Nov 13
doug and carrie

Compared to men of the 80’s and 90’s, the men we see in television shows, movies and even life have change drastically. There are subtle signs of this change which you probably haven’t noticed, but the alpha male is gone from television. Let me explain… Television’s Fat Stupid Hubby With A Pretty Hot Wife One of my favorite shows of all time is King of Queens, I think Carrie is the ultimate alpha femme – she’s beautiful, a bit bossy, knows what she wants, and can kick any chick’s ass who crosses her (I do love me some Carrie). Doug? Well he’s a lovable teddy bear; he’s a big guy but he’s all soft edges and heart. Doug is a great guy who many women would kill to have but he became the king–no pun intended–of the stereotypical Beta Male that television loves. The list… [Read more]

Nov 06
dreama davidson

If you’re the average Joe or Jill Grind who goes to work, lunches with co-workers and runs home in the evening to do home work you probably find it hard to get into a fitness lifestyle. Part of the reason for this is the misconception that the path to fitness has to be a strict, regimented one that is largely unfun. To be quite honest with you there is some pain, but it is pain that you can handle at your own pace. There is some scrutiny, but only if you let others in on your plans. Look I will be honest with you, when you are serious about your journey to get in better shape you accept it 100% as your own personal goal. Think of it like drugs, and you are a drug addict – do you broadcast the fact that you are… [Read more]

Aug 16
woman getting dressed

A fit belly is a pointer towards good health; additionally it gives a boost to the physical appearance of a person. It is a recognized fact that excessive fat can lead to many harmful diseases. Besides, it can lead to lowered self esteem as people become more conscious of their uncouth form. Even though the above is true for man or woman, belly fat is a bigger concern for women because fat accumulation has been linked with menopause; researchers believe that more fat can get deposited owing to the hormonal changes that happen, particularly in middle age. Why is a fit belly an indication of a woman’s heart health? A fit belly means no unnecessary fat in the waist line which translates into a healthy heart.  Excessive quantities of Visceral fat or the fat stored in between abdominal organs like liver, pancreas, gall bladder, intestines… [Read more]

Aug 06
black woman gym

Dermatologists have said that it is not a good idea for a woman to wear makeup to the gym due to the clogging of pores and other forms of nastiness that occurs. But as we know, the penchant for looking good and the chance at snagging a dude can far outweigh health when it comes to our choices. So you’re seeking a Channing Tatum clone and decide that joining a gym is the place to find him. You’ve been watching the London Olympics and notice that the women are wearing makeup to complement their six-pack abs and 3% body fat – so you do the same expecting results. Sorry ladies, but most of you are not Olympians competing on the highest platform in the world for gold. You cannot use the make-up worn by Veronica Campbell-Brown, Carmelita Jeter or Venus Williams as your excuse for… [Read more]

Apr 18
Power lifter doing front squats

Well as we all know men rarely if ever work out their legs in a gym – it’s just too hard and painful. Hell, I haven’t been able to walk for the past 5 days dues to going absolutely ape on some front squats (hence this article). Legs hurt if you do them correctly, they hurt like hell and they are such a big muscle group that the pain is absolutely insane. Most guys shy away from a squat rack due to: Not being comfortable with balancing the weight. Knowing that they won’t be able to lift a lot due to not being used to working their legs. The uncomfortable pain that follows a real leg workout. Feeling as if they don’t have to, due to the fact that humans walk and run a lot outside of the gym. Of course each and every one… [Read more]

Feb 07

Believe it or not the judgmental eyes that you worry about while running are mostly in your head. Most people are either oblivious to your running while the vocally negative are actually jealous. It takes a lot to put yourself out there to the spectacle of the jeering crowd but the difficulty that comes with jogging while fat is a thing that is mostly respected by all. People will barely if ever say mean things when you’re running with the exception of the occasional jackass who may insult you with his “run that shit off big girl” but even that is meant as encouragement in it’s own twisted way. Gym Rats Will Support You Whenever myself or one of my gym rat buddies see someone running our commentary has never been anything short of positive. To be honest the only people that I have seen… [Read more]

Jan 13

It’s that time of year folks, you know THAT time when getting on a machine in the gym is an impossibility due to the new crowd of people trying to accomplish their “New Year’s resolution”. Chances are you may have forgotten about this fad during your routine weekly gym visits; the holidays made you cheery (and forgetful) and the warning signs (Jennifer Hudson ads) were not showing up on your television station of choice. Regardless of your expectations however the crowd is here and now your typical 45 minutes of chest on Mondays has been shifted to 1.5 hours due to having to wait on the new members cramming in badly executed exercises on every machine. January through March is the peak time for gyms to pull in new memberships; it’s a personal trainer’s dream and a gym rat’s nightmare. Nothing can fix this problem… [Read more]

Dec 02

For as long as I can remember I’d spend no less than $10 a day for lunch. I justified the expense as a break from the office and would eat out daily without fail. I absolutely never took my lunch from home. This was my practice for more than a decade of my working life. Those days are gone. At $50 a week that quickly adds up: $50 week x 4 weeks = $200 month x12 months – give or take a two-week vacay, a few PTOs here and there, the occasional non-Dutch outing, office lunch and forgot your money fasts—and that’s $2,400 a year. Did I really eat $24,000 worth of lunches over 10 years? You better believe I did! Earlier this year I lost 50 pounds of the evidence. Let’s just say I gave new meaning to “penny wise pound foolish”. Okay, so… [Read more]