Dec 05

On many articles written here I have mentioned the aspect of rejection bumps and getting used to the word “NO”. Easier said than done for you tender hearts, I know, but it’s important. The way that most players earn their stripes to becoming ladies men is the same way people at a call center get better at their jobs. In a call center you try your best to be cordial, stay professional and not lose your cool through all the “get lost” and ” lose my number you jackass” that you receive on a daily basis. It’s a hazing that usually results in a lack of care for the insults as you get seasoned into the job and master it. You begin to notice patterns, you learn to spot a weakness in their defense and before long you’re getting ace numbers. Just like a call… [Read more]

Nov 29

Women can do some of the most subtle gestures and make us want to ravage them like nobody’s business.  I am not sure if the opposite holds true – like do I turn you on when I adjust my package? Just kidding, don’t answer that. But in all seriousness, there is that little tinge of “trying too hard” that makes a man look at someone else and that little tinge of “damn she’s so sexy the way she stands” that keeps us staring while trying our best not to look like some loser stalker. Knowing this fact of attraction I have decided to list some of those tiny gestures that can blow our mind. Now mind yourself that these are all subjective to both the performer and the audience, so women trying to pull a man – practice with caution. It is on an individual… [Read more]

Nov 28

Before I start let me say this: Women, you will not find this easy to wrap your head around because like it or not men see sex a lot differently from women. While there are some women who defy this generalization, most men have absolutely no qualms with having no-strings attached sex. What this means is that there is a difference in friend-zone for a man and a woman dealing with someone that they tried dating before. When a man fails to impress a woman enough to sleep with her and become her man, she will slap him firmly into the friend-zone where he has access to talking to her but little else. Most men absolutely hate this crap and it takes some time and observation before he realizes that he is in it. For women however if she dates a guy that she’s into… [Read more]

Oct 06

Dating can be both fun and a nerve wracking experience, depending on the people. That being said, many of us single-types have experienced the bad dates where there is either no chemistry or the person that you’re with is about as interesting as dirt. Still you cannot judge a book from its cover and giving up on a bore to move on to an exciting person could have you miss out on a great partner due to misreading the situation. We don’t want you to make the same mistakes we have so we offer 4 things that you should at least try before calling it a night. Call an Audible and Change Location Are you really feeling the restaurant, movie or event that you are experiencing with your date? No? Well your date may not be feeling it either and you both may be feeling… [Read more]

Sep 29

Many times I hear men joke about going at a beautiful woman without any protection. The joke is along the lines of: She is so beautiful that I would HAVE to raw dog it(slang for unprotected sex)! While we all know that this is just a saying made extreme by the way how men tend to joke, the reality is that it really isn’t just a saying. I can firmly say that most men would not turn down celebrity/model ass if it was given to them sans condom. It’s not so much that you start “thinking with your little head” or any other cliche, it’s that we view it as a once in a lifetime opportunity that must be done. MEN! BUST ONE FOR THE ALLIANCE! Fellas, if you’re shaking your head at my assertion and pretending as if you’re above this, let me paint… [Read more]

Sep 06

1. Culture Intelligent women are pretty awesome but a woman that is worldly and knows a lot of little useless facts can make for a great conversationalist. I went out on a date once with standard cool girl and outside of what we were eating I could not vibe with her on any topics. Music – she was only hip to what was on the radio, books – she didn’t do them, travelling? Making trips to and fro from work was about it and anything that was foreign or different, forget about it. Some people don’t know anything outside of their current city, what was taught to them in High School and what they see on television. If you are a man that travels, reads and actually studies, you may not do well with hooking up with a woman like this. If a woman has closed… [Read more]

Aug 31
Guy failing hard at a date

Compliments are generally a good idea especially when you are sincere.  For men in relationships, flattery is important because when the woman gets a new hairstyle she is going to want to know what you think about it.  But even before that she will want you to notice it without her prompting you that something changed about her appearance. In many cases many men won’t care either way, but letting her know you’ve noticed is an art form. The Art of Compliments: The first thing you must do is to take into account the woman’s appearance.  Make sure you don’t generalize it with something stupid like “you’re hot” or “Damn baby you got a lot back there”- those type of statements aren’t going to get you far with most women. Pick something specific about her, like her hair, or how her outfit looks because that… [Read more]

Aug 22

If you put a time restriction on your body, let it be a personal choice and not some magical number invented by a “Guru”. The men that you want (I didn’t say all men, or most men) won’t wait and you can throw as many names at us for this, but the fact is that you are getting false information and it may be detrimental to your dating life. Lets cut through the bull, the philosophy, the feel-good articles and the liars who write them. Women we want to sleep with you, and we want to sleep with you right now. If you turn out to be a cool, down ass chick on the way to the bedroom then we may or may not figure out that we actually love you and want to devote ourselves to you on a full time basis. In this… [Read more]