Jul 26
naughty angelina

“Dear Dragon – What if you had a girl that all she thinks about is having sexual intercourse with you, and you’re like, “I don’t want to” but she insists on seeing you, knowing all she wants to do is have sex. Would you break up with her because of their nympho ways or you would just give in?” – Patrick Give in! If you are young and not really looking to settle down just yet then you are going to regret turning down all of that hot, unbridled action in the future. If you are an older man in your late 30’s and trying to find a wife then maybe you move on, but it is completely up to what you ultimately want out of that relationship. Most men pursue women for companionship and of course some sweet sexual intercourse. When you hit the lotto… [Read more]

May 01
Woman faking an orgasm

“Dear Dragon.. I am a woman who is very much in love with my boyfriend and we have been together for several years. I made the mistake faking my orgasms and I want to tell him so we can start our sex life over, but I don’t know how to do that without him hating me. I really love the person he is and I know he is “the one” which is why I want to come clean. How do you tell a man that you’ve been faking it without it sounding like he sucks in the bedroom?” – Signed, Tough Love Hey Tough Love, there’s a reason why men care about a woman’s orgasms and it isn’t very complicated. We men want to know that we are doing a good job so that there is no question as to whether we will get more job… [Read more]

Apr 06
The beautiful Jessica Alba

  “Dear Dragon, I read your site often and I am a big Jessica Alba fan (seen her on your top 100) but my girl is giving me all sorts of grief about her. What do you say about a girl who gets jealous about your celebrity crush? I notice that she even talks about dudes like Bradley Cooper and I don’t even trip over it but she get mad over Alba? Sup with that?” – Frustrated Fred Men of the Hall, take this however you want to take it but if you are with a new girl and she freaks out over your liking a celebrity woman or watching porn then you are in for a world of hurt if you stick around. There is nothing positive that comes out of dating a control freak with low self-esteem and that chick will ruin you… [Read more]

Jan 20

“Dear Dragon, my neighbor upstairs is in a new relationship and I can hear her bed hitting the wall hard almost every night at the same time (2 am), what the hell! How do you talk to her without the embarrassment?” – Steven.K I had this same problem Steve when I moved into my new house. It didn’t help much that the chick was a straight up block rocker, nothing cute about her – and she was on bitch mode on the regular. So giving the boyfriend a pound and hollering at him wasn’t even possible. I’ll get back to my story but my advice is to holler at the dude, our male bond makes a question like that more of a prop than a diss. Do you understand? I’d pull him to the side like “hey what’s up man, look its real funny to… [Read more]

Nov 14

“Dear Dragon, I am on the last nerve with my wife who has not had a job now for almost a year, doesn’t put any effort in finding one and bitches when I bring it up to her. We have been married for 4 years and we went through this on year 1 when she was unemployed and sitting home watching TV all day. The last time I yelled at her she got a job for a while but hated it and ended up getting fired. Now it’s the same thing, she doesn’t even cook or clean for me to consider her a housewife, I am basically her bitch that brings home the money. How do I get her to grow the hell up?” – William.T So you’ve married a bum and are now pissed off at that bum for being a bum? This may not be… [Read more]

Jun 17

Dear Dragon, I have been with my boyfriend for a few months now and I really think he’s the one. We have a very active sex life and I honestly do enjoy it. However, I have a more kinkier side to myself and I am afraid of scaring him away. How do you suggest that I introduce that side of me without him feeling like he’s doing something wrong? – Thanks, Karen Hi Karen, unless your man is one of these repressed religious types that is drunk on the Kool-Aid I can put money on it that it’s game on if you try him. Wait! You aren’t trying to put a deal in his deal or anything are you? There are lines that most men won’t cross so I would encourage you to feel him out during one of your sexy chat moments or one… [Read more]

Jun 02

“Dear Dragon, there’s this guy I met recently and being the nice person I am, I didn’t exactly push him away. When I finally told him I have a boyfriend it seems as if it made him more aggrsssive. Almost as if it made me more appealing. Am I crazy or do guys get off on the fact that the woman is already spoken for?” – Cenise.R Cenise that man knows that he cannot win you over but is bullying around in his own bullshit to see if he can get in your panties for bragging rights. It’s an extremely silly game that we play, especially guys that aren’t exactly cool. WARNING: The following explanation has very strong language so reader beware. Most Some men take great pleasure in cutting another man’s balls off to assume dominance through ridicule. It is such a pleasant game… [Read more]

Jan 28

“Dear Dragon, I don’t want to sound conceited but why do so many men seem to either feel or be intimidated by me?” – Haseena.Z Well Haseena, what you suffer from my dear is The Curse of Being A Beautiful Woman – don’t deny your looks for fear of conceit, if you have it going on then you have it going on. Let’s break it down starting with the obvious, you are a beautiful woman so immediately from the jump you will scare away half the guys who secretly can’t get enough of you. Men are strong naturally, but when it comes to women, an inexperienced guy always fears being that dude who is shot down by the beauty in an embarrassing way. I need to figure out a way that a beautiful woman can signal to us guys that she is safe to approach… [Read more]