Sep 17

Most people these days frequent some sort of gym to keep themselves in shape.  Whether you go to Powerhouse Gym, Lifestyles, Gold’s, LA Fitness, Bally’s, or any number of athletic facilities you are going to share it with hundreds of people.  Sharing anything with hundreds of people is typically never fun, convenient, or easy to do.  Since this is already an annoying process there are rules you can follow to make things less annoying for yourself and others around you. Most people do not think their behavior in the gym is annoying or troublesome to other people.  That comes from the fact that many people lack the ability to analyze themselves internally, and identify things they are doing wrong or incorrectly.  Here are several things people do in the gym that are annoying to fellow patrons. Stop with the grunting everyone knows that you are… [Read more]

Apr 16

Yoyo dieting is easy to call out but everyone seems to ignore the fact that people yoyo workout probably more than they do the dieting. The reason for this is due to two things, 1. A lack of education when it comes to your body and how it works and 2. The workout excitement wave being fun to ride but hard to maintain. In this article we are going to touch on the second point about the wave. I recall the first time I saw that P90X infomercial I rolled my eyes. Not out of hate for the inventor or for the program itself, but because I knew, like Tae-Bo before it, I would be hearing forever the screams of joy from the non-workout people, as they take the DVD set as their path to instant glory. It’s a familiar trend that occurs whenever someone… [Read more]

Nov 11

So it’s that time of the year when gyms are empty, people are concentrating on shopping and bank accounts are getting drained. Ironically as we all watch the NFL and College Football athletes perform at the highest level, physiques echoing the training and sacrifice made to their bodies for the glory of the sport, we somehow manage to ignore our own. There is little to no chatter made about the gut getting fatter and the muscles atrophying as we consume beer, burgers, hot dogs and chips, while screaming at the television as Eli Manning gets another pick. No, we forget the months of arduous gym training and cardio repetitions as they get dashed to the side in lieu of “Game Day”. Guys within “the know” understand this activity; it’s the final steps of the yearly dance. You know the dance don’t you? Well let me break the… [Read more]

Oct 23

Well as you know diet is the supreme factor of bodybuilding and it is the difference between looking okay and looking in-shape.  If a person works out alot and eats what they want, they will get some size and look pretty good but If  a person diets right (ie: sticking to a plan), and workouts alot, they will turn heads. People who workout alot and are lax on the diet usually wonder how to look like the hard-body running through the mall wearing something nasty to show-off.  Well the difference is that guy, as gay as he looks is probably dieting his ass off. Abs are probably the most complex part of the formula, one cannot simply “get skinny” and have a rack of abs.  Doing sit-ups alone won’t get you abs.  Dieting alone won’t get you abs.  Doing cardio alone won’t get you abs…. [Read more]