Feb 08

“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” – Abraham Lincoln Why is it that we applaud the efforts of musicians who “woodshed” for hours to master their instrument or athletes who wake up to ingest supplements, work out and drive their bodies to the brink of failure, yet dismiss the businessmen who stay after hours to help out a customer or sacrifice a vacation in order to put the company back in the black?  Now don’t get me wrong, I mean the guys who are “minding their own business” not the loyal employee who breaks his back for little to no reward… there are enough overworked, broke and unappreciated corporate slaves out there to warrant 100 articles. Why is the entrepreneur such an unheralded icon in our society today? Do you realize that our ancestors all… [Read more]

Dec 29

Discussion is worthless if there is no awareness raised, no solutions offered and no steps taken afterwards. It’s for this reason why I dislike many corporate meetings and phone conferences. Oft-time someone is given a soapbox, a microphone and us (their audience) to defecate information orally that we’ve already heard before, know all too well, or have spoken about it a week before. This is the way I feel about blog articles that I come across daily, many aren’t asking questions, they aren’t offering solutions, they aren’t saying anything new… they are just… talking. This year was a good example of this in the blogosphere as people all ran the same topics week to week without any offerings. One especially tired one was of the single black woman and her quest for marriage. Some writers (myself included), offered up solutions to winning guys like myself… [Read more]

Dec 08

One thing that is hard to do when you are the head writer for any online publication is to stay 100% honest. This is due to the fact that unlike our commenters and guest writers we are held accountable for our posts. When you start a blog you let everyone within your circle and your circle’s circle know that you have words to share in hopes of getting a broader viewership. When your numbers grow you lose sight of this and you begin to write the way you wish, readers be damned until you get to the one topic that is taboo and you are forced to release the trigger. I cannot tell you how many articles have been trashed for the Hall due to it being way too hot a topic to put forth and we get pretty damned hot around these parts. While… [Read more]

Dec 07

People that know me, know that the prospect of working to make another man rich is as poisonous to me as drinking rattler venom. The gangsters I studied for so many years called guys with jobs “crumbs” because they would work for a man, toil for 5 days of the week and then thank that man for letting them have 2 days off while putting aside crumbs of money to hopefully retire one day. While the gangster mentality was mockingly harsh, the reality is that these guys were hypocrites, their rackets weren’t easy, they had to kick up to a boss weekly (who would kill them and not fire them) and they would die broke. Still, when you read this stuff it becomes a part of you – so deep down I resented the thought of being in the rat race or being a crumb…. [Read more]

Nov 17

As a seasoned Web Developer and Graphic Designer, I’ve noticed that one of the most misunderstood areas have been that of copyrighting and privatizing images. Photographers put ugly, ineffective watermarks over their images, web designers use JavaScript to disable right clicking and then there’s the attempt at using Adobe Flash as protection. The fact of the matter is that none of these methods will protect your images from a knowledgeable person that wants them. That’s right none, actually it becomes a challenge worth taking on to steal an image from someone whose ignorance of the internet shows by their vague attempt at protecting it. Listen models, photographers and artists, if you are too broke cheap to get your images legally copyrighted then don’t put them on the internet at all or keep them at a really tiny size ie: no larger than 240 pixels wide…. [Read more]

Nov 12

I follow a lot of blogs, I read them, I reply to them and I use them as inspiration. Some blogs are exceptional and the reason for this is due to exceptional writing, thought-provoking articles (I don’t want to read things I agree with 100% of the time) and professionalism through design. Ahh you see my last point? As with most other designers that have put years into this thing of ours, I can’t help but skip over blogs that look like an internet version of Zion in The Matrix. Blogs where the advertising links ARE the blog and others that have images crushed or stretched unnaturally (come on guys do better). Nothing however will stop me from subscribing to someone’s blog faster than the obligatory “give me some money for writing” post. Fuckouttahere! It’s insulting; you aren’t asking for money to fuel some worthwhile… [Read more]

Nov 03

I was elated, it really wasn’t scary, I felt empowered, free, a man going places. It was the ultimate natural high waking up the next day prepped to grind my ass off to make sure that I kept afloat. This feeling cannot be replicated, I had it only once before and that was after a racist boss of mine set me up and strategically fired me from a position to slide his friend in. It was guys like him that made it feel good, the assholes who cut my check, the trust-fund babies who ran daddy’s company and hired guys like me to spin the gears. It was the average Joes who looked at me like a colossus for daring to go it alone. Long story short, it isn’t as scary as it seems my dear readers. Preparing to get out – when did I… [Read more]

Oct 14
Sexy Adriana Lima

If you read my last article about doing a photoshoot, you know my stance on who should be posing for the camera. Again, I think all women should experience it at some point in their lives. I’ve never given someone their final shots and have them regret it. This is all well and good, but I need to discuss the opposite type of person – the numerous, disillusioned women who think they have a future in modeling. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This might be the biggest thing to consider when you look in the mirror and start wrapping yourself in the compliments you’ve gotten over the years about your looks. I think a lot of lady friends are attractive. Yeah, sometimes I tell them that. This certainly doesn’t mean I think they should be in the next issue of… [Read more]