Jan 17

Do not write off the Club as a viable means of finding true love, the thing with it is you have to use common sense to discern a wolf from a potential mate. The purpose of the Club is to meet and greet the potential mate, not to pass judgment and size him/her up based on what he is doing there – that’s for later on. The Club is to dance with them, have fun with your friends and get the number for future courting if you find him/her attractive. For this latter reason, a visit to the Club can be invaluable, even better than online dating. You get to see that person up-close, you get to see their mannerisms, the way they move on the dance-floor (sex) and of course their habits in that paradise of vice. All 3 marriages that I know of… [Read more]

Jun 22

Fellas when it comes to the Strip Clubs and Strippers in general you need to know early on in your relationship how you stand with your girlfriend/wife with the trust issue. Some women trust their man and know that he has morals and self control so no questions are needed after the fact. Most women and I will reiterate for you guys here, MOST women are not gonna be feeling you on it at all, so they will be pissed, berate you with questions and give you shit whenever you attend an establishment. This is why you should find out early on about her feelings on the Strip Club, her feelings on you going to the Strip Club and whether or not you can be honest, or if you’re better off telling her enough to keep her happy and out of your face. Women Don’t… [Read more]

Jun 10

13 Principles for having fun without the tricks! For this article I would like to thank the rest of the “Vegas Losers” for their invaluable input in writing this guide. Combined myself and the boys have over 40 years of Strip Club experience so do not fear we give advice from reality not theory. This guide is meant to be for the newcomers to the Strip Club experience, following our lead will allow you to have fun without being tricked out your check. Remember, it’s only dirty if you let your girlfriend talk you into believing it is, but like everything else you must abide by the code. Don’t bring your debit card inside. Never go to a Strip Club drunk without supervision Get over yourself, strippers don’t find you sexy. It’s their job to flirt and make you feel good enough to buy a… [Read more]

Mar 30

When I first wrote this article it was entitled “Dear Penthouse (Strip) Club – you suck!” but as you scan the commentary below you will see that I was invited to return by Daisy a dancer at the establishment. Needless to say after revisiting Penthouse and witnessing the change and return to normalcy, I will be returning again and again and it has been re-established as The Dragon’s preferred club for naked beauties and delicious food. When I entered the Penthouse, I noticed that there were more girls of diverse backgrounds, more open space and the food was great as normal. I dined with my fellows and paid attention to the names as I looked for “Daisy” since it was due to her that I returned to the Club that I had sworn to never return to after my awful experience not even a year… [Read more]

Jan 19

I cannot understand the lust for clubbing and the club life – that is, well I cannot understand the wont for this as a 30-something or worse yet a 40-something. I clubbed A LOT in my twenties, and I sometimes wonder if the possibility of being burnt out can explain my attitude but I can recall one day at 25 years old, I was in a club with friends, walking around drinking, hollering at random uninterested chicks and having an enlightenment of sorts. A kind of out-of-body experience where I looked around, put the mixed drink on the bar and uttered “what the hell am I doing here? This is lame”. Have you felt this way in the Club before? Or maybe it was somewhere else, like church, your girlfriend’s house or at a family member’s place who annoys the hell out of you. Normally… [Read more]