Jun 05

The difference is quite simple. The rich invest in assets. The poor invest in liabilities THAT THEY THINK ARE ASSETS. Most people haven’t studied Economics (I sure haven’t!) and most do not hold a Finance degree. And not everyone is an accountant or a lawyer, so herein lies the problem. People do NOT understand what assets are and what a liability is. People think assets are something that makes them look good and that liabilities are something that can kill you. They aren’t too far off on the liability section but WAY off on the asset dept.  Let’s take a closer look, shall we? An asset puts money into your pockets There are ONLY 5 types of Assets in the world. A business/businesses that a person owns Commodities, such as gold and silver Intellectual property such as books, games, coaching programs Real Estate, whether investing… [Read more]

Jun 04

Can you imagine a company that has no respect or want for your craft and you only learn about this after you’ve earned them millions of dollars through promotion? I can’t imagine it but Hip-Hop music has been burned so many times by this narrative that  you would have to wonder at the intelligence of the artists who do it. The latest fallout before Hip-Hop’s reeducation was probably the Cristal wine boycott issued by Jay-Z after years of it being the unofficial, over-priced wine of the Hip-Hop crowd. after the managing director of  Louis Roederer answered a question in The Escapist magazine about rappers drinking Cristal, Jay-Z responded and put a stop to anymore rappers referring to the wine in their lyrics and buying it up in any clubs: “It has come to my attention that the managing director of Cristal, Frederic Rouzaud views the… [Read more]

May 23

Have you ever dated someone who treated you like garbage, disrespected you or took advantage of your goodness? Well for those who have it probably becomes a guilty pleasure to see life’s karma destroy their lives while you continue to be rewarded for them being out of your life. Sometimes it’s a situation where you were the good battery that fueled their life and they cheated on you, you split, and now their life is in shambles. It will feel extremely guilty or evil to relish in the fact that you were the one that got away. You scan their old business website to see that it’s down, you notice that they have disappeared and then one day you see a picture and they are out of shape, old, or pregnant. No matter who you are there is a certain pleasure in this isn’t there? You naughty,… [Read more]

Apr 01

What are the obstacles of dating as an entrepreneur? Well we like to talk about business and money a bit too much (boring on dates), we don’t work regular hours (24/7), and we are owned by our phones and email. The best answer to starting with a woman in this scenario is to either find one who is as busy as you are; find someone who has the patience of a monk; or find someone who lives out of town. You’re probably thinking “out of town! Are you crazy? That seems like it would be worse!” Well based on my life, I can say that it is very doable and while my girl is a super woman in both tolerance and patience, I don’t see why the things that she and I did to make it work should not help you baby moguls out in… [Read more]

Mar 19

It is hard to navigate the internet sea without causing a few waves in the wrong direction. I have written articles that have been targeted at establishments, people, and situations – caring nothing of the backlash it may cause when they do read it (and they always seem to find it). One thing I have been trying to steer clear of is the targeting of people who will never read the Hall. I see it happening on some of my favorite blogs and it leads to exhausting commentating where all the haves pick apart the have-nots who aren’t present to retort. Take for instance the whole good girl liking bad boys thing – most thugs aren’t educated so the words aimed at them to improve their situation only falls on the eyes of the good guys who hate them. Think about that, what purpose does a teaching moment have… [Read more]

Mar 08

When the Applebees incident with Pastor Alois Bell occurred it sparked a lot of discussion on restaurants, servers and tips. One thing is for sure about this topic is that it’s a very subjective one unless you query people who work as waiters themselves. People who haven’t will have their assumptions but the following list of 25 things are some facts that you may or may not be aware of. Servers hope that you ask for separate checks BEFORE you order. Waiters and Waitresses like you to use their name once they tell you. If you’re Asian, black, or over 50 they don’t expect you to tip well or tip at all. Over-tipping will not change this attitude… it will only “other” you. If you have an accent they don’t expect you to tip well or tip at all. When your food is slow it… [Read more]

Feb 07

It seems like every other day there is some new blog popping up by someone who still lives at home (or is heavily supported from home) about how hate for working for someone else is the reason why they’re self-employed. This is such a fallacy on the subject of entrepreneurship that I felt the need to clear things up. First of all having a want to remove yourself from the endless routine of making your boss rich, while paying inflated taxes and living check to check is a good thing – so don’t get me wrong. Recognizing that it will take you down a path where you will work 3-5 times harder than your peers, worry more than they do about your future  and have an easier chance of winding up on the streets is something that shouldn’t be ignored. Ask anyone who has never… [Read more]

Dec 19
female entrepreneur

Write it down In this age of Smart Phones there is never a good enough reason for you not to record your thoughts on a notepad app or an actual notepad itself. Even if you have no other notes you should write your idea down, title it, and keep it handy for the times when you are able to expound upon it. Try not to let the obvious obstacles like money, time or resources hold you back as you outline the idea in full detail of what you want it to be. Write it all down and list things off. For example if you plan on making a restaurant, write about the uniform colors, the ideal location, signage, types of food, how you plan to market it, etc. Even from a place of ignorance you should write things down – this will force your mind… [Read more]