Sep 03

Dear Dragon, I am an energetic individual that happens to love sex. I have been going out with a girl for almost a year now and I am the romantic type—I love to randomly bring flowers, cook dinners, take her out places, and all of the above. When we started dating, my girl was getting drunk all of the time and since we originally met at a bar we continued to go out to bars—where she would get drunk. When she drinks she drinks a lot and then becomes very sexual with me. It was amazing, we were doing it before bed, she would wake me up in the night for it…you get the picture. Recently things have changed. She has confessed to me that when she was younger she got sexually molested, so she is very uncomfortable with sex. We haven’t slept together in… [Read more]

Oct 14

Dear Dragon, I am at a complete loss for words when it comes to my relationship. My boyfriend is a “thug” and I am a college student that is smart, kind, caring, loving, and nurturing. We have been together for well over a year and he has a child that I love and adore like my own. My problem is that he is obsessed with making dirty money that he thinks he can turn into clean money. I feel as though there are too many risks involved, especially since he has a kid in the picture. Though he lives at home with his mother and is not open to my suggestions of getting government assistance, i really want to help him change his life. He had a rough childhood that has even bordered on suicide but he is a great guy who genuinely cares for me…. [Read more]

Aug 08

“Dear Dragon, I really enjoy your website and seem to agree with you on many of the articles you post. I’d like some advice on the ways of living a single life.  Every time I meet up with them the conversation seems to eventually turn to how I shouldn’t be single (as if its some kind of hardship), how they wish I was as happy as they are (I’m happier than they seem to be), how I “deserve” someone (What does that even mean?). Then out come the list of potential girlfriends, or even worse than the list we “accidentally” bump into one of these women. I’ve tried telling them that I am happy doing my own thing for the moment, that I hate blind dates, that I have plenty of time to marry should I wish to in the future, that I’m concentrating on my… [Read more]

Jun 07

“Hey Greg, love your site – I’ve been a regular reader for some time and I sometimes come across these titles for men that are used here. Lately I’ve been trying to see which one I would fall under if any of them apply. I am married, love to cook and help my wife do chores around the house, I also keep a garden and do yard work. I am serious about living clean and smelling good, but I also like NFL, MMA, Spike TV and general guy stuff. I’ve been called a metrosexual from friends before but I wanted to hear it from the master of labels before I own it. What kind of man am I?” – Alan Hey Alan, it sounds to me like you’re the safe, “good guy” that many women claim they want but rarely ever get due to their attraction to the jerky boys…. [Read more]

May 15

“Dear Dragon, I read your article on “ride-or-die” chicks and related to the post in a very personal way. My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years and have a home and a beautiful baby girl together. The problem is that I am constantly finding him talking to other women… I know that he has cheated on me, but it’s hard to catch. When he leaves I have no idea if he’s telling the truth or not, I am 21 and he is 22, and I want to know if I am wasting my time. I am definitely that R.O.D. chick for him but will he realize that I put a lot of work into us and settle down? Why does he keep doing this stuff when I literally beg him not to and it’s the only thing I ask of him? I’ve… [Read more]

Oct 03
man on couch asleep

“I’m currently in a situation where my significant other makes less money than I do. I’m not bothered strictly by the fact that he makes less money but more so by the fact that he readily states that he wants to work more/make more money, but isn’t willing to expend the effort required to ensure that happens. I really tried to be what a lot of men here have said they want… a ride-or-die chick – Someone to hold them down rain or shine. Five years I’ve done that. But what I have yet to see a man state is exactly where the buck stops. I’m not about trying to change someone into what I think they should be. As quite a few have pointed out, a person is going to be who they’ve always been. In my case, I didn’t understand how that would… [Read more]

Sep 20
couple on couch

“I met this young lady at the gym and we had a few conversations then I asked her to lunch. She accepted the invite with the understanding that I knew her source of income (She told me off the top). My plan was just to have a good time but then I got to know her. She’s been there for me when noone else has. She makes me feel comfortable enough for me to think she’s not cheating or hoeing her self… But anything is possible. Can I marry this woman, under this situation?” – Jimmy Hey Jim, thanks for writing me about this lovely lady of yours. It sounds to me like you have some doubts my man and doubts will make that whole “eternal trust” thing a tad too complex to be happily married (just my opinion). What you need to do is… [Read more]

Sep 12
black love and sex

“Hey Greg, when I read on message boards about what men dislike that we girls do in bed, laying still during missionary seems to be the number 1. What exactly do you want us to do when we’re on our backs? What do you expect from us? It isn’t a flexible position to hump you guys back, so what else can a gal do but lay still?” – Elise.J Hey Elise, when it comes to missionary it is the subtleties that count in terms of feedback. Many women get confused when they hear men complain about women who “just lay there” or “do nothing” when we’re on top because you view the position as one of relaxed acceptance. While we man may be doing the majority of the work, the one thing that we are looking for is feedback on our performance. It doesn’t have… [Read more]