Sep 23

Of course as you sit down with your friends and lament the obstacles of your single life, the angle that is spun is in your favor. “…it was our first date and after walking me to my car; he asked me if I would ‘kiss it’…” Yes, that is a true story and no, I didn’t kiss it and while I don’t think that it was appropriate or flattering for him to ask me that in the parking lot of an Applebee’s on Wednesday night, years later I can take a more objective view on that early evening meeting. When you have been single for years and seem to only go on dates that are fodder for dating horror stories, it might be time for you to take a good long look in the mirror and see what’s there. It might not be the losers… [Read more]

Sep 05

Do you have a type? I often hear people complain about the dating scene, women say there are no quality guys and the men say all the women they meet are crazy.  Have you ever heard the term history repeats itself?  Well that holds true in a lot of circumstances especially dating; men and women are attracted to potential partners that are more than likely wrong for them. People typically look for the same type of person to date; even after bad experiences they still go for the same “type” thinking that maybe this person will be different.  There is always that chance, but it is not likely.  If you continue to go after the same type of people, then you can expect to get the same results unless you catch a diamond in the rough. I have talked about this many times, the simple… [Read more]

Sep 03

Bars typically aren’t an environment where you can have a good conversation with a woman and get to know her.  They are typically cramped, loud, dirty, and there are 50 other dudes waiting to talk to the same girl. Some would even argue that it is one of the worst places to meet someone, typically they have been approached by 10+ guys already and the defense shield is set to high.  Most men that have approached them have tried some lame pickup line, or lame scheme to get her phone number. So, after all of that here you come trying something different, but she may shut you down before you even get started.  If you must approach a woman in a club or bar, here are four tips you should follow to increase your chance of success. 1. Avoid Showing Insecure Body Language Before you’ve even… [Read more]

Aug 14

Recently the New York Daily News published a survey that stated that men would prefer if their dates chipped in for the bill. The number of men surveyed yielded 64% saying that they paid but would rather the woman had offered up a part of it, but they felt ashamed to bring it up. These men are suckers. Here’s a pro-tip for the men in that 64 percentile – classy women ALWAYS offer to pay the bill, leave a tip or at least her half of it. I am talking about the first date here. If she doesn’t offer and she isn’t a “traditionalist woman” (see below) then it is decision time. There are 3 types of women out there dating: 1. Traditionalist Women – These women do not care for anything that feminists have done to men in the modern age, hell they oppose… [Read more]

Jul 30

“Spurglar: a woman who steals sperm to ‘accidentally’ fall pregnant”. Thank you Cosmopolitan for coming up with a new word to define this act. Sure the number of women that are seeking education and careers are getting higher (very thankful to be in that category) and yes when this happens the age that women AND men become parents also has a tendency to also be higher. But does this mean that women should be stealing sperm to get pregnant? Being a single parent definitely isn’t a new concept nor is it an impossible task but should this be the aim that men or women should be seeking? This article was limited to women that had stolen sperm but men can be just as guilty of this too. In my single days, I went on a date with a guy that I met on an online… [Read more]

Jul 25

Ever wonder if men treat beautiful women any different than a cute chick when dating? Well the answer to that would be yes and it is something that many men will never admit. Many guys will feign confidence and doing things for themselves but there is nothing like the feeling of being out with a beautiful woman as every guy in the building looks on with what you assume is envy. It’s a machismo thing that many women will never understand but if a man is on a date with a beauty, he will constantly check the room to make sure that the other guys are noticing. Mix in another couple with an equally or more beautiful woman and he’ll chill out but don’t let him think that he is with the best looking woman in there – his head will be the size of… [Read more]

Jul 11

First things first, are pick-up lines ever NOT creepy? No, they aren’t. Just stop using them. Period. Some people have made the claim that pick-up lines are funny and endearing if the guy is attractive and yet creepy and off-putting if the guy looks like a troll. The real issue isn’t about the creepy factor, it’s the interest factor. If the girl is interested in the guy then the approach seems more like…validation. And when the troll crawls out from under his bridge, it’s more like, “…oh wow, is this what I’m attracting…? Yikes. No, thank you” kind of thing. Melissa Kirk poses the question, “Can The Good Guys Ever Win in the War of the Sexes?” in relation to a Missed Connection that was posted on Craigslist from a guy who met a girl at some social event; part of the event had a… [Read more]

Jun 26

Rejection is a possibility for anyone – yes even beautiful women – no matter how much you weigh the averages and make up excuses for why it shouldn’t be this way. Many of the reasons for rejection are as stupid as the day is long, but most of the time there is a longer explanation that goes beyond looks. Consider the traditional art of “game”, we run up on a stranger with some conversation, a little strategy and whatever we know from experience and depending on the way the dice fall we either get some feedback or she disses us and moves away. What tends to happen on the diss for amateurs is that we sit back analyzing where we went wrong, what we lack, and what her problem is. We turn into stuck cars spinning away at our wheels trying to come up with… [Read more]