and posers. Now, these wannabes and posers, they will congregate, make themselves feel good, and share ideas that hardly ever go anywhere. A lot of these ideas are very unoriginal or aren’t very good. I like to use an analogy for them, I call them spinning tops, if you’ve ever seen a top when you pull it’s string, it’ll set in and spin, and spin, and spin. You could pull the string harder or faster but the most it’ll do is just spin faster without really going anywhere. Now, if you manage to tip that top over,… [Read more]

Jan 19

Ever felt like Atlas the Titan bearing the weight of the world on your shoulders? Sure you have, we’ve all been there at one point or another. Last year was probably one of the worst years any of us will ever experience in terms of large-scale issues (not those standard personal ones) and for me it was no different. The Hall of The Black Dragon was one of the only positives going for me in 2009 since business yielded more than a few unpaid invoices and an occasional rip-off artist here and there. The money flowed south but I found my stability through writing and of course maintaining this beautiful site. We were lucky to get a few friends on-board, namely Nia Syrah and Niambi Dawn to add a female perspective to our testosterone laced opinions, Beauty and the Eats told us which restaurants were… [Read more]

Oct 13

Years ago I was asked the age old question “what type of man do you want to marry?”, and I, at the time being on level one – the fantasy girl – in my single woman plight, would rattle off about 10 “must haves” on a list that only Superman can live up to.  The list was very specific about his personality, but the man having a hefty paycheck was never mentioned.  My friends were always critical of this issue and I often wondered what was better, the age old saying “it’s better to have loved and lost” or the fact that they were losing men constantly but walking away with parting gifts. Recently I had a discussion with a close friend of mine about the fact it seems that people who tied the knot way back when are now going through, or already went… [Read more]

Sep 23

Recently I was involved in an email discussion with some good friends in regards to two new albums being released: The Blueprint 3 by Jay-Z and Only Built 4 Cuban Links 2 by Raekwon Da Chef and Ghostface Killa. What started out as a funny moment of reminiscing (being that we all at one time had been engrossed fully into the Hip Hop culture) degenerated into a bout of ageism and elitism. Some of them had apparently outgrown Hip Hop, here is a quote from one of my more successful, respected and intellectual friends: “I’d only share that the majority of hip hop music (both now and in the “golden age” too) rang empty to me once I personally matured to an extent.  The musical celebration of themes like misogyny, substance abuse, drug trafficking, gunplay, misogyny, homophobia, pride in incarceration, satisfaction with poverty, misdirected territorialism… [Read more]

Sep 22

There are many vices that people use to make the lull of their everyday lifestyle have a sort of purpose. Some people choose religion and make sure that at the root of their efforts they do what is best for their chosen church. Others lean on family, that is their drive, and it is what makes the lull all the more liveable. But as a whole, I think the biggest vice to living the lives we do, is the cliché. People ue clichés unconsciously as if it is an ironclad law for life and the way we live it. Parents say “eat your food, there are starving kids in Africa”, as if to guilt a child into not wasting food – which wrongly asserts that the consumption of it all would do the starving kids one better than if it was left uneaten. Then as… [Read more]