Sep 23

Dear Dragon, do you think it’s wrong to not put on your Facebook that you are in a relationship or hide your relationship status when you do? – Daryl.A I hate Facebook, there I said it, it’s a necessary evil for us web inhabitants and it is pretty much an ego stroke more so than a communication portal. See with MySpace people would express themselves through glittery, god-awful graphics, goofy pictures and the latest songs. Facebook lacks all of that ugly gaudiness so now we suffer through bible verses in status updates, relationship updates, celebrity spam, Hall of The Black Dragon spam and NSFW clips posted to your wall. Being that as it may, it is still extremely useful, it is super popular and it is another avenue of exposure and attention. Many women LOVE attention, not all (waves to my fellow introverts) but many… [Read more]

Jul 22

Dear Dragon, have you ever dated a girl, who tried hooking you up with one of her other friends? – Alex A. Don’t you love the balls on some of these women? Hey, I’m not feeling you too much after you bought me dinner but I have a friend who probably would. It’s like thanks for pitying me chick but kindly kiss the darkest part of my ass for the gesture. Heh, never mind me Alex I am a bitterly angry person when it comes to silliness and this is one of the silliest things women do while dating.  The other thing is the fact that when you hook up with the friend, the original will quickly be mad if her lonely ass is without a man and you end up marrying her hook-up. Upset Girlfriend: “You know Alex was trying to talk to me… [Read more]