Dec 16

Is there anything more worthless than an unqualified gym trainer? Not the guys and gals who live and eat fitness while knowing enough to get certified to train professionally but the Jerry Jackass that works at a gym and waste the time of his/her clients. If you are going to a new gym and plan to seek a trainer, don’t be afraid to ask questions about their certification. If you currently work out at a gym and you get unsolicited advice from a so-called trainer be sure to give him the 3-point look before accepting it or telling him to piss off. Greg’s 3-Point Gym Trainer Assessment. Point 1 – Does he/she look the part. I don’t mean they’re skinny or normal or “toned”, I mean does he look like someone that you would follow into a battle for a banging body. 9 times out… [Read more]

Nov 26

Newcomers to the gym experience and fitness lifestyle let me welcome you on the Road of Kings. While many fail and few maintain, it is a golden road of treasures and pleasures though the rules be strict and many. Don’t worry I won’t be writing like this the entire time; what I want to say however is that the gym is a monkey see, monkey do environment and it is of much importance that you follow the right monkeys and not adapt the bad habits from the gorillas. Below you will find a list of things that most gym rats will agree is both annoying and selfish when practiced by other gym goers. It is up to you newcomers to avoid these activities in order to make your experience enjoyable without adding to the problems. Curling in the Squat Rack Guys do this for two… [Read more]

Nov 18

When you enter a fitness lifestyle aside from the hardships of climbing the physical mountain no-one ever warns you about the ignorant questions and assumptions people will place on you throughout your life. People will make up their face and ask you “what’s that” when they see your protein shake or tuna and they will try their best to push bad, fatty garbage unto your plate in some sort of twisted mission to win you back amongst their kind. Recently a friend of mine who has just started out on the Road of Kings (bodybuilding path) told me about an elaborate dinner at a restaurant her friend had invited her to. Knowing my friend to be a Foodie of the worst kind (the must eat everything kind), I had to ask whether or not she had the dessert. She had been struggling with weight for… [Read more]

Nov 05

I’ve always wondered how to tell people that are not interested in a fitness lifestyle how to get in shape. The advice that I would normally have comes from the hardcore school of “just do it” so anything I would say would come off as crazy as telling a blind person to sort things by color. At the same time I do not want to skirt the topic due to my assumption that the person is helpless. It is a dilemma that comes up quite often. When you get in shape, eat certain things and pass on dessert people assume that you have a PhD in nutrition on exercise. They come to you with a slight plea to help them get into shape with as little effort as possible. How does someone who works out twice a day and chooses ingredients over taste tell someone… [Read more]

Oct 01

My fellow former athletes and workout enthusiasts of yester-year, please for the love of God rub your eyes and wake up. We have a shortened scope and a view of ourselves as the teenagers busting out 11+ miles for the wrestling team but the reality is that kid has been retired 10+ years. One of the things I notice about my fellow former warriors is that they underestimate the power of food believing that a harsh workout cures all. Here’s the thing fellas, working out is only a fraction of the whole when it comes to being in shape. You are wasting your time if you are going to the gym regularly and are throwing down the same sorts of food that your “regular” friends are (unless you are on some sort of steroid). Mack the ex-Running Back I have a buddy named Mack who… [Read more]

Sep 17

Most people these days frequent some sort of gym to keep themselves in shape.  Whether you go to Powerhouse Gym, Lifestyles, Gold’s, LA Fitness, Bally’s, or any number of athletic facilities you are going to share it with hundreds of people.  Sharing anything with hundreds of people is typically never fun, convenient, or easy to do.  Since this is already an annoying process there are rules you can follow to make things less annoying for yourself and others around you. Most people do not think their behavior in the gym is annoying or troublesome to other people.  That comes from the fact that many people lack the ability to analyze themselves internally, and identify things they are doing wrong or incorrectly.  Here are several things people do in the gym that are annoying to fellow patrons. Stop with the grunting everyone knows that you are… [Read more]

Aug 27

Many times you hear people say that they need to get into shape for summer or for vacation so that they can have a good time without the hassle of paying attention to trifles like health and wellness. What I find strange about this sentiment is that fitness is a lifestyle and not an activity, but the information spread through the media would lead us to believe that getting in shape is an activity. The other thing about vacations is that the people who frequently do the cliché activities are walking/talking proof that America has an obesity problem. Unless you are one of those that are the example, you should look at it as motivation to get right. Theme Parks and Obesity I started dubbing morbidly obese body-types the “theme park body” due to what I see whilst people-watching at any number of theme parks…. [Read more]

Jul 30

Starting a gym can be as intimidating as walking out of your house butt naked and many times folks fall into the same newbie pitfalls that brings unsolicited attention to them, and makes it worse in the long run. Prior to going into the gym I would advise you to find a good resource whether it’s through a gym rat friend (of the same sex), online or in a fitness magazine. Read and learn a bit about gym routines, what they are made to do and structure a plan based on it – this is if you want to avoid the price (and general trial/error of scoring a good one) a personal trainer costs. When you have your plan together, go into the gym and take it slowly and work your way up. If you have never been to a gym before, pull aside one… [Read more]