Jun 02

“Dear Dragon, there’s this guy I met recently and being the nice person I am, I didn’t exactly push him away. When I finally told him I have a boyfriend it seems as if it made him more aggrsssive. Almost as if it made me more appealing. Am I crazy or do guys get off on the fact that the woman is already spoken for?” – Cenise.R Cenise that man knows that he cannot win you over but is bullying around in his own bullshit to see if he can get in your panties for bragging rights. It’s an extremely silly game that we play, especially guys that aren’t exactly cool. WARNING: The following explanation has very strong language so reader beware. Most Some men take great pleasure in cutting another man’s balls off to assume dominance through ridicule. It is such a pleasant game… [Read more]

May 25

“Dear Greg, I am having trouble dating because it is hard to keep men in my life due to none being interested or wanting to stick around. My last boyfriend told me that I don’t need a man, and no men would want me – at the time I thought he was just being mean but its all coming true. Is this the way men think, that my independence is a sign that I neither want or need them? The comment that I have always heard is that I am unapproachable, how do you determine this? Is it looks? Guys can be so frustrating to understand and it annoys me that I am not given a chance.” – Paula G. Hey Paula, you may be giving out negative signals if men aren’t even getting to know you before they throw the towel in. It could… [Read more]

Jan 28

“Dear Dragon, I don’t want to sound conceited but why do so many men seem to either feel or be intimidated by me?” – Haseena.Z Well Haseena, what you suffer from my dear is The Curse of Being A Beautiful Woman – don’t deny your looks for fear of conceit, if you have it going on then you have it going on. Let’s break it down starting with the obvious, you are a beautiful woman so immediately from the jump you will scare away half the guys who secretly can’t get enough of you. Men are strong naturally, but when it comes to women, an inexperienced guy always fears being that dude who is shot down by the beauty in an embarrassing way. I need to figure out a way that a beautiful woman can signal to us guys that she is safe to approach… [Read more]

Jan 12

“Dear Dragon, I just met a guy that I am crazy over and we finally had sex last week but he only lasted about 2 minutes… I thought it was because he was nervous but we’ve done it a few times no more and he never makes it past the 3 minute mark. I don’t know how to tell him but I would like to finish too and this is not making me happy. What’s your advice for guys who can’t last during sex?” – Cicely.G Ladies, you have to say something, you absolutely have to. There is no sparing feelings when it comes to helping someone out with this problem and it has to start with him knowing there is a problem to begin with. Speak up immediately afterwords, we aren’t women, we don’t need time to be in a good mood for you… [Read more]

Sep 23

Dear Dragon, do you think it’s wrong to not put on your Facebook that you are in a relationship or hide your relationship status when you do? – Daryl.A I hate Facebook, there I said it, it’s a necessary evil for us web inhabitants and it is pretty much an ego stroke more so than a communication portal. See with MySpace people would express themselves through glittery, god-awful graphics, goofy pictures and the latest songs. Facebook lacks all of that ugly gaudiness so now we suffer through bible verses in status updates, relationship updates, celebrity spam, Hall of The Black Dragon spam and NSFW clips posted to your wall. Being that as it may, it is still extremely useful, it is super popular and it is another avenue of exposure and attention. Many women LOVE attention, not all (waves to my fellow introverts) but many… [Read more]

Jul 29

Dear Dragon, I was at a bar with a buddy of mine and as we were leaving a group of gals cat-called him over to them and they began talking. After about 5 minutes of this I go over there and the chick he was talking to introduced me to her friend. Trying to obey the Man Laws on being a wing man, I chatted up her friend and things were going great. For some reason my friend got really quiet with his chick and she proceeds to come over and join in on our conversation. She then put her hand on mine and took me away from her friend, telling me to ask for her number. Looking up for my bud, I noticed he had left when I wasn’t looking and in front of me was the hot chick that he was talking with… [Read more]

Jul 22

Dear Dragon, have you ever dated a girl, who tried hooking you up with one of her other friends? – Alex A. Don’t you love the balls on some of these women? Hey, I’m not feeling you too much after you bought me dinner but I have a friend who probably would. It’s like thanks for pitying me chick but kindly kiss the darkest part of my ass for the gesture. Heh, never mind me Alex I am a bitterly angry person when it comes to silliness and this is one of the silliest things women do while dating.  The other thing is the fact that when you hook up with the friend, the original will quickly be mad if her lonely ass is without a man and you end up marrying her hook-up. Upset Girlfriend: “You know Alex was trying to talk to me… [Read more]

Jul 15

Dear Dragon, I just found out that people call me a “douche” behind my back. I’m a pretty confident guy, I have a girlfriend and I go out of my way to help people all the time, so why the hate? What is this “douche” shit mean anyway? – Steve H. Hey Steve, thanks for writing in. Here’s the thing about being a douche, a douchebag (d-bag) or any variance of that object typically used to wash a vagina out. It is a word you really should be concerned about, I mean there is nothing positive or playful about it whatsoever. Guys don’t play with each other using the word douche bag, I mean some words we do play with like “ha ha Steve, what a dick” you can take that anyway you like. If it’s a good friend calling you a dick he is… [Read more]