Mar 09

Let’s face it – the prospect of a sober St. Patrick’s Day may leave you feeling a bit out of the loop. The holiday, which is highly popular all over the world, has a reputation for being a pretty big drinking day. Let’s be clear – there’s nothing wrong with having some beers on St. Patrick’s Day. But for some, having a few beers isn’t really an option. If you’re in recovery, hoping to provide a child-friendly celebration, or simply not a drinker, it’s easy to feel left out on St. Patrick’s Day. But you don’t have to feel that way. In fact, in many ways, a sober St. Patrick’s Day is a better St. Patrick’s Day. You can focus on the true history behind the holiday It may surprise you to learn that St. Patrick’s Day isn’t really a heavy drinking holiday in many… [Read more]

Jul 26

I recently had a conversation with a guy about one of my girls going to the strip club with her husband. His response was “wow…she’s a cool wife”, and then it occurred to me that not many women see the strip club as a place to bond with their man.  They instead see it as a competition thing, like, “I’m not good enough so he’s going to the strip club to look at other women..sniff sniff..”.  That’s a bullshhh way to look at it, because the bottom line is that a man will see, and probably even talk, to other women constantly while you are not around, and not just in the strip club.  You have to know and accept the fact that some of these women are prettier than you, smarter than you, freakier than you, and more into getting your man into bed… [Read more]

Feb 26

You go to a house party and are having fun when the host breaks out the Karaoke machine and everyone is excited. One of your friends steps up, grabs the mic and belts out some lyrics–poorly–and everyone is with it; singing along and cheering him on with much laughter. You wonder why he has the courage to do it and why he doesn’t care that others may laugh at him… after all it’s normal to make fun of people who are acting the fool right? So why is everybody into this Karaoke thing? If this has been you in the past then you misunderstand the art and the point of Karaoke. It isn’t a talent competition, and unlike your lady friend with the professional singing voice believes, it isn’t a platform for showcasing your skills either. Karaoke is simply a party for you and yours… [Read more]

Sep 03
strippers in tampa bay

Sexually repressed, bible beating, old men congregating in the city of Mons Venus can only mean one thing… an uptick in revenue for the ladies of the night. What else do you expect from people who swear by their “conservative” living as hardcore as the blowhards at the RNC this past week? Repressed sexual urges, free-flowing liquid assets, and the need to get some “top” from Tampa’s finest. Look, I had a buddy do some investigating himself and he reported back that the girls went out to buy iPhone card swipes to accommodate the old senators and such who wanted dat extra time in the Champagne Room (queue the sound of booties clapping to “Bands A Make Her Dance”). August 2012 was a damn good time to be a stripper! Sadly for local businesses that were forced to close their doors, the money from the… [Read more]

Apr 13
Drunken women

Ahh the drunk at the party, a common creature at the adult nightclub, the college house party and the office Holiday party. While many people love a happy, funny drunk, there are some people who should stay a million miles away from alcohol due to the monster they become when inebriated. The following is a list of 20 types of drunks that can easily ruin a party; read and see if you can spot one that you remember.  Drunken People who vomit uncontrollably, missing the toilet, leaving their nasty vomit smell in the bathroom. Girls that scream “WOOOOO!!!!” bka Woo-Girls… we hates them! Peer Pressure Guy… “Why aren’t you guys drinking!? Woooooo!!” Douchebags who scream “YEEEEAHHHHH!!!” People who pass out drunk in the bathroom with the door locked! WTF!? The drunken one-upper or the drunken me-tooer. Ruining conversations all night long… The douchebag that wants… [Read more]

May 04

Do you know what I like about your body? Said the beauty that was in my midst one adventurous night? No, why don’t you tell me, I said. You are huggable, and meaty not hard like one of those douchebags (record skips). At that moment I had a Jay-Z moment: “Hold up ma I’m dropping you back off. Weightlifter tell the end tell a friend bish”. See she caught me during a bad patch, I was injured, hadn’t been to the gym in weeks and was looking bad. Were I in my normal routine it pains me to think that she would have written me off as a douchebag. This bothers me, why are weightlifters now classified as the same animal that lives on the Jersey Shore? Look I’ve seen the bags on that show and only one of those guys is jacked, how the… [Read more]

Jan 26

Girlfriend for a time, wifey for an hour, gold-digger for 5 minutes, whatever you want to call these beautiful nymphets of the night, the last thing you want to call them is genuine. The Stripper/John relationship is a game: you came to pay, she comes to dance for your pleasure and you go home to reality. Truth be told, not all men go home to masturbate or give their wives passionate sex after the strip club. Some guys go home, business as usual to fall asleep, play video games or play editor for their ezine (sigh). I write this article for a special set of guys however who leave the Club thinking that they have found true love. Though these men aren’t necessarily suckers, tricks, or losers; they misunderstand the stripper’s intentions and go home with the girl’s fake number, Facebook/Twitter account and dream of… [Read more]

Jan 19

The real definition of The Grenade: A grenade is a female cock-blocker, plain and simple. Sure many guys will say that grenades are fat and ugly, but this is an unfair assumption that all bigger, unattractive women are evil, cock-blockers making sure that everyone is as miserable as they are. Not really fellas, a cute chick can be a grenade as fast as an ugly one can. While men shun cock-blockers like a disease, some women embrace their grenade friends as a means of defense against guys that try to talk to them when they are out and about. Grenades normally have a nasty attitude, and are not afraid to be rude to males that show interest in their girlfriends which leads the men to believe that the grenades are bitter, unattractive and beyond help. While this is the case in many situations, I have… [Read more]