Oct 26

I’m wondering if the recent Reebok Easytone settlement will open the floodgates for suits of other products whose advertising claims promise the moon. After all, what product really delivers on its promises anyway? My lashes are still not great or stiletto. Eating a NutriGrain has yet to  cause me to eat better all day. Yoplait light yogurt could never be confused with a piece of cheesecake. And while Nike’s ads are truly inspirational, generally speaking, I “just” put Nike on. Doing “it” seldom gets done. Add to that the thing with using celebrities to serve as ad men and women is the implicit promise that you’ll look like them, smell like them, and have some modicum of  success like them in life, love or happiness if you would only use the stuff they’re using. So Kim Kardashian is one of Easytone’s henchwomen. Surely by anyone’s standards, she’s an attractive woman who just happens to have pretty good… [Read more]

Aug 05

Hey, I am a pole baby and well on my way to being bi-polar! Let me explain. I just bought into the fitness craze of pole dancing and I am hooked! After each weeks hour and a half class, I am sore in places I forgot existed!! I happily drive 28 miles 2 to 3 times per week to get my sweat on, and believe me when I say, doing the fireman spin or the merry-go-round on the pole is a lot more fun than running 30 miles per week like I used to, or even trying to mount my boring Stairmaster these days. For every routine learned on the right-side, I have to also perfect it on the left side – hence moving me to the perfectly balanced state of being “Bi-polar”. Get it?? I have supplemented these pole classes with the jam-packed “Jiggle-it”… [Read more]

Jul 15

As a writer, one of the most annoying things to deal with is when a favorite topic gets abused by everyone (other writers) to the point where it is no longer worth writing about anymore. This is because readers get really sick and tired of hearing it. One of these topics which I love to write and talk about is obesity, being that I am big into fitness and living a fitness lifestyle. A topic that really gets my blood flowing is a good success story of weight loss or of someone who has overcome the odds to save their life. Hell, who can’t appreciate a story like that? But what I find is that there are a lot of people like myself who are in good standing with their health, that write articles telling those that are overweight what to do in order to… [Read more]

Mar 04

At times when I am in really good shape throughout the year, I get cornered by guys asking me what they can do to get where I am. This question is one that is very familiar to people of the fitness lifestyle, especially the beginning of Summer or after New Year’s Eve. To get to a level of loving fitness one has to undergo a proving, it is a path that I call The Road of Kings. The reason I call it The Road of Kings, is because it’s a path that few travel, fewer stay on it and the ones who make it are rewarded with a physique that others will envy. Just like a fighter who has won many battles and utilized his victories to woo the people into making him king. Everyone can envy a story like that, just like everyone can… [Read more]

Dec 24

To promote health and a strong heart I would urge that everyone that is physically able to do so – take the long way whenever possible. This means parking in the far lot and briskly walking in to work, opting for stairs over an elevator ride and taking the mail to the mailroom yourself. While the norm is to temper the day job during the week and hit the treadmill on the weekend, you will find yourself more energetic and happier when you’ve incorporated more movement into your work life. As a person who stares at a computer screen 98% of the day, I find that the excuse to walk and exercise is a welcome one at any time. In the mornings I park a couple blocks away, walk briskly to work and take the stairs up to our floor. On the way I run… [Read more]

Nov 26

Newcomers to the gym experience and fitness lifestyle let me welcome you on the Road of Kings. While many fail and few maintain, it is a golden road of treasures and pleasures though the rules be strict and many. Don’t worry I won’t be writing like this the entire time; what I want to say however is that the gym is a monkey see, monkey do environment and it is of much importance that you follow the right monkeys and not adapt the bad habits from the gorillas. Below you will find a list of things that most gym rats will agree is both annoying and selfish when practiced by other gym goers. It is up to you newcomers to avoid these activities in order to make your experience enjoyable without adding to the problems. Curling in the Squat Rack Guys do this for two… [Read more]

Nov 18

When you enter a fitness lifestyle aside from the hardships of climbing the physical mountain no-one ever warns you about the ignorant questions and assumptions people will place on you throughout your life. People will make up their face and ask you “what’s that” when they see your protein shake or tuna and they will try their best to push bad, fatty garbage unto your plate in some sort of twisted mission to win you back amongst their kind. Recently a friend of mine who has just started out on the Road of Kings (bodybuilding path) told me about an elaborate dinner at a restaurant her friend had invited her to. Knowing my friend to be a Foodie of the worst kind (the must eat everything kind), I had to ask whether or not she had the dessert. She had been struggling with weight for… [Read more]

Nov 05

I’ve always wondered how to tell people that are not interested in a fitness lifestyle how to get in shape. The advice that I would normally have comes from the hardcore school of “just do it” so anything I would say would come off as crazy as telling a blind person to sort things by color. At the same time I do not want to skirt the topic due to my assumption that the person is helpless. It is a dilemma that comes up quite often. When you get in shape, eat certain things and pass on dessert people assume that you have a PhD in nutrition on exercise. They come to you with a slight plea to help them get into shape with as little effort as possible. How does someone who works out twice a day and chooses ingredients over taste tell someone… [Read more]