Sep 02

Before I begin, let’s review the definition of two terms I have been toying with, just to be sure I am choosing the most appropriate one to capture the analysis of some “explanations” I have had to respond to over time. So keep in mind the following definitions, and just to let you know, I have decided to go with “Creative Thinking” as the reason grown-ups say the darnedest things! Critical Thinking: The mental process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information to reach an answer or conclusion. Creative Thinking: The ability to create. Now, I was intrigued that 20 words were used to define “critical thinking”, not once repeating the word “critical”. Yet creative thinking called for economy of words (4 to be exact), and included the verb of the word in question “creative”. The interesting thing is that one… [Read more]

Mar 15

Is it realistic to “date” a married man? I don’t mean the dude who has moved out on his own and is just waiting for the ink to dry on his divorce papers. I mean the dude who goes home to his wife after he is through hugged up with you! And you know for the few that has “worked out”, it is like counting the number of people you personally know that have won the lottery. For me? That is zero! A friend of mine had her heart serious broken recently, because her boyfriend went on vacation with his wife!!! Get freakin’ real. You are trying to carry water in a basket! What is the purpose of asking who is she? What’s her name? Why are you still with her? Where are we going… While you are creeping? Some women see an advantage in… [Read more]