Jul 03
nerd dreaming

Young people who have money problems usually can’t see where the leak is in their ship of employment as they sail along throughout their daily lives. The answer more often times than none is boredom. Boredom is what will make you dish out cash like nobody’s business. Consider the socialite – this person HAS to go out on the weekends, it is their release from the busy work week and they cannot imagine being cooped up in the house the entire time. They don’t realize that the cost of gas, drinks and the entrance fee to every single venue that they attend will amount to hundreds of dollars on the weekend. Now consider the gamer nerd … Editor’s note: let me preface this by saying that I am NOT referring to “hobbyist gamers” who are the most wasteful set of people in the culture due… [Read more]

Jun 26
gold digger korean movie

Here’s my take on this, my dear “Sugar Babies” of the world; if you are willingly giving up sex and time to a man for his money then you are a prostitute. Sorry, it’s too thin a line for me not to get confused over here. I know that when people think of prostitutes they immediately imagine a chick in 6-inch stilettos, a bad wig, smeared on make-up, and no front teeth, walking the street and looking into cars to solicit sex – but if we break down the definition of prostitute then guess what? There is a new craze taking over Universities and the popular waves of the internet and it is called Sugar Daddy Services. For those of you who aren’t in the know – this is a dating service online that pairs up old rich bastards with sexy, young college students who… [Read more]

May 23
annoying dame dash

“You been hustlin a long time and you aint got nothin” – 50 Cent (Wankster) Quite often you hear people brag about having multiple jobs, side hustles, and other forms of income, but how many of them are doing better than you and your one job? We all know broke hustlers, hell hustling is normally what comes as a result of being broke; so what’s the point of bragging about hustling if there is no success behind it? See it’s one thing to have made money hustling and brag about the journey but it comes off as pathetic when the hustle is all you have to account for. See successful businessmen do it all the time, they talk about living out of their cars, having doors slammed in their faces, and worse. Street hustlers who make it become legendary and their tales are almost as… [Read more]

Apr 12
washing hands with soap

I hate shaking hands, I really do, hell I wish we would just bow like the Japanese or even kiss the air by each other cheeks… like cute Latinas do. I admit it, I am one of those freaks who would rather not shake hands with you… but the socially awkward penguin within me does not make me strong enough to just refuse. Want to know why? Consider this scenario: I am networking heavily at a conference of peers when the panel breaks for lunch within the next room. The lunch for the day comprises mostly of finger foods and I am starving and anxious to eat. The line for the food is extremely long however and my partners have to depart… so naturally we shake hands and the only thought within my mind is the dirty, icky feeling that comes with hand to hand… [Read more]

Apr 10
Frustrated woman

I have always held the opinion that if you had a choice in your employment ( as in anything above slavery) then you have no place to complain to people about it. To be honest about it, I think this of anything in life; if there is a choice to opt out, then stop whining and opt out! Let me explain further for people sitting in the nose-bleeds; if I work at a bank and hate my boss, during a time where many of the people I know are out of work and unable to get a job much less benefits… the moment I open my mouth to complain about how I hate my job and boss, then I am seen as a whiner. There is a thin line between complaining and whining which is separated by the way it comes off to others. If… [Read more]

Mar 30
Stressed out woman behind the wheel of a car

As students we are given homework, tasks meant to be studied on our own time in order to memorize, master and absorb lessons that may have been missed in the classroom. Good students who make the grade will do as they are told; homework gets done before play and they ace the tests at the end of the semester. As we mature into adults and take on our respective careers, it becomes easy to lose ourselves and absorb the drama of the workplace to where we become our work. Never Make Business Personal One of the best lessons that an employee can teach themselves is how to adopt the gangster mentality of separating work from home. While an overworked clerk may take work home with her, she will not take work home with her. Do you get what I’m saying here? Let me explain. There… [Read more]

Mar 12

Getting laid off sucks man let me tell you. It is a slap in the face of someone who has been a stellar employee and has done everything within his/her power to stay in the good graces of a company. A layoff unlike a firing is unavoidable, you are in the way so you get cut; your company can no longer afford you, specific to this article – your company gets bought out and the new boss wants to wipe the slate clean. If you see the layoff coming you can prepare yourself (at the bottom of this article are some bullet points to help you do this), but if you get blindsided… with no severance… that is the stuff that “going postal” is made of. So how do you know that you’re about to be out of a company, a job and a bi-weekly… [Read more]

Mar 06

Have you ever tried to borrow money and got turned down? How did that make you feel? Mad? Disappointed? Frustrated? Belittled? You might not agree, but that person just did you a huge favor. What do I mean? Well, if you are borrowing money to make a purchase or to pay a bill, borrowing is not the proactive solution. It is much like digging a hole on the left to fill the one the right. Trust me, you will never get ahead that way. I know it’s tough, and borrowing often seems like the best short-term solution. We often borrow with the best intention to pay back right away, but life happens and resentment and avoidance becomes the name of the game. Have you ever done the credit card shuffle where one credit card is used to pay the other, or transferring balances to new… [Read more]