May 27

This past weekend, me and a couple of my friends were out and about having drinks outside of a nightclub. The club in question is one that has a reputation for being a cougar hunting ground so many players go out there to “get chose” so to speak by ladies north of forty looking to have a good time. After a few hours pass a few single friends of mine were spotted making an entrance, we (the boys at the table) introduce them to our girlfriends and wives and they made nice before proceeding in to the hunting grounds to do their thing. After an hour or so, one of the guys exits from the dance floor with a woman in tow—their hands liberally exploring each others bodies—and they walk around a corner and disappear. As we watched this go down, my buddy’s lady—looking baffled—asked… [Read more]

Sep 16

With oral pleasure we have to understand that everyone is different but generally speaking getting surprised during the act can cause some anxiety… to say the least. Not everyone likes giving it but under the right circumstances giving it can be a great way to get sexy times started. And men, please remember that your average lady is not a porn star and will probably not appreciate you having your hands on the back of her head “assisting” her in getting her where you need to be. Gagging and having tears running down your face just doesn’t feel sexy to us ladies, and I am speaking generally, maybe on your birthday or something, I don’t know but on a Tuesday – no thank you. So, after things have heated up a bit and blood is definitely flowing to your extremities and things are likely to… [Read more]

Feb 14

It’s the start of the NFL season and I found myself at the local sports bar being waited on by a drop dead gorgeous blonde who had all the right things going on for her – she was cute, bubbly and had a sense of humor. Of course we weren’t the only ones in the bar noticing this. Guys of all kinds were vying for her attention; some smooth, most crass; it was just so many hard legs flirting with the girl that it started to become embarrassing. One of the other girls waiting was also pretty damn cute and on her game with the service unlike blondie who was having trouble making me a rum and coke for whatever reason… I guess some lames think being bad at your job adds to the hotness but whatever. While I considered bagging this chicken with some… [Read more]

Oct 15

Same story, you know the deal, late night, bachelor’s party… or was it a birthday? Does it even matter, thing is it was a bunch of us boys and we were in the mood for dancing, and naked lovelies. Only one place for that right, ya you know it, the “Gentleman’s Club”. So lately I haven’t been feeling these places due to a few arguments I’ve had with the lady, but tonight it was my boy’s last day to be single so what the hell. I find a chick that you would say is his taste – tall, dark (Latin or Italian) and built like a brick house. A thoroughbred type of cutey, the kind that lesser men shy away from – reasoned with her to give him 5 for a hundred, happy birthday! Little did I know that while I was being a stand-up… [Read more]