Oct 19
car sex

Nobody likes to be told what they are “supposed to do” on a date especially when the person making up the rules is the sole benefactor. Women who say that a man should always pay for the date, always be chivalrous, always bend over backwards, etc., etc., are the same women upset when we tell guys to try and get the panties on the first date! If a man is to court a woman then the courtship should be voluntary, not a step by step process ordained by some “relationship expert” on a feminist blog or website. Just like a guy didn’t tell his woman how to cook for him or the way she should massage his ego – a man should not be told to pay for dates and kiss a woman’s hand upon meeting her. Men don’t live by some handbook on “how… [Read more]

Oct 09
overly happy woman

Most women I know have a lively, fun, and extroverted girlfriend who is chronically single. To the women in their circle this girl is a hell of a catch, she has all her teeth, has a wicked sense of humor, and loves men, but it doesn’t seem as if they’re interested. These women are subjected to a ton of “hook-ups” and blind dates as her married and involved friends try their best to link her up to every “great” single guy that they come across in life. There is no one reason why this friend is chronically single, but in my experience it could be due to the way she comes across to outsiders. Note: Let me preface this by saying that people should be honest with themselves and be who they want to be in life. I am only writing this to explain why it is… [Read more]

Sep 17
beautiful black woman

In my old age I’ve found that women send back signals that many of us should pick up on but don’t due to our inability to understand them. No I don’t mean obvious crap like touching your hand, giggling, or I don’t know – flirting with you. What I am talking about is the involuntary mannerisms that let you know whether or not she’s approachable. Think about the things that a woman does when she’s comfortable around you and think of the other things that she does when she doesn’t care for you. Everyone is different and we all have our own ways of showing discomfort and relative comfort with one another. Within a setting of many people, different interactions and uninterrupted focus, a focused man can determine whether it’s worthwhile to ask a woman out or not. Real Life Example – The Meeting with… [Read more]

Sep 10
unhappy woman on date

The number one point of frustration with the dating discussion of today is the fact that women have chosen not to conform to the times in terms of give and take.  When it comes to dating the women who complain (on blogs) about men not “playing their role” will say something similar to this: “I would NEVER ask a man out on a date; that is THEIR job to do! Men should be the ones choosing who they want to be with. And when he notices the girl, he should show her the sort of person he is by what he plans, what he wears, how he speaks to and treats her and whether he follows up the next day.” Back in the day they used to call this sort of thing courtship and it was done when a man was looking at a specific… [Read more]

Aug 22
disappointed black woman

It’s a fact that I am out of the dating pool, but there are times when I look at the current swimmers and notice certain patterns that make it hard for one group of people versus another. One such group are the agnostic and atheist black men. If you’ve been paying attention, you know that African American culture is very much of the church in more ways than one – especially women (nods at Tyler Perry). This isn’t to say that ALL black women are bible beaters because as a group black women are a million times more diverse than the media presents. But in the dating pool it can seem very one dimensional for a young man…  If you are anything but a Christian and you are into American black women, I am going to go out on a limb and say that it… [Read more]

Aug 14
black woman thinking

Reading the articles and general attitudes of the single women in the Washington DC area it seems that the search for a good, successful, single man is done out of want for a status symbol as opposed to a loving mate. Ladies correct me if I am completely off base with this but what would you assume if a man was to write the following inquiry from a place where women are scarce: “I have everything a woman could ask for around here; I have a new Benz, a plush apartment, all my teeth, a Doctorate, AND I’m about to make partner! Why are all the good girls around here acting as if they’re gold that I can’t afford?” I’m going to go out on a limb and say that question would put you on the defensive even without me having to name the area,… [Read more]

Aug 07
man jealous

In this world we have some pushy, entitled people who like to think that the world revolves around them when it comes to love. If you want to know if you are one of these people then check if you would answer yes to any of the following: Claim ownership to your lover after having sex even though he/she has not agreed to become your exclusive boyfriend/girlfriend. Get jealous and angry if a woman you are dating is seen out with a guy having drinks. Refuse to claim a woman as your girl but disallow any other guy to talk to her. Sorry ladies and gents but there is no extra step between dating and relationship; to let someone convince you otherwise is to do yourself a disservice as it only means that they are stringing you along in order to have a pass to… [Read more]

Aug 06
black woman gym

Dermatologists have said that it is not a good idea for a woman to wear makeup to the gym due to the clogging of pores and other forms of nastiness that occurs. But as we know, the penchant for looking good and the chance at snagging a dude can far outweigh health when it comes to our choices. So you’re seeking a Channing Tatum clone and decide that joining a gym is the place to find him. You’ve been watching the London Olympics and notice that the women are wearing makeup to complement their six-pack abs and 3% body fat – so you do the same expecting results. Sorry ladies, but most of you are not Olympians competing on the highest platform in the world for gold. You cannot use the make-up worn by Veronica Campbell-Brown, Carmelita Jeter or Venus Williams as your excuse for… [Read more]