Feb 19

I am asking this question of myself and others like me really – I, like so many others who frequent the gym find It to be a bastion of annoying, unlikable people, standing in the way of the workout. The funny thing is that most people think this way… so in essence the gym is a crazy hell that we subject ourselves to daily. The ultimate gym for the workout enthusiast is an empty, private place, frequented only by those you know, and those who are “serious”. By now you probably think I’m an asshole if you aren’t one of the people in this fellowship. It is why lifters aim at going in at 6am or 10pm when the “Regulars” are in bed. It depends on the gym Back when I was at a former small gym my attitude was very different towards members. People… [Read more]

Feb 15

You have a desk job, a family, and what seems like no time to get to the gym to work on your health. Well… at least this is what you tell people when they ask you why you don’t join a gym when you start complaining about your weight… or heartburn…  or sleep issues. Well what if I were to tell you that you could skip the gym all together and work on your body daily while living your life? It will take some sacrifice, but just a little bit I promise. The following is a guide you can use to make for a slimmer, fitter and more fulfilling life all without competing with some douchebag in the gym for time on the bench press. Reduce your portions Most of us overeat without realizing it because we are so used to “feeling full” whenever we… [Read more]

Feb 01

The majority of individual’s work on or desire to create a body image they love. How often do we hear, “I love everything about my body, but the one thing I would change is ….my stomach, my butt, my thighs, my arms…..you name it. Plastic surgeons are not at a loss for patients who desire is to lift up, plump up, flatten out, contour, and reduce. Well, if your beer belly, apron stomach, protruding tummy is your pet peeve, I am here to offer some sweet solutions in addition to your work out and dietary regimen. Some of these suggestion might make you say “What????, no way!!” But bear with me, because even though there is tons of nutrition information available, you can also agree there is lots of confusion and misinformation that has led to many of us becoming cynical. 1. Super Dark Chocolate – This… [Read more]

Jan 22

The path to weight-loss and body building is one that is full of obstacles and the ghosts of ignorance that aim to knock the clueless off to the wayside. The journey is hard and this is why we call it The Road of Kings. Two of the most painful things that plague the workout enthusiast are Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) and Hunger Pangs. Supplementing protein shakes, caffeine powered pills like Hydroxycuts and drinking tons of water can help you to overcome the DOMS and Hunger but so will a fiber-rich diet and proper nutrition. The following list of snacks will help kill your hunger pangs will keeping you healthy. High Fiber Cereal with Almond Milk – I could be wrong but everybody loves cereal, you just have to avoid the ones you ate as a child… you know the ones. Find a box of… [Read more]

Jan 11

For those of you reading who are actively trying to lose weight, how did you do this Christmas? As someone who has always fallen off during the last month of the year due to rich foods, the pool table, and whatever new video game I was trying to beat, I issued myself a challenge this year – could I come back from Christmas better than I did going in? This year I tried something new to keep me on point; I decided that Christmas was about family, therapy and a return to myself instead of the feast of the year coupled with gift-giving. I can honestly say that now, having done that, it was the best Christmas I have ever had. I feel like a million bucks, my muscles are primed and set to keep my workout going and my stomach is a bonfire. What… [Read more]

Dec 06
healthy couple eating

When it comes to losing weight, become muscular, and living a fitness lifestyle we always seem to put all of our focus on the offensive things (cardio, exercise, and weight-lifting) and never mention the necessary defenses. I call them defenses because they are parts of our everyday life and should not take much extra effort to do. The following list can be incorporated into your lifestyle to help speed up your fitness goals. 1. Say No to Liquor I know this is a tall order but liquor is a tricky drink to play with. Wine isn’t so bad as it holds roughly 80 calories per pour but liquor and mixed drinks should be avoided. Calories from alcohol are stored as fat within the body and manages to do some other nasty things too. Alcohol will prevent your body from burning fat along with preventing it… [Read more]

Nov 21
blonde doing yoga

Everyone wants it – that nicely toned, slender, and sexy body, but not everyone knows how to obtain it. With the right amount and types of exercises, combined with a healthy eating plan that suits your specific eating style (vegan, vegetarian, plant-based, raw food, etc.), you can definitely achieve a fit body. A fit body is one that not only “looks” good, but that is very healthy on the inside as well. Strength Training The best exercise to increase your strength, slenderize your body, and increase your metabolism is weight-bearing exercises. There are several choices to tone your muscles, which create that sleek and sexy body. The most common tools in strength training are free weights, weight machines, strength bands, and kettlebells. No matter which tool you decide to use to build and tone your muscles, the important thing is consistency in training. You should… [Read more]

Nov 13
doug and carrie

Compared to men of the 80’s and 90’s, the men we see in television shows, movies and even life have change drastically. There are subtle signs of this change which you probably haven’t noticed, but the alpha male is gone from television. Let me explain… Television’s Fat Stupid Hubby With A Pretty Hot Wife One of my favorite shows of all time is King of Queens, I think Carrie is the ultimate alpha femme – she’s beautiful, a bit bossy, knows what she wants, and can kick any chick’s ass who crosses her (I do love me some Carrie). Doug? Well he’s a lovable teddy bear; he’s a big guy but he’s all soft edges and heart. Doug is a great guy who many women would kill to have but he became the king–no pun intended–of the stereotypical Beta Male that television loves. The list… [Read more]