Apr 09
couple on first date

Okay about this pay on the first date thing; men and women are going to have to accept that there are different schools of thought on this and that there is no right or wrong way to do it. For the traditionalist who wants to mirror his parents in the way things are divvied up between man and woman, he will always want to pay after the first date but the new age Omega Man will either look to his date to pick it up or split the bill evenly. Nobody will abide by one rule, it is a new age people of the dating world – either you adapt or you will get outrun. What’s a Girl to Do? In my opinion a woman should always reach for her purse to pay for her half of the meal. It’s a respect thing because even… [Read more]

Mar 29
A disappointed woman sits with upset boyfriend seated behind her

The following is a list of men that women should avoid for fear of disappointment once the honeymoon period is over. The list was compiled based on the feedback I often hear from women whenever their new dream guy turned out to be a nightmare. I find that because the right questions aren’t asked initially and a man’s lifestyle, background and habits aren’t examined many women take us at face value only to feel salty about it down the road. I will say that I am not just some writer pointing fingers as I see parts of myself within this list; being a Stargazer with a little bit of Trick Baby to me has made my love-life a journey of mountains and valleys. So don’t be offended if you see yourself in there. With this in mind I hope that you find the list interesting,… [Read more]

Mar 22

So you have been wanting a girlfriend (within your race) for some time and have found it to be a task. This could be due to a lack of that certain type of woman in your area, compatibility issues, bad luck, or something you personally do to turn women off. Whatever the reason, you find yourself at a crossroads in life – one path demanding that you broaden your horizons, the other will leave you lonely for years to come. What I am about to offer you men that are in this situation is a bit of perspective on interracial dating and what it is that disallows you from trying it – with a suggestion on how to get past it. Why Should You Branch out? Believe it or not, most men think the same way you do and it makes sense when you think… [Read more]

Feb 13

As of recent, I’m finding myself in a new relationship. It’s in that early phase where you’re still getting to know each other, but you’re fairly confident it will last a while. You don’t call each other boyfriend/girlfriend etc, but you act like it. While I’m going to try and leave out some of the personal details, I figured I’d set the pretext for this article by letting you know where I’m at in the scheme of things. Most people who are still single are wondering when they’ll find that special someone. What the general populace is waiting for is someone to come along and “sweep them off their feet”. Obviously we’re talking about having that “special” feeling. You want to feel all tingly and sparkly and magically head-over-heels in love. Many people have experienced that before, but somehow it didn’t last. This is where… [Read more]

Jan 24

There’s an understanding amongst men (sometimes expressed in conversation) about women when it comes to dating. Men as a whole expect that a bachelor, with money, and a good head for conversation can bag any chick he wants all because we have women bottled up into a casual stereotype for our understanding. We see women as the prized deer (with horns) that we have to coax into our trap nice and easy, just before pulling the trigger and snacking on venison burgers. The coaxing of course is assumed to be money, charm and a whole line of bull. So what are some of the things that your casual male date may be assuming when he texts you the address to the comedy show that you planned to go see? Take a look at these 5 things… sure they won’t make you happy, but trust me… [Read more]

Jan 19

I know we often hear about being the alpha male, letting your beast mode personality do the talking for you, and having the mindset that any girl can be yours. I’m here to drop a little reality on the situation. You can be alpha all day long, but until you truly evaluate what you see in the mirror, you’re going to be disappointed with the chicks that are interested. Now don’t get me wrong, I strongly support the alpha personality. I know that only suckers are holding their girls purse while she shops for shoes with his credit card. That’s being a beta, and nothing kills my soul more than seeing a beta male in action. Something I think most guys neglect to realize is there’s a difference between being alpha and being attractive. These guys, and even myself a while back, get the alpha… [Read more]

Jan 18

There are a lot of men out there who will sleep with anything.  Everyone has their own preferences, but there are many cases where a guy just wants to get some.  A lot of times they don’t care from whom, and this is where the problem lies. By lowering your standards people will talk, and word will get around that you will jump on anything that moves.  There are several reasons that you don’t want to be the person people are talking about. Building and maintaining a good reputation is one of the prime concerns for a man of worth, and anything that can have a detrimental effect on this can easily hinder his future actions and plans. If you start slipping and begin to entertain a certain “type” that isn’t up to your standards, word will get around. Lowering your requirements for the sake of a… [Read more]

Dec 29

One of our Lady Dragons brought up the subject of dating a blogger to me and I thought that it would be best to discuss it in an article as opposed to Twitter where it originated. She had read on another space that us opinionated writer types were a bit of a bear to date for one reason or another which gave me pause but I thought about it and there may be some validity in that claim. The main issue of course is jealousy (female readers can be verbal about their appreciation of you, and some girlfriends don’t like it). The other thing is time, many of us are workaholics who write whenever we aren’t working. Then you have the guys that write about their lives – whoa, now that should give any woman a complex. Good looking male bloggers who reveal themselves at… [Read more]