Mar 09

Men have short term memory and a very convenient method of switching an argument of a woman’s sexuality from liberating to insulting. This trend has got to be the most confusing thing for young women being that it even confuses me. I have to go in on the fellas with this one as it is one of those paradoxical arguments that we have in civilized society that annoys the hell out of me. If you’re still not with me let me explain, consider the recent judgment of Ciara Princess Harris after her ill-advised “twitter beef” (rolls eyes extremely hard) with Rihanna. Both women are extremely young, beautiful and unapologetically sexual in their look, songs and dancing. This being 2011 I would think that this is okay, actually more than okay, more like the norm. Yet I am finding blogs which once praised the sexiness and… [Read more]

Mar 04

At times when I am in really good shape throughout the year, I get cornered by guys asking me what they can do to get where I am. This question is one that is very familiar to people of the fitness lifestyle, especially the beginning of Summer or after New Year’s Eve. To get to a level of loving fitness one has to undergo a proving, it is a path that I call The Road of Kings. The reason I call it The Road of Kings, is because it’s a path that few travel, fewer stay on it and the ones who make it are rewarded with a physique that others will envy. Just like a fighter who has won many battles and utilized his victories to woo the people into making him king. Everyone can envy a story like that, just like everyone can… [Read more]

Mar 02

I couldn’t find a better way to express two very rigid stereotypes of woman than that of the Man Eater vs The Shy Girl. There’s a common belief in our society which is that of the Madonna vs The Whore and it plays out in every situation that i’ve seen. It’s no wonder men have become partially schizophrenic; they are constantly told to respect the women that they are related to and treat the rest as sexual beings. I mean, we’re all women – right?! Talk about confusion! I have come across The Shy Girl many, many times… I know her well. Once upon a time (about 300 years ago) I was a shy girl that was embarassed to express my opinions. Looking back on it, I was the polar opposite of myself now. Back then talking to a boy was hard, let alone carrying… [Read more]

Feb 08

“Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.” – Abraham Lincoln Why is it that we applaud the efforts of musicians who “woodshed” for hours to master their instrument or athletes who wake up to ingest supplements, work out and drive their bodies to the brink of failure, yet dismiss the businessmen who stay after hours to help out a customer or sacrifice a vacation in order to put the company back in the black?  Now don’t get me wrong, I mean the guys who are “minding their own business” not the loyal employee who breaks his back for little to no reward… there are enough overworked, broke and unappreciated corporate slaves out there to warrant 100 articles. Why is the entrepreneur such an unheralded icon in our society today? Do you realize that our ancestors all… [Read more]

Jan 27

As dating and relationships have evolved, so have men and women.  You see a lot of men joining the metrosexual movement as a result of women wanting their men to show a more sensitive (feminine) side.  This is not the case for all women of course, but there are a lot out there who want a man who isn’t afraid to go get a manicure or pedicure. Some women are wanting men who are willing to depart from the neanderthal ways of the past where women were beat over the head and dragged by ponytail.  But at the same time women do not want their men to become too feminine, and they want that neanderthal to come out at times.  Depending on what your approach is you have to know the right times to be the neanderthal and the times where it will get you… [Read more]