Mar 14

Editor’s Note: Fresh from the article haven of Ashy 2 Classy, guest author “Goddess Intellect” writes about her own journey into being accused of “thinking too much”. As men we have been guilty of thinking as much when our beloved ladies start in on the 100 questions and whenever our simple answers are transformed into the O.J. trial from a woman’s Grand Inquisition. Check out the post over at and join in on the conversation. Here’s a snippet: …they’re damn right- I do think a lot. I think about my future, sporting the entire BCBG spring collection and the many tasks and obligations I keep convincing myself I can get done before their due dates. To my detriment I have also thought myself out of relationships, taking risks in life and I’ve even persuaded myself to make many poor decisions even though I was well… [Read more]

Feb 03

Editor’s Note: One of my favorite blogs to read outside of The Hall (yes the Dragon does fly off to different lands periodically is Revolutionary Paidera. The author and denizen of The Hall: Antonio Maurice Daniels, always writes gems that inspire deep thought and necessary reflection into our build-up. Recently he delivered an entry called “Drop out of popularity contests” which should be read by anyone who finds him/herself struggling to be relevant, cool, or impressive to outsiders. It’s all about DOING YOU and man if it doesn’t echo everything I believe in the way we should live our lives. Here’s a snippet and link to the rest… Too many people are far too focused on how they can get everyone to like them.  You must understand that everyone will not like you.  Some people will not like you without any rationale—don’t try to force… [Read more]

Oct 01

Editor’s Note: Patrick Smith over at The Good Men Project wrote an excellent blog entitled “Excuse Me, That’s Ms. Andry” so of course I had to share. The piece takes a light-hearted look at the Battle of The Sexes and why men should chill out a bit. …Let’s face it: nobody roots for the overdog. Men are Duke. Women are Virginia Commonwealth. We’re the Yankees. They’re the Twins. We’re the BCS schools, and women are Boise State. Our fans are assholes who think their team is entitled to rout the competition every year. Their fans are patient and smart. They’re students of the game. There’s been gender inequality for, what, 20,000 years? White men have gotten pretty much all the breaks. If you’re a white guy reading this, congratulations. You started this drive on the 20 yard-line after life kicked you a touchback. Women and… [Read more]

Aug 19

Editor’s Note: One of my favorite blogs posted an article recently involving a rather taboo topic that most prudes will shy away from. NWSO talked to 15 men and got their feedback on that ol’ porno standard of ass sex and you will be quite surprised by what they had to say… I can understand this philosophy of saving something “special” for your husband but if I can be so frank that’s a pretty sh*tty gift (pun intended). More specifically, who’s to say that your future husband even wants to ride the Hershey Highway? I mean, are so many women saving anal for their husband as some sort of “special” fantasy gift that he may not even want to accept? Or do women just think all men want to do it in the butt and are willing to concede to it for the spouse? That… [Read more]

Aug 19

Editor’s Note: This is a controversial topic that I myself (Greg Dragon) have always wanted to tackle, especially with the mainstreaming of the “thick woman” who was once regarded as fat by the majority. Abagond has bravely taken on the task and did a stellar job of it so I thought it a good idea to share with you all. Note: the point of this post is to make clear the difference between thick, thin and fat women. Those who think I am standing in judgement of women are reading way too much into it… [SNIP!] …Thick women have hourglass or pear-shaped figures. It is not their waist that is thick but their thighs and behinds. As a rule of thumb, if a woman’s waist is two-thirds the size of her hips or less – if her waist to hip (WHR) is 0.67 or less –… [Read more]

Jul 05

I will say this from the male perspective and I mean this with the utmost honesty. And this is something I have said on many occasions:  Men in general of any race, creed, or color “aint sh**”. What I mean by that is that we are have the same intrinsic want and you can guess what that is…“THE NONCIE”. I don’t care what color he is the majority of what a man does is for a woman. Every man has different ways of going about it and what his overall life goal is but I bet you one thing…it involves “noncie”. I have friends from all backgrounds and we may have differences in culture, beliefs, politics, and sports affiliations but one thing that stays consistent among all of us is the desire for noncie. With that being said if you feel all black men are dogs and don’t want to settle… [Read more]

May 22

Editor’s Note: I am sharing this article by on the ways a woman can romance her man because her article is pretty spot on as to what can get our gears truly turning. Max starts her article explaining how she tried the traditional romantic gestures in reverse for her guys and how they basically ignored them due to not being wired to accept such gestures. The things she suggests will seem silly to many of you women but as a man trust me, she knocked it out of the ball park. You should check out her articles on as she writes aggressively and very well about love, life and relationships. Thank you. Blue roses on Valentine’s Day, spontaneous gifts strategically hidden so that he finds them when he least expects it, cards and notes just to say “I love you” or “Good luck… [Read more]

May 15

Men are taught to be strong, tough, and not take shit from anyone… If a Woman were to come out and try to Donald Trump the president she’d be called all kinds of bitches or turned into a punchline like Sarah Palin. Women get beat in the head with this notion of “that’s not right, that’s not lady like, that’s bad karma, sisterhood rah rah rah!” Fuck that noise with a NeNe Leak’s dick. Your mother may have told you to wait your turn like a good little girl, but I’m saying cut in front of that bitch because this club’s about to hit capacity! Romantic comedies, cartoons, even the shit they teach in school, it’s all sexist bullshit meant to keep girls in the kitchen. Look at history and see how they now label Cleopatra as a whore, called Joan of Arc a crazy… [Read more]