Aug 13

Everyone knows that diet and exercise does the body good, but do you know that exercise benefits the mind too? Recently I saw one of those little meme pictures that depicted a big-headed skinny guy next to a muscular small-headed guy. The message was something about the big-head working out his mind and it made me think that whoever came up with it probably thought it was clever. It wasn’t, it was ignorant. Exercise and intelligence are not mutually exclusive, just like being good-looking and smart is not impossible. People who push the logic of one or the other are normally projecting some inner inadequacy that stems from not wanting to exercise or some past prejudice that deals with working out. Training is therapeutic, as a person who spends 90% of his day writing on screens of various sizes, I cannot imagine not having exercise… [Read more]

Aug 01

The Nurse is probably one of the most misunderstood, often-ignored positions in the medical field. You would think that with the number of shows that pay homage to this profession that we would understand their duties but the only thing I know about a nurse is that Greg Focker (played by Ben Stiller) in Meet the Parents was a male one… okay I know a bit more but not much. Hmm there was that one Candy Stripers movie that used to come on all the time… Anyway. Go ahead and ask 10 people what a nurse’s duties are and I guarantee you get 10 different answers. We are ignorant and honestly not very curious about nurses. This becomes a bit of a problem when we become seniors and through the same attitude choose to leave our healthcare “up to the experts” and assume that nurses… [Read more]

Jun 28

“I will stay on course. Sometimes when I am running a hard work out I get discouraged. I begin to doubt if I can finish. The pain seeps into my lungs, my legs and eventually my heart feels like it will burst. Same as in life when you hit hurdles to your goals. You get weary from trying, your heart has so much pain and begins to think it will fail… As I thought about the hardest workouts and races in my life, I know it is always most difficult right before the finish line and accomplishing what I thought I could not. So I will stay the course. I encourage you to do so as well.” Lolo Jones (SOURCE) If you’ve been following Lolo’s life you know her name has become one of the public’s favorite target for scrutiny. From the Olympic disappointments to… [Read more]

May 06

I’ve come to realize that after we turn 30 there becomes 2 distinct paths that we can take when it comes to fitness. The gravity of life and the world seeks to pull us down, bend our backs and extremities to make us old, slow, and helpless – this is of course if you let it. While some health factors and situations that affect random members of the human race may cause this to be inevitable, the rest of us are able to fight it and maintain a great quality of life well into our 70’s (Studies have shown this to be true). This is why I call it the fork in the road; life rewards those who break laziness in lieu of fighting for a better quality of life and even though luck plays a factor into this when it comes to finances, when… [Read more]

Apr 12

With the new year firmly in place I see a ton of people on Facebook making bets and resolutions to drop X lbs by Y date. It’s admirable to take on a fitness goal but if you have done something like this recently I must warn you… Fitness and losing weight as an adult is neither quick or long lasting like you assume it is. You don’t lose weight and keep it off without maintenance and if you have not developed the discipline to change your eating habits, workout habits, and ability to resist urges by the time you lose those X lbs guess what will happen? It will come back on you faster than a rubber band that has been stretched. When selecting a goal for fitness it is better to look at that end date that you announce as the first in many… [Read more]

Mar 28

A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with colon cancer. He attributed his customary heartburn, constipation and the presence of blood in his stool as “normal” (to him), especially that hemorrhoids were common among his family members.  Well, a colonoscopy had this vibrant 40+ year-old saying “Oh shit!” Did you know you should be taking a look at your poop on a regular basis to keep an eye on your digestive heath? Stools are the end product of eating and digesting our meals, as the body rid itself of undigested foods and toxins.  Have you ever wondered what a “normal stool” should be like especially when we experience the hardness and looseness of this smelly necessity? Well, let’s take a look. Normal Stool should have the general color of cardboard, 4 to 8 inches long, and curved like a banana. It should leave your body… [Read more]

Mar 26

How many of you readers made a commitment this year to climb mount sexy and drop some pounds? How many of you are still going strong? This isn’t a question of ridicule as your mind drifts over to that negative area of things, but rather a rally cry and a refresher for those who are still on it. The great thing about the beginning of the year is that many people have made this commitment. Unhealthy people are suddenly talking diet, the machines in the gym are on lockdown from the droves of newcomers; and the temptation to slam Sally’s peach cobbler in the company break room is diminished because even Sally has decided to get herself a Body by Vi or whatever. What we find after many years of this same pattern is that around this time – the beginning of April, it becomes… [Read more]

Mar 01

Taking part in exercise, whether it’s playing sport, running or working out at the gym, provides numerous benefits; fitness, physique, current and future health all see gains in a variety of ways. However, injuries during exercise are not uncommon and after sprains, strains and pulled muscles, ligament damage is amongst those most frequently seen. Ligaments are the tissues that connect bones to each other and therefore play an important role in movement. Those who take part in sport are most likely to tear their anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), one of the ligaments in the knee, which usually occurs when you stop or change direction abruptly. You will soon know if this ligament has been damaged, as besides the “pop” you are likely to hear at the time it occurs, severe knee pain and swelling are accompanied by an inability to straighten your leg or place any… [Read more]