Oct 28

I was having lunch with a girlfriend and out of nowhere, this young cat comes up to our table while on what appeared to be his break from the kitchen, and says “I’m sorry, I just had to come over here and tell you both that I want to buy your food”.  We both looked at him like “okay..” but then he reaches in his pocket and was like “I think I have my food stamps in here somewhere”. He pauses, then smiles and says, “naw, I’m just kidding”.  She looked at him and chuckled a bit.  I gave him the evil eye and went back to my conversation. I’ve been told in the past that I’m a bitch to men, or that I’m too bourgeois, or that I demand too much.  However, I feel that all the above is necessary in order to weed… [Read more]

Oct 27

As you know, I am a big backer for online dating. In this cyber age of 9 to 5 jobs, side hustles and responsibilities, it gets tough for a single guy to break routine and go fishing for booty. And who do you have pushing you to date? Your married friends (who probably got hitched young thus having zero experience in the dating field), your hen pecking mom and probably a nosy co-worker or two. Maybe you just got lonely, you start realizing that you are constantly the 5th wheel when you hangout with friends and it begins to bother you. So you try the traditional means, you hit up a loud, nasty club/bar where some drunk, loser chick either ends up wasting your time or giving you her number – or the ass if she likes  you enough (don’t you love how I say… [Read more]

Aug 21

There is always an explanation as to why one is single (no time, demanding job, just plain old don’t want a relationship, etc), but for some reason, it’s unacceptable for pretty “nice girls”, who seem to have it going on, to not have a man in their life that they do not call “daddy”. As one of the many nice girls who have been ate up and spit out by past mistakes, I wanted to take time to give some insight as to why some women, very pretty ones at that, tend to be at the wrong end of that oh so dreaded “You are such a great person, why are you single?!?”. Nice girls more than likely have a hidden insecurity that stems from their childhood. Understand that pretty girls who are “nice” usually have some sort of past middle/high school hurt that separated… [Read more]

Aug 19

Such a cliché to say the nice guys finish last. I have had my share of bad boys and had numerous conversations with my girls about why we go for the bad boy type vs. the nice guy. All have several reasons but it boils down to a few general topics that will give a bit of insight to why women stay with the one who treats them like yesterday’s garbage, but that dude who showers her with compliments and is always there when she needs him is kept in the “glass jar”. Nice guys tend to have a weak chase game. Most women have an innate need to feel wanted and love being pursued. Nice guys have an approach where they give distance. They do not want to come off as rude or like they just want to get into your pants. This is… [Read more]

Jul 06

Let me preface this article by saying that I may sound as if I am about to use the tired old “strippers are sluts and gold diggers” argument but I’m not. Read the article. Okay here is the thing. I remember when I turned 18 and I went to my first Strip Club. My buddy at the time warned me to play hard-to-get and stretch my money out because he wanted to be there for a bit… since he was dating one of them. Upon hitting the doors to the place, I am propositioned by a full nude woman and bam my measly $60 was done within 15 minutes. After that initial experience I fell in love with the Strip Club, I would go every other month for my lap dance, bed dance whatever the particular club offered but I never went alone, and I… [Read more]

May 21

Women start relationships with a “representative”, it is a fact so remember it. The representative is a woman who assumes the role of your perfect chick, she likes what you like, she is open-minded and she is tolerant. Once the woman is comfortable with you (basically after you have had sex), the representative floats away and you get a die-toss in favor of who you really just spent the night with. Your open-minded, free spirit could turn into a closed-minded, manipulative airhead in less than a month. Women are like a box of chocolates (even the sexy ones with cute bangs or soft afro-puffs), you never know what you’re gonna get. First impressions are a motherf—, I mean seriously. I went through a relationship with a woman who was the stereotypical archetype of the immature, modern woman (the negative version). A buddy of mine was… [Read more]

Apr 13

Some guys get intimidated by workout bunnies, the common theme is that they think these chicks are stuck up, full of themselves or divas. Most of the time I have found them to be quite the opposite… just don’t be that jackass breaking into her workout to sexually harrass her. Just shoot her some eye contact and talk to her when you’re both off the treadmill… or whatever machine it is you do. One thing that makes my argument valid is: People who workout are normally comfortable in their bodies, they look at themselves more than the average individual and monitor their losses/gains on a daily basis. They aren’t worrying about you, what you look like or your imperfections, many of them just want a good guy who isn’t fetishing their bodies or lifestyle. Ever have sex with a muscular woman? Probably not, go ahead… [Read more]

Nov 15

Everyone loves a hookup, except those of us who have had bad ones. Though in theory, the hook-up is a great dating tool. You get a chance to look at the guy or girl (if it isn’t a blind date) and the ice is already broken since you both share a friend. There is also the ease in getting her number, getting a first date, and hopefully getting some action. What gets forgotten though, is the hard feelings if things don’t go so well. You may shrug this off as whatever happens, happens, but what if the hookup is from a close friend and that person is his/her cousin, best friend, or ex? I’ll tell you what happens, the person who hooked you up will get an earful of stories about how much of a jackass you are, and are prone to believe it since their… [Read more]