Mar 01

Have you ever made the mistake of assuming a co-worker or classmate is a friend when in actuality you were merely their “work-buddy”? It is a mistake that many people make, given the fact that the joking, stories exchanged and favors borrowed are very much like the interactions we have with our actual friends in life. While I have met a number of real friends through work and school, I always made sure to mentally separate them from the people I am cool with who aren’t truly my friends. Don’t get me wrong, while it sounds harsh on the surface, what it does is to remind me that certain expectations should not be placed on the work-buddy. In our adult lives it can become very easy to have one’s job become one’s life. You start out ambitious, ready to impress but before you know it… [Read more]

Feb 29

Whenever we hear about token pro-athlete (who made more money than god) lamenting about how (insert outside person or thing) screwed him out of his money and now he’s broke, a huge discussion always seem to follow about financial education. In the mind of many people, the reason why the athlete has burnt millions is always due to ignorance. We think that if the guy had a Dave Ramsey type as his teacher in college he would have gone the way of the “smart pro-athlete” and invested his money well. People envision the athlete as a young, impressionable college student being thrown into a fast life of partying, gold-diggers and shark accountants, then because he is ill-equipped to handle 7-figures, he ends up broke by the time the checks stop coming in. Are all pros this naïve, or is it an individual thing where most… [Read more]

Feb 23

Editor’s Note: One of the harshest “competitions” going on in life is the measuring stick of success that people seem to strive for. But guest author The Marksman brings to question “Isn’t success an individual journey?” A journey whose results are subjective at best? Of course it is, at least I personally agree but people still refer to others as being “successful” when they see nice cars, clothes and homes. Having been called “successsful” by quite a few people while feeling quite the opposite, I found the following article to really speak to me personally. I hope you find some value in it too.” – G.Dragon Just because you drive an expensive car or live in a big house, does not mean that you are successful, that is a common misconception in this country. Success is something that people measure differently, and most have opinions… [Read more]

Feb 22

In the movie Scarface, there is a scene where the drug lord Frank Lopez instructed a young Tony Montana that it was the guys who flew quietly in his business that did well. At the time the hot-headed Tony took it as a soft guy’s instruction on how to play it soft and stay a peasant but Frank’s words held more meaning than he even knew. When you work for someone, and you aspire to grow within the company and accomplish wonderful things, you cannot do it by joining the regulars in gossip, discontent, and mediocre work. There is a fine line between brown nosing and what I am about to say to you, but brown nosing is something else completely so please don’t misunderstand my intent. “A man is a good retainer to the extent that he earnestly places importance in his master. This… [Read more]

Feb 15

A long time ago in the land of ignorance and naiveté, I was a young, starving artist in school trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. Having bypassed my aspirations of ace fighter pilot and medical doctor (I know I was all over the place), I decided on what came easily to me… drawing. “Graphic Design Students… Please Stop Selling Out” One day after having the last Little Debbie Snack Cake in my cupboard for breakfast and trolling through classes pondering when my Financial Aid check would finally come in, I decided to try my hand at hustling. Promptly gathering up some paper from the printer in our computer lab and a couple pencils, I went to the center of the school (the most social area) and set up shop, drawing people for $5 a pic. An hour later… [Read more]

Feb 09

If you aren’t keeping a solid bit of savings, keeping up with your bills and minding your life and business then you are a burden on those who know you, one way or another. There is a reason why you see millionaire athletes crying broke after being released from their team and it is no different from your sister with the high income job who somehow ends up begging you for $100 every other month to pay her light bill. The reason is a lack of knowledge, or a lack of caring to learn the birds and the bees of financial education. It is one thing to not know what you’re doing but this article is for those of you who have access to the knowledge but choose instead to live recklessly. Money – It’s All about Our Outlook I think that the deciding factor… [Read more]

Feb 02

Nothing will make you feel broker than having a trip or activity come up and not be able to attend due to a lack of money. It will not faze you if this occurs due to life kicking your ass at every turn, expensive legal or medical bills, or having loaned your lot to a family member that needed it. But if you burnt your money on a house that you have no business owning, a car you have no business driving, or a chick you have no business dating, I am warning  you right now that you are going to feel like a loser. It is for times like this that you must respect the necessity of saving for a rainy day, or better yet, saving for a fun-filled day. Living recklessly, hood-rich or beyond your means will always have you broke at trip… [Read more]

Dec 23

“The End is important in all things” – Yamamoto Tsunetomo (Hagakure) In this great pursuit of the good life, I think that one of my biggest fears is that I will get to that big apple in the sky and forget why it is I sought it out in the first place. Something about the grind, the ups and downs, and the people that we meet has a way of twisting and changing our course to where we end up old, lacking focus and only knowing how to seek for more. This is a depressing end to a journey isn’t it? You see epic movies and stories like Lord of The Rings, where an end goal is stated and fought for and in the end when the heroes have achieved it, they gather around, raise their tankards and breathe out in relief of having thwarted… [Read more]