Sep 10

Sometimes the workforce turns us into animated objects so hell bent on reaching our individual goals that a fatal collision is unavoidable. It took me many years of working in the corporate environment to realize how very similar we people are to the cars in my morning commute. How similar you may ask? Damn similar. Let us observe the similarities between people at work and the morning drive. The “Good” Driver If the job was a highway filled with vehicles then the people who work there are the cars. Most workers are standard, they come in when they are supposed to (mostly a little late), and they leave when their shift is up (mostly a little early). Every year they look for a raise and to get them to leave their position is like pulling teeth. These are the cars that travel at speed limit…. [Read more]

Aug 19

Boss man got you down? Clients playing the part of Victorian slave owners? Well we know that work sucks and you would much rather be golfing but is it all bad? Work brings you money, and money buys things that can potentially make you happy, plus being employed impresses people… right? So we are stuck working—at least those of us who need to work—so why not make it tolerable? The following list is my 10 tips for relieving work-related stress. I have found that the main cause of stressing over work is our inability to detach, keep things in perspective, and not take it personally. The way to accomplish these things is to find ways to relax, put your mind on something else, and set boundaries between your home life and your job. 1. Happy Hour If you are a social butterfly then there is… [Read more]

Jul 31

By the time I was a High School senior with aspirations for college, I had already changed my career path several times. Being into military things and watching way too many movies like Iron Eagle and Top Gun , I originally wanted to be an officer and a fighter pilot; this was squelched when someone convinced me that my height would be an issue for flying jets. Prior to High School I wanted to pursue a medical path, and then there was my Architect phase. Looking back at all of these changes, much of my influence came from talking to the wrong people about my career path and it made me enter into a University system unsure of what it was that I wanted to be when I grew up. Like many of you younger people reading I assumed that a career was something you took… [Read more]

Jul 17

When it comes to teaching children about saving money, many parents assume that a good talking-to will be enough to set little Vinny or Mary on the path of financial freedom. Children are visual and imaginative so oft times the things that you are doing in your life can lead to them following or rejecting the notion based on whether or not they see you as a hypocrite. Another mistake that I see happen is when a doting parent will cut a child off cold turkey from the allowances and easy money in order to try and teach them financial education when they are already 16-17 years old. I would advise parents to instill a sense of spending moderation, rainy-day fund saving, and goal setting within a child before he/she is old enough to drive. The following are a number of tips that I know… [Read more]

Jul 04

Freelancing is an excellent way to supplement one’s income if you feel that extra money is needed. The drawback to being a freelancer however is that very little is given in the way of advice to a new person looking to venture into it. To freelance is to hustle and to hustle is to put money first and the craft 2nd. This one truth is where many falter – especially creatives – when it comes to being good freelancers. People get addicted to undercutting the competition—when the competition is already below market rate—and they get attached to their work to the point where it’s hard to relinquish ownership. If you are new to freelancing, or being an entrepreneur, here are a few directives on how to make money and things to keep in mind before starting: Creatives Are Seen As Artists To the typical client… [Read more]

Jun 25

In College I played a lot of billiards (understatement) and got the chance to meet many people from different backgrounds. One the people that I met was a man… let’s just call him Mike for the sake of this article. Mike was talked about quite a bit for his cocky attitude and marvelous skills with a cue stick.  Having grown up playing the game Mike understood the art of English, angles and stroking a cue in a way that us late-bloomers could not begin to fathom. Well what does this have to do with finances? Well there was a day when Mike faced off against a wannabe hustler who thought he was good and the battle reminded me of the way people are with money. When Money Is Reflected In A Game of Pool… So Mike and the hustler faced off and the difference in… [Read more]

Jun 18

Many people want to wear the “hustler” label because it sounds cool and all of the ex-drug dealers who rap are making it out to be the essence of manhood. The truth of the matter is that many so-called hustlers (especially self-proclaimed hustlers) are just wannabes, busy-bodies, or small time businessmen who hustle backwards. To be a hustler you have to do exactly what the definition says – you have to be “about it”, on your game, and seize the moment whenever it presents itself. hus.tle (hus.tled | hus. tling): a : to obtain by energetic activity <hustle up new customers> b : to sell something to or obtain something from by energetic and especially underhanded activity <hustling the suckers> c : to sell or promote energetically and aggressively<hustling a new product> d : to lure less skillful players into competing against oneself at (a… [Read more]

Jun 12

Most people when entering the job market are ignorant as to what job or career they should pursue, they hear from parents and teachers that careers are chosen either for money or for passion. The problem with the passion approach however, is that it does not always mean success. It’s like anything else; you may be passionate about swimming, but this does not mean you will end up getting sponsorships like Michael Phelps. In addition to this reality – do you want to risk the chance at becoming frustrated or tired of your passion if it winds up being long hours for little to no reward? It is quite normal to have some difficulty in deciding one’s path career-wise, many people who rush it, or do what they believe to be their calling choose the wrong career. We have found that the best way to… [Read more]